RE: is she round or is she flat out.........yes planet EARTH

Of course she's round !!!! she's been a round for millions of years ... and still a round !!!!!!!!!!!

RE: JFK/RFK the men who killed them,a tall tale.

My understanding is that both the Kennedys and later... Martin Luther King were dispensed by Directives from FBI..... Hoover knew he was tagged by JFK to be replaced so he (JFK) had to be dispensed with ... there are records but its a snowballs chance in Hell to get them released ... RFK had to be silenced too ... he knew too much
and of course the links to the Mafia....... like the old saying goes ...... all the following Presidents kissed Hoovers a*se .. whether he was in womens clothes or not .... Jack Ruby took care of Oswald ..... Oswald was a patsy... so the loose end had to be cleaned up ...

RE: Older men dating younger women.

HAHA... i have been on Cs a long time ... i still date late 40 mid 50 ladies ... i have not had any problems... choose them wisely ... i WON"T date any from CS... i like the blogs and forums here... i have poetry here so like it here ... i still get contacts here but i am very cautious and picky .. but age is no barrier to dating in my world .. sorry to those who find they want to "b*tch " about it wave applause

RE: Who wants to know your standard?

for me it does not apply ... but......... if a guy is part of a family business of very high repute ... he would hardly look for a lady covered in tatts and piercings and wearing black tinted eye shade and green lipstick ... his standards would be set by his superiors.... just a comparison in extreme....QH..... M.O.dunno

RE: That "warm" feeling ?

strike ....!!!!! be careful with that ....Ginger has a habit of doing that....!!!professor grin

RE: First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming?

just don't get too close....!!! they 'll have your strides off in one kick....!!::help

RE: First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming?

its early days yet ... surprise is a comin'!!!!head banger

RE: First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming?

Good one Rob ...i'm an ex Contractor ...had my share in trucks and utes .... gets to a stage its better to travel in tanks ... the 'roos are brainless at night and just head straight at you ... want a road kill anyone....!!!laugh

RE: First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming?

Well one thing is for sure ... if they have they will maybe regret later ... they will be out of control in a few years ... we have thousands where i live and every night they come right up close on the lawn to feed ... lots have been shot and sold for human and pet food ... but still thousands remain ... we'll see ... but being April Fools Day .... who knows...!dunno

RE: Warning

BUT... seriously .... 4 times ......and again 2 times .... nearly once would be enough for me ... and that is if i was dumb.... sorry track 16...dunno

RE: Warning

By the look of her torso she has bayonet scars already ...rolling on the floor laughing applause

RE: Warning

Well ... i do need a packhorse ... i guess thats about it though ... wonder if she kicks !!!applause

Fake Gemstone and Precious Stone Dealers ...

it would seem that way ... haha

Fake Gemstone and Precious Stone Dealers ...

Has anyone had any experiences with these people...? i have had five in the last two / three weeks... they start with female profiles ...
I have been on C/S a number of years now and remember about three years ago i followed one such person through curiosity right through to the request for funds.. and the bank details... it turned out to be a guy in Malaysia ..
The last i heard on this guy.. was two big guys were looking for him ... they were going to show him how to crack "precious stones" with a pair of pliers ..doh crying
Be good to hear from any one else on this....wave

RE: 85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

We all know what happened in WW 2 in the end it was inevitable ... the Atom bomb on Hiroshima was the deciding factor to being over run fanatical imperialism .... there will be sacrifices i am aware but it will become necessary to resort to something of this nature ..scold


Hey you going... look I have been on this site since 2008 .... was not bad then but ten times worse now... if you open a profile ...just under the header is usually the last log in date .. forget it from there... i am here and periodically look but i have poetry here and enjoy the odd blog... one site i visited recently had " meet me " system ... in 48 profiles not one was online under 2 months soooo.. many scammers and fakes like here good luck..wave conversing dunno


of course alcohol makes you think differently ...! ... for example ..... if i'm busting to get to the 'john' and i can't.... i start thinking differently ... like ..... " if i don't get there shortly i am going to have a new shade of dye where i don't want it "... !!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing drinking

RE: Camp fires

that's good ... dry cow chips burn good !!... rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Camp fires

