RE: Do dating site's really work?

Well, from my own experience...
Yes It did work.
I have been married nearly 4 years with my heart beating .We met through this site .
Im from Latinamerica and hes from Europe....oh yes....lots of traveling, commitment ,love and work involved, but WE made it work.

So...why wouldnt it work for others!!

Good luck!!kiss

RE: The days of the "fast paced" CS forums...

Hi guys! oh yeah its been a while"! :D

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Hi, of course there are real people here... I got married 2 years ago to someone I met here. It´s all about using your common sense I guess (against scammers I mean... )
PS. My profile has no picture... and as far as Im concerned... I´m real grin


I love them!!!!

We adopted one a few months ago...his name is Elvis Cucho =)




My daughter will go to an EuroCamp with her class to Bilbao in April... and may be we will follow her there hehehe ...or take a trip to London while she´s away.

For Summer I wanna visit Euro Disney!!!! (Tips needed :D)

and next month I will visit Prague as a birthday present from hubby... hehehe

RE: Falling In Love Online

teddybear well said !

I know I've told our story a few times here around , but I like to feel it helps others to feel encouraged and no matter what... when there's a will, there's a way.

I'm from Chile,latinamerica and he is from Austria. We talked a couple of years on skype and stuff and what I felt , time passing by , was love. Platonic and kinda childish ...but love .
Once we met and we realized that things were great between us... that love turned into another kind of more mature love...
And we got married a couple of years ago, still in love and very happy
kiss yay

Thing is... if you feel that's love what you feel torwards him... then... that's what it is! and nobody else can tell you or define your feelings.
It's you who know what's going on , inside that heart of yours ... hehe

Best of luck!!

teddybear bouquet

RE: Love found me here

Did it last? : 4 years and far , yes!!

How far have you traveled to consume that love? : Uff...15.000 kms!!!

If it didn't last, would you do it again? : I don't know,..

Why did it end? : Nah , we are married now for around 2 years!!

Thanks for sharing.: You´re welcome and thanks to you for sharing your inspiring story!!!

Thank you CS for this wonderful site. I am one lucky person because of you.: That makes 2 of us :D (or 3 if we count my husband as well hehe)


RE: Are there any available women in Madrid!


That´s not truee... Ive heard many of my friends (girls) saying that when its shaved its vetry attractive. But each to their own. Not every woman loves it but certainly not every woman HATES it.Impossible that someone can state what we women HATE or LOVE ... each person is different...but i guess that´s way too obvious :D
Ps: Im married to a bald guy and I love it.

RE: The real facts about datingsites

Hey there...
well first of all, just my humble oppinion ...

We all should be aware about scammers... but.. isnt that pretty obvious?
I think all you need is some common sense ...

And a good attitude always helps.

Personally,I wouldnt want to get in touch with someone that believes that people wants to scam him all the time,or that everyone just is superficial, or that make generic narrowminded negative statements.
People with a negative attitude simply makes me want to run away.

For me , it worked. Been married for around 1 1/2 years to the love of my life whom I met here. And heard about many other happy couples around.

Good luck!


RE: What is the ideal way to date long distance

I guess that there´s no magic recipe ... as in everything else in life...requires honesty, commitment , and lots of patience and love.

Theres no way to tell what is the best way to do it. Depends on so many factors and people perceive and define love and relationships in so many ways...

No recipe for life or love ever existed.

All I can tell you is what it worked FOR US.
We started msg eachother ...about... 4 years ago, and naturally without any preassure of any kind, time passing by we wanted to talk as much as possible to eachother. We didnt define our ´relationship´as such, just we knew we didn´t want to see anyone else because we had a big big crush on eachother.

I visited him, was all great, time after we moved together and we got married 1 year and some months ago.

Since then, we want to kill eachother sometimes laugh but 99% of times , I think it was the best desition ever. heart wings

So, my humble advice: Keep it simple. Be HONEST about ur expectations and what are u willing to give up to be together. Patience and love. Be in touch as much as possible. Share and be happy!!

BEst of luck!

RE: Should I date this guy or not?

Hey girl!

For me that sounds like Red Flags everywhere... but even so... I think you should talk to him face-to-face and tell him the way you feel and ask why , I think that the sooner you have an honest conversation is always the better, then may be you will realize that simply he´s not willing to give you the time and attention you want, may be you confirm what you think and the guy is actually married...or may be...JUST MAY BE ...there are some other reasons and he actually turns out to be a nice guy.
But talking personally is the best, you won´t loose a thing :)

Best of luck :):)

RE: I my making sense here here ?

Well Senor...good luck in your search...
Mucha suerte -in case you speak spanish :D-

Bienvenido !!!

Best of luck,

RE: What do you think of scary movies?

Im the biggest chicken in the whole entire world!!!!

I don´t dare to watch any horror movie by myself... I need my hubby /brother/mom around to be able to do it...because afterwards I have NIGHTMARES!!

Im 34... and still get nightmares after watching anything scary!!

And most of it, it´s because of this guy...I saw it when I was 9 years old and since then... I HATE CLOWNS and can´t stand watching horror movies.

Thank you Stephen King!


RE: Single after 40

Who said that?

I said
It´s nothing but an individual option ...or a circumstance, simply doesn´t define you.”

Meaning that labeling people as looser or winner is simply....STUPID.

So I dont think shes a looser or whatsoever. I dont even know her!

RE: Single after 40

Depends on what ur standards are...
What do you want from life and are willing to get... and even so... it´s quite basic to put ppl on those two categories...Loser or Winner... because simply it´s very subjective...
For that you need to compare yourself with someone else...and how do you measure those parameters...
People looking to put others down, claiming to be better than others, are IMO- not enough self-assured.

Some people want a family or career success, or kids,or may be not, or to be free - I personally give this last subject lots of importance...- So how do you define a category?

It´s nothing but an individual option ...or a circumstance, simply doesn´t define you.

RE: Are Only The Good Ones Here in CS?

Absolutely !!
Thta´s why it makes it soooo difficult to find another one that be as good...great...committed and us....


We´re nothing but a bunch of liers!!!


RE: What do you think of a man who denies to chat on camera?

If he lies about his age...what else does he lie about!


If I was you I´d run away as fast as I could

RE: "Just Saying",,,My CS Experience has been!!!,,,& How about your's???

I have heard of many success stories, mine included, so that means there ARE real persons around -men and women- that look for that certain connection and willing to go further...and commit.

So, just the logic is important here... if a profile is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ... more likely ITS FAKE!!
Keep trying, why not!

Use your common sense :)

GO girl!!


RE: So, we're gonna marry...


Love to read happy endings!!!

Wish you both the best !!!

Have a beautiful wedding ...and a beautiful life together!!!

yay teddybear teddybear heart wings heart beating heart1

RE: How many people have you met from CS?

Oh...forgot to mention that besides my now hubby... I´ve got to met on skype a good friend from germany! and we are still in touch!!

Alex if you read me ., don´t hate me ... bitte grin

RE: How many people have you met from CS?

As far as I know: He talked on skype with some girls and got to know some... face to face though, just me .

RE: How many people have you met from CS?

Skype: One
Face To Face: The same One

Now I have been Mrs -HIM- for ... one year and some more

hehe grin

RE: what is the secret of CS

teddybear same goes for u pretty girl!


RE: voices in the head.....

*concerned look* .. Are you ok Pedro???

RE: what is the secret of CS

Yeah..,, Im still around for the same reason, it´s fun and interesting to see what ppl thinks about different subjects.
As for meeting someone interesting, yeah that worked out for me pretty good,soon our 1st wedding anniversary!!!!

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