RE: I,m building a relationship

can you follow the lego instructions


why do I return to check this site it because I have fond memories???


It feels quite nice to be wandering through the labyrinth of CS with nobody in sight

RE: If you were to go blind

thank God I had other senses to depend on: cool


I like games wordswave

RE: Is poetry dead?

Not as long as I'm alive!!!

RE: Change of career

Interesting thread for youngest grandson has just starting playing this year....4 years old!!! They never used to take them until they were 6 and we had a problem getting football boots small enoughgrin. However, my older grandson at 17 has now been given the responsibility of training his brother and other funny!!!!

I do hope your new venture is a great success xx

RE: phone someone

I just tried.....the line's engagedconversing

RE: We need a rest room

I'll rest my case then

RE: Beer helps shake off shyness about sex..

well've done well to avoid getting caught up in a webmumbling

RE: Beer helps shake off shyness about sex..

I'm not about to try it Mollygrin You can have a go ifya likewink

RE: Beer helps shake off shyness about sex..

try that Brazilian wandering spider you an erection for 4 hours and then you die. No need for any more beer!!!!


so......pick a subject that interests you and get chatting....I THINK THE PEOPLE ON HERE WHO TRY TO KEEP IT GOING DESERVE A MEDAL......bouquet

RE: Best thing to do when you are strapped for cash


RE: Stuck on a deserted island

Does it have to be a CS member? If it has to be ..... I think Marcus1000 might be suitable for me. Now that'll haveya thinking mumbling mumbling

RE: what do you do when anger creeps in

control it.....the quicker you can douse it, the better for your joking!!!!


so you're saying now you have a dislike for Chihuahua's but it's not a phobia.......maybe if it filled up your shoe more than once it might BECOME a phobia


what made you frightened of bugs?????

I'm frightened of worms but have no problem with spiders and stuff. It must be the way they move cos snakes appal me as well.


Sorry about your opposite attraction going pear shapedwink


what do you call that barb that was sticking out of his neck thenwow Poor boy was minding his own business when it bombed him.

RE: Looking for a good fun, laugh and not serious gotta lot to learn young man

RE: Looking for a good fun, laugh and not serious do you propose to give a lady some fun in Latvia, for example????

RE: if u meet the person above u what would u do

You seen Dolly Parton lately..............she looks terrific too!!!!! I'D LOVE TO SEE HER.


think I'm gonna spend some time on here tonightthumbs up

RE: Looking for a good fun, laugh and not serious

fun is number onegrin

RE: if u meet the person above u what would u do

Ok.......I love can take me to that Kenny Rodgers concert in London ifya likegrin


I have a phobia about water........but I can't honestly remember an instance when I should be afraid of maybe they don't initiate from personal experiences.

RE: if u meet the person above u what would u do

From!!!! However, I think you want some answers from the gentlemen!!!!!!


Now then........when do they start

Interesting story which happened to my grandson during the summer.......he got stung by wasp whilst we went to a market. He was quite shocked and, of course, we had to go straight away. Anyway, a few days after that he was passing by the venue and he told his dad to shut the windows in the car cos there were wasps around there. jejejejeje Is this the start of a phobia!!!????

RE: Happy Eid

Hi Hoolet are you making a guest appearance???? we don't see so much of you these days[/quote

No Tom...........I just get pissed off with most of the stuff that gets posted so I don't bother.
AND.......I gotta great life anyway.

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