That's good.... dry cow chips burn good ...!!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why do women always expect the guy to travel to them and or pay.

i have been reading comments on here .. the majority hinge around LDR.... i live i hour to Brisbane by plane ....4..5 hours by car .... get this ... i had a real good online chat with a lady in Brisbane ...we agreed to meet ..she advised me she could not meet out of Brisbane and apologized ... so.. i told her i would drive over there to an agreed meeting place for coffee... ( here's the fun bit ..) i had arranged to call her on mobile when i got within in 10 minutes of being there..i did so i quietly moved to the place of meeting... i spotted her and waved ... she waved back... there was another guy sitting with her... as i approached the table i expected the guy to smile and leave... ( from my diary) but the lady said " please sit down Matthew ... i thought it would be nice to chat with both of you at the same time" ....i was sort of floored by this so i made an excuse to go to the restroom...went and had a coffee ... and thought about it all the way driving home .... " what a Dumba*se "..... think now i should write a book about all this ....loldoh doh dunno

RE: Eating Dead Animals

hahaha ... can you imagine a live one on your plate ...... could be a while before its forked .......rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why do women always expect the guy to travel to them and or pay.

Yes i would have to agree with you ... i have spent a lot of Dollars in going to meet someone ... from writing to one for 3 months .... we really got on great.. .. then they don't turn up at airport..... to a whole lot of wild crap promises ... and a shopping spree... then ending in disappearance..... maybe if they realize that life is a two way street ... and finding a life love is the same then we might get a better chance to meet real matches ... there are many advise remarks of ... "why did you trust them" ....yeah... right.... but im a Gentleman raised and so i try to do the right thing ....but not any more... its reality .. its life ... and hopefully a happy ending.i search for now . on equal terms..: wave

RE: There is loads of men and women and want to be together, Why aren't they?

Just get rid of scammers and hide behinders .. and scumbags on here and things might be different ... when i joined C/S 9 years ago it wasn't so bad .... now its Crap... i started on here for the poetry and still like reading the poetry here .. but still get crap from Crappers ... long past time to have a Fingerprint Verify for profiles ....::confused wave

RE: Can anyone definitively tell me what..."HE HAS HIS REASONS" Entails?

In the bible you can read many instances of pain ...torture ...murder ... for example read about King Herrod...there are many examples of murder .. Cain and Abel is another example.... i was raised a Christian and believe ... some years ago i had a bad accident ... very bad ..but i was healed in some way i can only say was divine intervention ... the Neurosurgeon in his words were..... " i have no Medical explanation for your recovery" today i still work and as people here who know me ..can find no reason either ... but the physical scars are there on my body... they quote the same... HE HAS HIS REASONS .. .. there are many instances in the bible where Jesus healed the sick.. just to prove Gods power .. in my case i believe it was a call to listen ... from my view .. your question that irks you is a call to listen ... i believe that a thought is put in your mind before you even think it.. the fact that it irks you is telling you are not a listening.. in response to the lead in your message here question is.... why are there terrorist attacks... why are there earthquakes .... why are there floods... why are there volcanic eruptions ... my view..... HE HAS HIS REASONS ..... Just listen .. become a believer... handshake

RE: Desperate Lady

hi there ...ive been on here off and on 6 years ...been knocked about a few times but ....finally found what i was searching for ...just hang in there and dont be too quick and easy to respond ... you know the story " slow and easy" ...stay positive ....never give up ... but thats just my advice ... QH.

RE: If someone disappears from my message box.....

Hi Babe ..if your really concerned ...go to help page ..scroll to "Mail" explains there likely not blocked..QH..

RE: 67% of women 18-40 think about having an o*gasm all day long!

Don't know about women that age are in that percentage old UD prime mover truck thinks like that 24 hours a day....peace dancing rolling on the floor laughing doh

RE: Why would a 31 yr old girl seek men from 31 to 99? any ideas?

scammers and gold diggers is right I reckon...had a few of those and I just delete them ...noted a few on here the pic's don't fit ...good to have a game with tho'..they soon disappear..chuckle chuckle...

RE: What the F*** do men want?

Hey Babe ,Don't let that worry you, life's a ball enjoy it, just gets a bit slower at our age!!.Quarterhorse.

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