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RE: Skin color (no racism)

after all these years,Iam older and smarter,its not the color of the skin,its whats under the skin.Acha.

RE: Can You Believe In A Religeon You Have Never Questioned.?

Religion?...%Iam just looking for a girlfriend...any pointers.Anybody...

RE: School Shooting in Connecticut '27 killed'

Those children and adults that were killed is so heart breaking...and their families who will never hug or hold them or read a bed time story to them ever again.One of this worlds saddest days.sad flower

Colonoscopy in the a.m

Thank you...

Colonoscopy in the a.m

Drinking this stuff called moviprep and staying close to the bathroom.cant wait till its over.

RE: Do you still have WET Dreams?

only when I fart and piss myself.


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I was just asked

Just because your not single that is no reason to delete your profile.This site is much more than a dating site.handshake

RE: Cold feet, sabatage or....

Maybe he was a singer in the Villag People and put on the wrong uniform.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Cold feet, sabatage or....

Being in Canada warm socks and good booths should help with the cold feet.rolling on the floor laughing But for real I get cold feet at times and clam up and other times I can't shut up.

RE: Do you remember when.....

rolling on the floor laughing I think.

RE: Do you remember when.....

I remember the Betales 45 of I want to hold your hand was 25 cents. And a slice of pizza and a small coke was the 15 cents special, and a cup of coffee and a slice of pie was a twenty cents.The daily news was 3 than 5 cents and came out with the morning and eveing editions.

RE: Do you remember when.....

I remember when the doctor made house calls.

RE: Barak Obama is a

in reverse its......Karab Amabo.....sounds like a west indies dish,lol....rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Nasty replies to your nice messages on CS

Don't worry Gary she sounds like a looser.

RE: I survived my brain-surgery

I'am glad your doing well, take your time and get your rest. Best to you Ray.....Georgecheers

RE: Racism Or Realism:The American Failure....

Racisim is a smoke screen aimed at whites, look at the big picture and see the truth.

RE: Online Business

If someone asked you they may be a con artist.Don't send start money,try ebay and places like that on your own for starts.JMOcheers

RE: Do you wish you had not that sex?

Yes, as soon as I seen the act on u-tube.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why people ask me if I am real???

By chance did you have a picture of a blowup doll in your profile?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What is your experience of Speed Dating?

The only speed dating I do is when I have sex.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Is there a reason why italians fill their speedos with tissue paper?

Because we have little peckers like the statues in Rome...

RE: Strange baby names.....

I also know a Walter Mellons.

RE: Strange baby names.....

d*ck Hertz.

The world has gone crazy.

The stories in the new's make me sad, just in the pass few weeks some nut kill's 4 people in a drug store for drugs here in my area of new york. Florida let's a baby killer free and I'am sure she will get a sweet deal from a t.v show or some other sort of media. And in Brooklyn a little boy aroung 8 years old went missing yesterday and was found dead in two different places.The end must be near.Just in what I just stated 6 people died.Please rest in peace.

RE: its a sad day when congress lets that jerk in libya kill his own people

They should clean up our back yard before helping others.

RE: Guys , don't u just love it when she finally says,,,

Yes to the dress.

RE: Interesting and strange smells...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yep.

RE: Voice!

We all sound like Family Guy...lolcheers


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing the prices of gas that would be great.cheers

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