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RE: Ubuntu

Have you looked at BSD OS? I've been using GhostBSD for a while now and find it excellent on an old computer, fast and reasonably intuitive.

There are several versions FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc

Being closer to Unix than Linux BSD doesn't need any anti-virus, worth a look if you want a decent OS without frills and BS that Microsoft add. Fast too.
But you need some experience in Linux to appreciate it fully.


The reason the Vikings were so successful in integrating within new lands was that they WASHED every day, which appealed to the local ladies. The rape and pillage were just stories made up by disgruntled local men pushed aside by the clean and thoughtful Vikings.

RE: Rip philip

Horrible year for her majesty the Queen this year.
RIP Prince Philip sad flower

RE: Are you getting a covid-19 shot ?

As a "Biologist" you should be aware that the covid vaccines have been around for years, they are NOT NEW, nearly modified vaccines that have been fully tested.
As for your comment regarding "'messes' with my Genes" just proves you are no biologist as the covid vaccine does not change or affect any genes.


RE: Covid vaccine: How many people in the UK have been vaccinated so far?

"Now, a new myth has reared its ugly head. A paper written by a well-known anti-vaxxer named J. Bart Classen and published in a scientific journal -- if we can even call it that (because it's not indexed in PubMed) -- claims that the mRNA vaccines that target coronavirus could cause prion diseases like Alzheimer's. It's total garbage.

A Primer on Prions

In order for proteins to work, they must be folded properly. An unfolded protein is useless. By analogy, think of origami. An unfolded protein is like a piece of paper, and a folded protein is like an origami crane. A misfolded protein is also no good; it would be like breaking the crane's neck or wing. Again, useless.

Sometimes, misfolded proteins are dangerous. A particularly dangerous one is known as a prion. When it misfolds, it causes other properly folded proteins to misfold. Imagine if the origami crane with a broken wing caused all of its origami crane friends to develop broken wings. That's what prions do. The most famous prion disease is Mad Cow Disease, the infectious form of a rare neurodegenerative condition called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Increasingly, evidence indicates that other neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's are caused by misfolded proteins that trigger misfolding in other proteins. In the case of Alzheimer's, the proteins are called beta-amyloid and tau.

No, COVID mRNA Vaccine Won't Cause Alzheimer's

So, what does this have to do with COVID mRNA vaccines? Absolutely nothing. But that didn't prevent Classen from speculating that these mRNA vaccines might trigger the misfolding of two other proteins (called TDP-43 and FUS) that are also associated with Alzheimer's (as well as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

His evidence is non-existent. In the methods section of the paper, Classen writes, "The vaccine RNA was analyzed for the presence of sequences that can activate TDP-43 and FUS." How was it analyzed? What software was used? Did he examine any controls, like cellular mRNA sequences? He doesn't say. He simply tells us that the COVID vaccines contain various RNA sequences that may trigger TDP-43 and FUS's misfolding.

That's it. It's entirely speculative. There's no actual evidence.

Yet, from that, he concludes that the vaccine may be worse than the disease. For good measure, he mentions that the coronavirus and the mRNA vaccines both might be bioweapons released by the U.S. government. Hopefully, he notified Fox Mulder.

One would think that this conspiracy is too kooky to go viral (no pun intended). But we've already seen people burning 5G towers because they think they spread the coronavirus. So, it's better to debunk it now before the Andrew Wakefields of the world get ahold of it."

So more bullshit from someone scared. Here's an idea, if you don't want the vaccine DON"T HAVE IT, it is not hard to work out, no need to post lies and misinformation to gain attention to your own cowardice.

RE: 8th March

My Birthday today also, the only useful thing coming from International women's day is that my friends always remember it's my birthday on the same day lol.

International Women's Day started in the USA in 1908, yet it is only in the last decade or so that any prominence has been given to this event, one has to wonder why?

RE: Covid vaccine: How many people in the UK have been vaccinated so far?

The UK is doing well with the vaccinations, the refusal rate is low due to most UK citizens having the intelligence to realise the importance of being inoculated against a virus. Shame other countries have more stupid than intelligent.

RE: Where can I buy really really really good chocolates?

