RE: The third month of the special operation. Liberation, eh?

Anyone who thinks "most of the world" supports Russia is as blind as a bat.
Both India and China have claimed neutrality and Russia's only genuine support comes from Belarus, a country deeply in dept to Russia and with the dubious distinction of having a military slightly worse than the Russian military.

Some can swallow all the Russian propaganda but the rest of the world knows they have the truth. Putin thought he could walk into Ukraine without a problem and take control of one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, which has failed and Putin has been left looking like the thug he always was.

RE: Who's next as PM of UK?

Hilariously Boris is now gaining more and more votes, the minority that ousted him must be wetting their pants, he could achieve the impossible and get reinstated.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

Are you sure you should be promoting Dark Wed information on a dating site?

I wonder if CS site owners know just what you are doing?

They will soonpeace

RE: Texas school shooting

Same in the UK, the main entrance is always locked and you need a valid reason to be allowed in, the UK doesn't have a history of shootings at any school, it just makes sense to protect the students from whatever harm may happen.

RE: Texas school shooting

It's far easier to blame a mental problem than face the truth that in the 21st century, no one, especially teenagers, needs access to semi-automatic guns.

RE: Texas school shooting

The US has both a gun problem and a mental health problem.

Guns are designed to kill, cars are not, sorry but that is not a valid excuse.

No one is trying to ban all guns, just have a minimum age limit and get rid of semi-automatic weapons.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

But any country that invades another sovereign democratic country automatically becomes the enemy of democratic nations.

Russia should have and could have instigated a line of communication between the EU and Russia, but instead issued veiled threats and innuendo.

RE: What makes humans unique compared to other species?

I doubt lions and antelopes would ever live peaceably together.

Nature makes survival the strongest instinct, and survival means getting food and raising young, humans have adapted and used whatever is available to ensure they survive.

RE: Texas school shooting

We don't have many guns in the UK, you can own a gun with a license, but you ned a valid reason to need a firearm to get a license, UK police are not armed in general, only when necessary.

Had there been an age limit of say 21 this and several other massicars would have been prevented.

Why is such a hard line used to stop better requirements put in place to stop the young, the mentally unstable, the violent, from buying weapons, maybe because the majority of gun holders are themselves mentally incapable of seeing the need for stronger regulations.

No one is suggesting removing all guns from Americans, that is an excuse to push your agenda.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

And just where does Devo get his "Information"? from Twitter or Russian propaganda sites, and you believe his every word? Covid is fake (never mind the excessive world deaths), the vaccines kill (never mind that there is credible proof the vaccines worked and a tiny number of people worldwide died after the shot). Then he says Ukraine is full of nazis and yet those who have relatives, friends, colleagues in Ukraine, credible media sources etc, say yes, there are a few nazi supporters but less than 1%. same as in most Eastern EU countries.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

For exactly the same reason you believed all Trump's lies, believed all Putin's lies, you only see what you want to see and never look at the whole picture.

PS Youtube is a cesspit of lies, misinformation and twisted facts cleverly put together to fool those with blinkered vision.

RE: What's your main source of entertainment or enjoyment (besides/in lieu of s*x) these days?

Since my forced incarceration in the UK, I have returned to my old hobbies, building electronic devices, and flying my drones while learning about photography, I have even started to learn about art and tried painting but I am not artistic in any way whatsoever, so now I'm back in my Philippine home I make things and fly my drones, I only access the internet while waiting for the batteries to recharge or if I have a student to help, once Hong Kong opens up again I can restart my lecture circuit which I am really looking forward to.

RE: Texas school shooting

Sadly this type of crime will continue in the US until someone has the strength to face up to the gun lobby and have far more stringent rules regarding who can purchase a weapon, no one under the age of 25 needs a high powered multi-shot weapon, they need a girlfriend.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

It is inconceivable that not one of the hundreds of western news reporters didn't pick up on this story, take pictures of these drones and publish it.

But somehow, a RUSSIAN media source known to lie and spread propaganda manages to find and publish without any actual proof, or credibility, but you fell for it.

PS, There are labs in every country across the entire world, Ukraine is no different, other than lies and BS being spread about fictitious weaponising of plague, anthrax, cholera and other deadly diseases.

Where is your credible proof that patients have been used to test these bioweapons?

Twitter and youtube don't count as valid news sources.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

"“The claim that neo-Nazi or far-right groups hold any significant power in Ukraine is absurd,” Jared McBride, an adjunct history professor at UCLA whose work specializes in nationalist movements and mass violence and genocide in Russia and Ukraine, told us via email. “The most well-known far-right wing party, Svoboda (similar to say Le Pen’s party or other corollaries in Europe) won 2.15 percent of the vote in 2019 election and holds one seat in the Rada – meaning they are politically irrelevant.” (Le Pen is the leader of the French far-right party the National Rally.)

Azov is a military unit with a few pro-nazi members, the majority are those who seek to maintain a peaceful life for ALL in Ukraine.

Putin's propaganda to form an excuse to start a war is failing miserably due to the utter bullshit being spread around, as can be seen in posts above.

Australia get a new party and PM after 9 years of conservative rule

I agree, and when you look at the election results women have really made a mark on Australian politics, what a shame the US is not as progressive as Australia when it comes to elections.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

So are you feeling happy now that after 3 months of aggressive fighting the Russians have actually managed to take control of one city?

One has to wonder what will happen to the prisoners Russia has taken over the border rather than intern them in their own country?

Murdered, tortured and worse possibly by the losing war provocateurs.

I say war as no Special Military Operation would take 3 months to secure a city supposedly pro Russian.

Australia get a new party and PM after 9 years of conservative rule

Castigating a forum member just reflects on you, you may not like the lection result, but it was a democratic decision by a majority of Australians.

