RE: Would Jesus celebrate Easter..............NO He would not..............

Easter is a Christian celebration for the DEATH of Jesusdoh So how could Jesus have ever celebrated it?

It celebrates the idea that Jesus died to save all humanity from their sinsdoh He died and three days later rose again and entered heaven, according to the Christian bible.

Maybe some people need to read up on Easter before making unintelligent posts.doh

RE: Which age group of women, would men prefer to date?

Then again, most postmenopausal women are don't get taken in by men looking for submissive women they can control. Postmenopausal women have more experience than young submissive girls, so they understand making love is at its best when both partners are equal in bed.
So guess that really bugs those who think older women are too old and younger women are easy prey. lol

RE: Walt Disney of Walt Disney Cartoons

Only those with a warped or gullible mind would think these examples are true.

I would think it says a lot more about those people than about Disney lol

RE: Did England drive there english lanuage everywhere/?

Only one reason the USA entered WWII and it certainly wasn't for peace or supporting the Allies, the sole reason was GREED, the USA saw how they had already made a fortune financing Hitler, and that with the war almost at an end and the obvious dimise of Germanys military, they could cash in by making more money supporting tthe Allies. So they did just that and continued to make another fortune from the desruction of Europe, a destruction THEY origially financed.
Any deaths of Americans lies wholly upon the USA government NOT the Allies!!

RE: Further proof that Trump is insane

What crap? All I have done is post proven facts that trump lies and cheats, no where have I twisted anything nor taken anything out of context. Up to you if you wish to condone trumps moronic behaviour.
The fact you obviously support his lies and cheating says far more about you, than any posts made by me.
roll eyes

RE: Does Jesus have a sense of humor?

Seeing as he has been dead for almost 2000 years, I find it hard to believe he loves anyone today.

RE: Does Jesus have a sense of humor?

Anyone who can persuade those around him, that he is the son of a mythical being, can perform magic tricks and keep the joke going 2000 years, by definition, has to have a huge sense of humourlaugh

RE: Further proof that Trump is insane

“If Trump will cheat to win $20 from his friends, is it that much further to believe he’d cheat to lower his taxes, win an election, sway an investigation?
If Trump will lie and say one of his courses is worth $50 million while at the same time sue the local tax board for valuing it at more than $2 million—we feel you, Ossining, New York—is it that much further to think he might lie about his taxes, his fixer, his affairs?

I used to have a coach who said, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” It’s true.

To wit:
Politics: Trump says his father was born in Germany. (He wasn’t.) He insisted he said “Tim Cook Apple.” (He didn’t.) He says he gave Puerto Rico $91 billion. (It was $11 billion.)
Golf: Trump says he’s won 20 club championships. (He hasn’t.) The truth is, he played a lot of those “championships” by himself, the first day his latest course opened, and declared himself the champ. How do I know? He told me the day we played together in the early 2000s.

Politics: Trump thinks climate change is a hoax.
Golf: Except in Ireland, where his lawyers petitioned to have a 2,000-foot sea wall to fight the “rising sea levels” caused “by climate change.” How do we know? Those exact words are in the petition.
Politics: Trump won’t release his taxes.
Golf: If the House ever gets his returns, they should start with his golf write-offs. For instance, did you know Trump keeps eight goats in a pen on his Trump Bedminster course to get an $80,000 farm tax credit?”

You can read more about trumps lies and deceit here…

Solid unrefutable proof that Trump is a pathological liar, a cheat and never gives any concern about others, nothing he says is ever true.

RE: Did England drive there english lanuage everywhere/?

Actually, American English is a minority language, Standard English is still the most widely used worldwide.
Sadly the use of American English is increasing, due to its simplicity, easier to learn than correct standard English.
British English is still the preferred language in India and China, the two most populated countries in the world, as well as most of Europe.

Having said that, it won't be long before Mandarin becomes the world's dominant language lol.

RE: Why does the POTUS have to use stairs to board and depart Air Force One?

Because unlike most of Trumps supporter, he is not a god and cannot levitate.
A better question may be, why he isn't shoved in with the luggage? He is hardly an icon that deserves taxpayers money to pay for his travel. Especially as the cost of his travel in the short time he has been POTUS is already more than 8 years with Obama. Yet the ignorant never stopped whinging and whining about Obama's travel and golf.
Two faced republicans lol

RE: Finally this nut is gettting his just desserts: Alex Jones

Maybe the extreme right will actually now see how easy it has been to deceive them, and Alex Jones has been the Number one culprit for spreading the lies and mistruths.
Sadly most extreme right are so far up their own butts they can't see anything and rely totally on being spoonfed bollocks.
It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.moping

RE: U.S. college scandal

Just because YOU don't find this topic of interest, why think others are not interested? Oh maybe small minded people with their head up their arse have no interest, but I can assure you this story is worldwide, especially as this effects academic circles all over the world, because it is NOT JUST HAPPENING IN THE USA.

RE: U.S. college scandal

No, being imprisoned will have a far deeper effect on their children than the punishment for the parents, the punishment needs to be harsh but only for the parents not the children.
I would suggest several hundred hours community service, so they are seen and shamed by everyone nearby. The children should be made to retake the entrance exam under strict supervision, if they pass, they continue, if they fail, then they leave the faculty.