Anywhere other than the US, American chocolate has the lowest cocoa content and has the same chemicals in its ingredients list as human vomit.
Europeans find American chocolate vomit-inducing, it really is disgusting stuff.
Belgium or French even English chocolate use real cocoa and in higher quantities.
Swiss used to be the best but no longer.

RE: Are you getting a covid-19 shot ?

Now idiots are trying to stop a "passport" from being issued after your second injection here in the UK.
These arseholes are so stupid they forget a "passport" was issued for polo, MMR and other vaccines they received when a child.

RE: Don’t treat us like Covididiots

I think all western countries have that belief, but there is also a responsibility to ensure the virus is contained and not spread by being inconsiderate.
I cannot see any connection between being considerate and living in a free nation.

RE: Don’t treat us like Covididiots

In many Asian countries, it has been the norm for plastic face shields for some years now, when serving food, in restaurants and some shops to ensure no spit etc could end up on a customers meal.
I don't remember hearing of any complaints or anyone coming down with an illness from wearing such a device.
It amazed me that Asia did this way before any western country.

Embedded image from another site

A typical Asian middle school class
Embedded image from another site

RE: Don’t treat us like Covididiots

You have a sack of potatoes on your shoulder, you need to unburden them before posting, as you are now coming across as a whiny little kid whose ball was confiscated for breaking a window.
If the generation you despise so much had not followed rules, you most likely would now be sleeping on the street.

RE: Don’t treat us like Covididiots

During the war, it was against rules, guidelines to show a light after dark, as it could be seen by an enemy bomber. Had the war started in March 2020, most of the UK would have been destroyed by now, due to conspiracy theories and idiots who believe rules and laws are there just for a governments convenience.
I find it astounding how some adults can behave and act like spoilt children.

RE: Don’t treat us like Covididiots

Was Boris meeting someone? No
Was Boris cycling in a group? No
So he broke no rules or guidelines, so why the comment?

the rules are simple to follow, only some are trying to make them complicated, especially the police who should know better.

Stay away from other people
Wear a mask when near other people, especially when shopping
Wash hands frequently and use hand cleanser when washing is not available

How hard is that to follow?

If we ALL follow the above the virus infection rate will drop and so too will hospitalisation and deaths.

RE: Why do some...long term married people in the closet for decades?

It is only "screwed up" for those that allow it to effect them. There are plenty of ways to accept, ignore, understand, depending on how you want to handle whatever situation.
In most cases, those that "Come out" are not interested in anyone opinions, just those close to them.

Another plane goes down in Asia

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182 departed Jakarta for Pontianak on the island of Borneo at 2.36pm (7.36am GMT) but went missing over the Java Sea just minutes after take-off, dropping less than 10,000 feet in a minute, according to FlightRadar24.

Four warships were among a dozen vessels deployed on a search-and-rescue mission in the same area where debris was pulled from the water, Indonesian transport minister Budi Karya Sumadi said.

Nothing yet to confirm what happened o where the plane crashed.
All very sad.

Another plane goes down in Asia

A Boeing Co. jet with 62 people aboard is missing after losing contact with Indonesia’s aviation authorities shortly after takeoff from Jakarta.
Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 was scheduled to depart from the nation’s capital to Pontianak on the island of Borneo at 1:40 p.m. local time, according to FlightRadar24 data, which tracked the plane plunging from 10,900 feet in altitude to 250 feet before it dropped off of the radar. The 26-year-old 737-500 aircraft is a much older model than the 737 Max that was grounded for 20 months in 2019 after two fatal crashes, including a Lion Air disaster that killed 189 people in 2018.
Indonesian authorities said they have sent a search vessel from Jakarta to the plane’s last known location in the Java Sea. First responders were also deployed to the site to aid potential survivors, local TV reported. Flight SJ182 had 56 passengers on board, including seven children and three infants, along with two pilots and four cabin crew, local media reported.
“We are aware of media reports from Jakarta, and are closely monitoring the situation,” Boeing spokeswoman Zoe Leong said in a statement. “We are working to gather more information.” Sriwijaya Air said it’s working to obtain more detailed information about the flight, and will release an official statement later.

Some debris has been found and a possible crash site on the Island of Laki, which is uninhabited.