The question remains, will the new leader and party be good for Australians, I believe most Australians will benefit from the new party, a new broom sweeps clean and all that.

Like the UK, when one party has been in power for more than 8 years they become complacent, ignore the voices of the people, regardless of which political leaning they are.

Australia get a new party and PM after 9 years of conservative rule

Please give it a rest, you are a sore loser, no more no less, Biden won a fair and secure election and no amount of throwing toys out of the pram is going to change that, Trump lost because way more Americans saw through his lies and mismanagement, that you can't or won't accept that is on you.

Everything Trump gets involved with fails, all his business, his fake college, his presidency and how his new social media site. The only Trump businesses that have been successful are those where Trump had no say in the running of said companies.

Biden may not be a good President, but he is a million times better than the uncouth, pathological liar and s*xual predator that is Trump.

Australia get a new party and PM after 9 years of conservative rule

Australian media suggests or projects Labor to take 77 seats, one more than needed to form majority, as it becomes clear they will be able to govern in their own right.

So Anthony Albanese will be the new PM.

My question is, will this change be good or bad for Australia?

The outgoing PM having made many mistakes and thus lost the election.


The whole reason for this court case is based on the fact Disney dropped him after Heard published unsubstantiated stories of Depp beating her up.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

What a load of pigswill, nothing logical whatsoever, just the usual Russian propaganda and false scare tactics, the quoted comment should be deleted for war mongering.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

Very true but few realise the significance or the difference between the nazi swastika and the Buddhist sawastika, so the evil association get pushed by those following an agenda.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

Embedded image from another site

There is absolutely no connection between the Finnish use of their Nordic emblem and the swastica used by Hitler.

The nordic emblem is blue, forming a "+" in the middle whereas the German swastica is black with an "x" in the middle. completely different.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

Wow, this is a great lesson on how to twist the truth to fit an agenda, this comment conveniently forgets to include the important fact that this storage facility is holding wheat that should have been exported, but due to Putin, it will propably rot away.

"Russia's blockade of the Black Sea ports threatens the food security of many countries that buy Ukrainian wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower and barley.

In the shadow of his warehouse in Velyka Mykhailivka, in the province of Odesa, Boris Z. lets grains of wheat slide between his fingers. This wheat should have been sold to end up as precious starch calories in the stomach of some Egyptian, Tunisian or Lebanese child, after having sailed in the hold of a huge cargo ship on the Black Sea, through the Bosphorus strait, across the Mediterranean Sea, and beyond. Because of the war, the wheat has remained in the storehouses, by the hundreds of tonnes. And a mournful Boris Z. lets his thoughts slip away like the flowing grain. "Tomorrow?" he muses. "I don't know what the future will bring. I can't think more than a day ahead." The 38-year-old farmer, a father of two children who have left with their mother to seek refuge abroad, does not want to give his real name, and it is easy to understand why."

So the actual truth is that Biden's administration is trying to help Ukraine continue to export wheat etc, and not taking food from Ukrainian mouths.

RE: Russian savagery knows no bounds

More lies UK museums are free to enter, only special exhibitions charge for a ticket.

RE: Russian savagery knows no bounds

I think you will find the Elgin Marbles were paid for not stolen, as for Egypt, without British Archeologists and British finance, there wouldn't be a pyramid left today let alone artefacts that have been recovered, restored and placed in a museum anyone can visit.

The grave robbing taking place in Egypt was one of the worst anywhere in the world, by Egyptians!

As I said, the British preserve as opposed to distroying.

Maybe clean up your own front yard before speaking about British Museums.

Volodya Velkov is the head of a special unit formed a year ago to tackle a trade that is now worth billions of dollars.

The Thracians were artists of great skill
Velkov said: “The artefacts are stolen to order by rich Bulgarians living abroad.
They not only buy the pieces, but finance the illegal digs too. This is upsetting, as a Bulgarian, as a citizen of Europe. They are stealing our children’s heritage.”

In the basement of Bulgaria’s national museum a restoration team works tirelessly piecing together fragments of the past.

The country’s law states that everything found in the soil belongs to the nation, but only a few pieces make it into their hands.

Some that have include a 3rd-century set of ritual drinking vessels.

Made of pure gold and weighing six kilos they are priceless and irreplaceable.

The collection was saved for the nation by a farmer, but others are less scrupulous.

Secret deal

Al Jazeera reporters posed as buyers to see if they could find someone willing to sell them a valuable illegal artefact.

They were told by a local contact to go to a private courtyard belonging to a house filled with dealers and buyers.

Only coins were on show, although some were worth thousands of dollars

But when they heard what we were looking for, we were sent to meet a contact in a market.

After a brief conversation, the man assured us that if we returned on Monday, he would bring what we were looking for.

Al Jazeera left the deal there and then, but the team was never in any doubt that, for a price, it could have bought a piece of Bulgaria’s rich heritage.{/quote

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

By what stretch of imagination would the UK, a strong supporter of Ukraine, have any right to order any leader of any country to do something?

You really need to stop watching youtube propaganda videos, they will cause you to have a heart attack.

RE: Russian savagery knows no bounds

We have the world's greatest museums which look after historical items other countries are incapable of looking after, the Elgin Marbles for example.
The Greeks have destroyed so much of their past that they should be grateful that Britain has maintained and looked after their bygone years.

RE: Russia declares war on Ukraine.

I have never even seen CNN and being in the Philippines I can't watch any BBC, so you're lying as usual. Everything I have quoted is from credible sources not known to mislead or misrepresent news.

So does that mean you will stop posting propaganda and misleading false Russian BS? If so then my work is done, good day tip hat

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