RE: You still remembered your lost ( first ) real love ?

He definitely needs to be the Rambo type...professor laugh

RE: There are only 3 types of people .....

None of them on here is there?

RE: In Four Words

Let that Tom out

RE: What kind of a relationship do you want?

Music was different in the past, it seems to me. It's evolved into noise... laugh

RE: What kind of a relationship do you want?

At my age, and after being single almost my entire life.... I'm just looking for the last dance
Save The Last Dance For Me


I was in western Europe for 17 days in August 2001... a month before 9-11. So, travel was still easy back then, I loved it, my Mom's grandparents are from the Hanover area in Germany.conversing

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

Perfect Strangers
Can you remember, remember my name
As I flow through your life....

RE: Worst U.S. President of all time

wave I don't know my history good enough to have a opinion on who's the worst... But, for a long time now, the quality of presidential hopeful's is sinking to new lows. For me, it's now a choice of who's the best of two people that I don't want in office...doh

RE: Say Anything

At the supermarket... rolling on the floor laughing What would you do? laugh

RE: Language and Personality

My ex is from Slovakia... I thought she was kidding about that Gyspy curse, when she said, " you'll be sorry " laugh

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Yes, I know what you mean, I've heard it myself. wink

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

You mean the guy with the drums? laugh

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Everything that glitters, is not gold.

RE: Exercising / Workout

A lot of people did, ride up, and walk down. laugh
I love train rides, heres one I did,
Not exercise, but a lot of fun.

RE: Exercising / Workout

It is! The elevation at the bottom is 6,500 feet. Many years ago, it had 2 rail cars that went up and down attached to a cable! It's part of Barr trail, the walking trail up to the summit of Pikes Peak. People run up and down the trail...not me laugh I camped on the trail once, above timberline, around 10,000 feet. I'll never forget that. handshake

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

I wonder how come I wasn't invited, did they elope?

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Yes, share with me, reality sucks. laugh

RE: Kaybees cats cats cats Part 3.......

This guy has fun, check out his other videos... wave
Looks like he spends a lot of time training, or one smart cat laugh

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