There will always be a few who voice opposition to vaccines, yet history has shown that vaccines work, and as medical science advances so too do vaccines, designed for specific viruses.
Polio, scarlet fever, smallpox etc have been virtually illuminated from the entire world, and would have been 100% successful had 100% of the population had the vaccines. But fearmongering caused the weak to refuse vaccination.

Why is there so much theorising and conspiracies regarding vaccines? Surely it is a good thing to eliminate harmful illnesses?

What information can a vaccine or even a virus test give that isn't already in the public domain?


As of today, I can find no reports of any deaths out of the millions of vaccinations already administered, as a direct result of the vaccine.
There have been a handful of deaths after being given the vaccine, but in every case, the patient was already in poor medical health and most likely would have passed with or without the vaccine.
I can find no credible evidence that HIV and corona tests are the same, but even if they are, why would that be a problem?

RE: Do women prefer real or faker finger nails?

Embedded image from another site

Designed to fight off Charming men laugh

RE: Do women prefer real or faker finger nails?

Gosh LC trying to get tough, rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I don't post "pity me" threads and I am unique, only one in existence lol. Unlike the OP who has several doppelgangers laugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: Do women prefer real or faker finger nails?

But it did work lol, your thread is completely discredited, as soon as your name was attached lol
Who cares if a woman or man has fake nails? If it makes the person feel good, then that is fine by me and I would guess the majority of people, only those who dislike women, would really object, for the sake of objecting.

RE: Anti-vaxxers' dirty trick

Boris is in a no win situation, balancing the UK's economy against a virulent pandemic.
He opened up some parts of the country for families to be together over Christmas, right or wrong it was a difficult choice, and people like you would still find fault whichever way he went.
Be thankful that Labour is not in power, as you would probably be dead by now, the socialist party being unable to organise a pissup in a brewery.
And whose Freedom has been taken away? You can return to Cyprus today if you wish. A lockdown is for the benefit of the majority not so you can enjoy sledging around for fun.

I'm not saying everything Boris has done was correct, but this is a learning curve never before attempted by any UK government.
I doubt the country would be any better off had you been the PM, probably much much worse. As all you are doing is the same as the Labour leaders, criticise and throw jibes and NEVER offer a better solution.

RE: Anti-vaxxers' dirty trick

Boris is dealing with an unknown pandemic, he is following experts advice to try and save people's lives. while also dealing with a broken economy due to both Brexit and the pandemic.
Boris is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't,
I would hate to be in his position. Especially having to deal with dickhead members of the public who try to undermine everything he is doing to reduce the spreading of the virus.

RE: New Uncensored Social Media Platform GabTV

Gab is an English-language alt-tech social networking service known for a far-right and extremist userbase. Gab has been widely described as a haven for extremists including neo-Nazis, white supremacists, the alt-right, and has attracted users and groups who have been banned from other social networks. Gab claims that it promotes free speech and individual liberty, although these statements have been criticized as being a shield for its alt-right and extremist ecosystem. Antisemitism is a prominent part of the site's content, and the company itself has engaged in antisemitic commentary on Twitter. Researchers have written that Gab has been "repeatedly linked to radicalization leading to real-world violent events".

So a child's playground, designed for those who are unable to think for themselves. Should suit a number of members on CS. laugh laugh laugh

RE: Britain gets trade Deal with the EU

One that applies
The EU states that diabetics who need regular insulin treatment should only be issued with driving licences ‘in very exceptional circumstances’. After Brexit, it will be up to Parliament to govern road safety.
The British Government have no problem with diabetics holding a driving license.

This EU directive offends me

RE: Britain gets trade Deal with the EU

As far as I can determine, N.Ireland is still a part of the United Kingdom, and we have regained our sovereignty, the ability to make our own decisions without the interference of some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. We can now trade with anyone in the world and we can regain the respect the UK once had before the EU undermined ours and every other member countries position in the world.
We may be the first to leave, but I doubt we will be the last.

RE: Restrictions to remain in UK even after the vaxx.

"So far, thousands of people have been given a COVID-19 vaccine and reports of serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, have been very rare. No long-term complications have been reported."

From the UK NHS government website.

RE: Nurse faints after COVID vaccination

One goes in and the other comes

RE: Nurse faints after COVID vaccination

One goes in and the other comes

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