RE: Weather in Paradise (Cyprus)

Ya lost me there??????????????????

RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

Mere Inconsequential Blarney


RE: Weather in Paradise (Cyprus)

Happy Holidays Tom!!!!

Who are those birds in the 6th photo????

RE: Jesus was no God. Simply because there is no such thing.

read, learn, believe..............controlling the masses is important, otherwise the masses cause anarchy. Believing in goodness, means you won't degenerate into evil. When you are faced with choices............recognise the differences.

RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

Kick In Nuts...(available)


RE: Why always C.S says I seek, but never says I found?

You obviously haven't checked the forums properly cos there are quite a lot of "founds" reportedgrin

RE: Do you take time at least once to thank God

I imagine the world as John Lennon epitomised it.

RE: why does alcohol change your thoughts?

Doesn't change them.....just sharpens them. Unfortunately it sometimes gives some the confidence to spout out thoughts they would not otherwise have revealed.

RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

Carefully Applying Potions


RE: Say anything to the person above u (in respect limits)

Wishing you a happy fun packed weekend.

RE: Three Letters and Three Words part 3

Twisted Ignorant Prat


9 LETTER SCRABBLE (2 changes)

When someone moralizes
I listen with keen ears
It somehow creates pretrauma
Releasing all my fears

10 LETTER SCRABBLE (3 Changes)

we will have to find new means of conduction

ANOTHER 8 letter scrabble with 2 changes

When T declaims
He does it so placidly
But when H complains
The asteroid falls rapidly

12 LETTER SCRABBLE (change 3 letters)

in a brit sense of humor kinda way

the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not invalidating anything that is said but some viewpoints are aberrational


STUMP.............I remember when I had to stump up the air fare to go and rescue T. There he was sitting on a stump, talking to a stumpy man beside the cricket stumps. I think he was trying to stump the guy by asking intelligent questions. He had the stump of a pencil in his hand and was jotting down notes when I stumped over and dragged him off intending to break his legs and leave him with stumps.

12 LETTER SCRABBLE (change 3 letters)

Funny though....wasn't it!!!!!


I'm back to capitalising on obtaining some paint at a reasonable price for the outercoating

ANOTHER 8 letter scrabble with 2 changes


I passed by those gyraters
Preparing for foreplay
Their weapons were so tensiled
It's a pity they were gay

9 LETTER SCRABBLE (2 changes)

I bought this dentifric which pearlises
I'll try it out today
I plan to stay in my apartment
If it works I'll send some your waygrin

10 LETTER SCRABBLE (3 Changes)

lets see what that reproduces


ISLAM..................Islam the door as I go out Islam itself must slam it hard to stop extremist Islam in its stride. An internal voice of Islam must rise in protest to Islam atrocities.

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