RE: If Satan Punishes All Of The Bad Guys

Makes sense to me, as the bible infers that all bad people will go to hell and eternal damnation, under the watchful eye of Satan.
But then one has to question whether it is free will or the influence of satan that makes a person do those bad things.
Of course, in reality, there is no heaven or hell, therefore Satan doesn't exist.professor

RE: A Perfect Man

Really? Are you sure you didn't just stay in your own country?
Italy is, without exception, one of the most beautiful and captivating countries in Europe, possibly the world, each province having it's own unique style and scenery, it has the worlds most famous mountain range, it has a plethora of history that would take several lifetimes to truly appreciate, it has food that most people only dream about, it has some of the finest wines in the entire world. And on top of all that, it has the most romantic and stunning cities ever beheld, all teeming with the exquisite, alluring and near perfect women, that can only be found in Italy .
Anyone who knocks Italy as a country, very obviously, either has never been there or had their eyes shut the entire time.

RE: Quantum mechanics

So you don't understand, well okay, but why not just say; "I don't understand" Instead of filling up the thread with utter nonsense?

RE: A Perfect Man

Guess you missed the part where the most recent survey showing the countries with the highest male adulterers, is Italy with over 50 % of the male population having cheated on their wives.
Of course, some may think that is indeed the definition of the perfect man, the guy who can keep two women happy. LOL.

RE: Misconceptions...

Guess the irony goes way over the head of some, lol

RE: What connects all human's?

In simple terms, communication.professor

RE: Never thought we'd see an armed attack on a NZ Mosque

Not really, why would it? Like most small and narrow minded people, he only knows life from fake sites and embellished news reports, as he has never been to China, he has a distorted opinion.
Without doubt he is the epitome of a right wing supporter. But then, you already knew that Conrad

RE: Never thought we'd see an armed attack on a NZ Mosque

Actually, I already did that, and the shitspreaders are taking only certain parts out of context to yet again support their/your agenda to vilify all Muslims.

You may want to read this, as it gives a very clear indication of the shooters ideology and motivations.

RE: Never thought we'd see an armed attack on a NZ Mosque

Yet your posts would suggest otherwise, you have dismissed the majority of reports that he was a right wing extremist, because that goes against your own agenda, you have agreed with the posts that have spread gossip and unproven "facts" that are supporting your well published point of view.
So in my opinion, you have indeed, rushed in and support only those points that carry your own opinion of Islam and immigration, rather than look at the whole picture and wait to see what further information is forthcoming.

RE: Never thought we'd see an armed attack on a NZ Mosque

Yet almost all the worlds stories on this tragedy say the opposite, that he was an extremist right winger, acting alone, and that he changed after travelling to Europe.

RE: Really - Men / Women have a love life with kids younger than their own!

Yet if you go to Asia, you will find a high population of Scandanavians in the 70's and older married to girls in the 20's and 30's. And living a very happy life lol.

RE: Really - Men / Women have a love life with kids younger than their own!

Love is an emotion which we have very little control over, so if love blossoms, why be judgemental? Unless it is through jealousy of course.
Throughout history men have been attracted to young nubile girls, only "social" changes have created a false sense of "right & wrong", the Victorian era having had a profound effect on what was morally correct or incorrect regarding age differences.
That a man can fall deeply in love with a younger woman, is rarely questioned, it is always the reasoning behind the women's choice that raises eyebrows.
Yet history has shown that often the woman genuinely loves the older man, feels a greater security and protection from a man who is already established and secure in his own life.
Then you have "power" many women are very attracted to powerful men, mainly IMO, because these men ooze confidence, and confidence is, without doubt, one of the strongest reasons a woman falls for a man.
Having said all that, they are those women who see the money rather than the love, and gives up everything just to get some of that money, willing to sleep with someone who in reality disgusts them, but the financial carrot is just too powerful a temptation. It is obvious to the casual observer which women these are.

I guess a true realisation is when you see a man in his 60's, who obviously is not financially wealthy, but has a wife in her early 30's.

RE: Terrorist attack in Tram, Utrecht the Netherlands

Not "asked" but "encouraged", a big difference.
"Ardern encouraged people to surrender their firearms to police and advised anyone considering buying a gun to wait a few days to get some certainty on the laws before investing.

“As the prime minister announced, anybody wanting to surrender their firearms to police is welcome to do so,” said New Zealand police, who urged people to call first and alert police they would be coming in with a weapon due to heightened security fears."

So far 35 weapons have been handed in, An estimated 1.2 million guns are registered in New Zealand, the equivalent of one gun for every four people, so it is not exactly a flood of people handing over their guns. roll eyes

RE: Strong / Weak - How do you handle Life?

So why do you come across as a child seeking attention?

RE: KGB by any other name is still KGB!

Many people are ignorant about the Crimea, such as believing they voted to rejoin Russia, I lived and worked in Sevastopol for a long time, Sevastopol has a Russian Navy port, hated by the locals, almost every local who I spoke to considered themselves Ukrainian, not Russian. The vote was rigged, which is why Putin had to use force to take control.
The Crimea thought that the EU and USA would intervein and stop Putin, but the west just stood to one side and did nothing.

RE: Negativity - Do we need it?

I think I'm talking to someone with an inflated image of themselves, combined with a superiority complex, that is as fake as a nine rand note, someone who thinks all men are the same and therefore bad, as she judges the entire world on her own obviously limited experiences.
Unbelievably easy to analyse.
laugh laugh laugh

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