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RE: Projected- Over a Billion Dollars Donated to Haiti, Do you think in Ten Year's...???

well, the fighting and the gang factions will always happen when there's no law or order to prevent those people. it happened in New Orleans and it happened after the tsunami. it's an ideal time for criminals to operate. other instances of fighting have occured because of a lack of food/water. desperate people will do anything to survive. there have been several reports of cannibalism although the media isn't reporting that too much. it's easy for us to wonder why these people don't act in a more humane fashion but then look at what happens when we have petrol shortages. or how quickly our infrastructure falls apart when we have a drop of snow. those are just minor things but even then we see reports of people fighting in garages or at stations trying to get the last train home. imagine what would happen here if we had something on the scale of haiti.

RE: Projected- Over a Billion Dollars Donated to Haiti, Do you think in Ten Year's...???

i guess you missed all those reports about the survivors digging through rubble with their bare hands to rescue people. or the doctors and nurses operating in the open because the hospital collapsed. or the kitchens that were operating until the food ran out. it's easy to sit back and judge but a comparison with america is ridiculous. they have an infrustructure and the wealth to provide emergency services. haiti doesn't. of course there's looting. what else should people do when there's no one to help? sit and starve? i know what i;d be doing if i was in that situation. i'd be out smashing in the windows of the nearest supermarket if it meant i'd get food and water. so would you. so would everyone on here.

RE: Projected- Over a Billion Dollars Donated to Haiti, Do you think in Ten Year's...???

No, they don't have the money to make a change. that's why their situation is so desperate. a billion dollars will not do nearly enough.

RE: If someone has over 30 and never married and no kids ,do u think is a strange person?

yeah, probably a paedo

RE: no response is disrespectful??

it goes both ways. i've had women freaking out because i didn't answer their emails. angrily demanding explanations for not replying. it never occurs to them that maybe i'm just saving them from more misery.

RE: Jesus in the Quran

------this post removed by moderator------

RE: 100 year war on terror ...the Bush legacy ..what is it??

i guess that would depend on what the war is being fought for and whether it is just or unjust

RE: 100 year war on terror ...the Bush legacy ..what is it??

i guess the main motive has always been to grab profits and land. that's usually the cause for most wars. the definition of the enemy is so vague (probably deliberately so,) that any group or nation who steps out of line could find themselves in trouble.

RE: Who should call after the first date?

the better looking one should call first. it shows good manners and it makes the uglier one feel special

RE: 100 year war on terror ...the Bush legacy ..what is it??

supposedly bush said, "30 yrs if we get it right. 100 if we get it wrong." in reality we're looking at a never ending war. a war which cannot be won.

RE: Haiti devastated by earthquake

Well, according to the media who showed scenes of devastation and some bleeding Haitians (black people) for about 40 secs then cut to the really important story which was about an American journalist (white, classically trained, liberal intellectual) who upon hearing the dreadful news rushed off to rescue his wife (white, classically trained, liberal intellectual,) who was trapped in a building. Of course, the first thing he did before leaping into action was to email a slideshow of him and his wife to Good Morning America. And so, the real story of human suffering is ignored in favour of a live on air report by Mr.Thorn as he drove to his wife. Subtext - It's ok folks. Panic over. No white people were harmed.

RE: Haiti devastated by earthquake


thumbs down YOU ARE A BASTARD


RE: Haiti devastated by earthquake

it's ok folks. panic over. no white people were harmed.

RE: Should pot/weed/marijuana be legalized???

yes indeed, legalise them all because that is the only move which makes any real sense. rather than lining the pockets of gangsters and corrupt governments. it makes more sense economically and socially to legalise all drugs. the problem is that we have a nation that is trained to accept whatever their media tells them and so those who have interests in the illegal drug trade will use that media to spread disinformation and stop any meaningful debate or attempt at change.

RE: Are you an "Ice Road Trucker" Addict?

he's a happy f**ker isn't he

RE: Are you an "Ice Road Trucker" Addict?

Yup. Just watched the first episode of the new series. Looks good. I miss Drew though. He had the worst luck and i always wanted him to come out on top. Thank f*ck they got rid of Ice Road Rick. He was a dangerous idiot.


the attention whores and the aren't we neat censorship squad are much worse.

RE: Sax playin Motorbike riding book reading and new

tits or gtfo

RE: why do so many marriages break up

because marriage is unnatural and outdated.

RE: Ludicrous..How can forums exsist without conflicting opinions?

i've come and gone, come and gone since oct 2008. i guess if i'd followed the herd i'd be a "senior" member by now but who needs that. it's always better to avoid cliques

RE: Do you smoke cigarettes?

start. quit. start. quit. all depends on the emotional weather report

RE: please dont

everytime you find that great parking space, everytime you don't have to queue, everytime you find a cheap house, run to the nearest abortion clinic and kiss those women. praise them for truly they are doing the lord's work in keeping the population down.

RE: The Toxic Mind

for fun and profit. shits and giggles.

RE: Greetings from a newbie

No fat chicks

RE: Platoon, Full metal jacket, or Saving Pvt. Ryan??

tour of duty. that used to be on over here.

RE: Guys that Still Live at Home with Mom..

i shared a flat with a mate a few years back and when the landlord decided to sell the place we both ended up out on the street. I remember feeling a bit jealous that his parents immediately took him back in. That he was lucky enough to have parents he could turn to. Was he a mummy's boy? no. He just had no other options open to him at that point. luckily for me his mum took me in as well until i got another flat.

RE: About Photos on CS

f*ck that

RE: Figure this one out....if ya dare!!


RE: Figure this one out....if ya dare!!

you are retarded
you are so f*cking retarded

RE: Personal attacks!


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