RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

just waiting nextdoor



TRAIN..............I caught the train in Spain in the rain to go and pick up my dog and train him to refrain from pain which has no gain. So now I'm going to train my thoughts in another direction, i.e. which train to chose for my wedding gown..............ahhhhhhhhhh you didn't know about that did you.

RE: Who Viewed You Last ?

Somebody down the road from megrin

10 LETTER SCRABBLE (3 Changes)

Just be careful how you distribute it

9 LETTER SCRABBLE (2 changes)

It'll all come out in the reduction
His plan is not fulfilled
He tempts you with the spearmint
Then you'll find that you've been billed

ANOTHER 8 letter scrabble with 2 changes

I don't think you did this very neatly!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 LETTER SCRABBLE (change 3 letters)

Without embellishing further, the answer is in the confirmative

RE: Who Viewed You Last ?

changed's a 50 year old, and british.........och well......that's an improvementgrin

RE: Let's Write a Story (this time with 3 words)

HEY skipped me

brush strokes eliminate

RE: Post a word related to the one above


hey alanya....get this thread in order!!!!

RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

Don't Invite Youngsters


RE: Say Anything (again!)

I should have been off to a piano concert tonight but it was now I'll have to tickle the ivories here on CS

RE: Who Viewed You Last ?

It's still himgrin

RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

energetic nerd represented


RE: Should we take these refugees?

It's serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you want to be in their shoes????????? I MOST CERTAINLY WOULDN'T.

RE: Post a word related to the one above


RE: Who Viewed You Last ?

all we are give love a chancegrin

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