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RE: Ego And Pride - The Comparison

Current American Standard College Dictionary for “Egotistical”

“Excessively conceited or self-absorbed in oneself. Self-centered.”

I believe most readers would interpret this as undesirable...just saying...

RE: Ego And Pride - The Comparison

I hear you— in the classical sense “ ego” is definitive, not demonstrative. Many people associate the word as a negative, as in, “We don’t want to hang around with John. He’s embarrassingly egotistical..” it seemed to me that the negative connotation was being addressed, but, I’m a stickler for correctness and your comments are patent to the term. Good enough?

RE: Ego And Pride - The Comparison

Not quite so fast...Derek Chauvin is, hands-down, egotistical. How’d that work out for him? His emotion, as it were, erased the ID, and EGO stepped in. Not groovy...

RE: Ego And Pride - The Comparison

What an interesting thread— here are some points to ponder regarding the topic: it’s perfectly fine to have an awareness of “where we came from”, and the abilities and skill-sets we’ve learned and developed. But there are ways to say and feel this. For example, instead of saying, “Yeah, I worked hard for everything I have and earned every red cent”, say, “I’m very grateful that I was blessed with opportunities to have a job and save”. Egotistical people seldom find simpatico. Even egotistical people dislike other egotistical people. Knowing that you are handsome, friendly, educated, successful, is one hing. Being sanctimonious about it is another—AND, wrong.

RE: Should Prince charming be banned for kissing Snow White without consent

EXACTLYthumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

RE: Food Thread just sounded good...handshake

RE: Food Thread

Is there such a thing as Buffalo Wings Pizza?pizza

RE: who do u understand most here...?

Many of the women are way coolthumbs up

RE: When you mind your own business life becomes peaceful ?

So, there’s this new fellow who tries to get along. The other employees aren’t really helping much, but he comes in with a happy heart and friendly greetings every morning. Twice he is asked to the manager’s office. “We’re happy to have you on board, but there are lots of complaints. You talk too much. People don’t want to be bothered—you’re too gregarious,,,” So, the poor schmuck, needing his job, tones it way down. He only nods and smiles now, sits bu himself in the lunchroom, and only speaks when first spoken to. He is asked to the manager’s office. “The other employees are upset. You don’t seem to want to talk to them. You don’t sit with them at lunch, and now, they’re complaining you’re not a team player”.

NO— minding your own business doesn’t always work...

RE: Should Prince charming be banned for kissing Snow White without consent

I worked for a woman who, though generally friendly, was ALWAYS saying things like, “Now that’s not P.C.!”, or , “What do you mean by that- it CAN be taken another way..” ad nauseum. She went through help...look, it’s perfectly fine to defend and shield people from being mistreated, I fully agree. However, work and social environments become clogged with rhetoric when staff have to feel like every single thing they say is under a microscope. Few people can operate fluidly being so constricted. Put yourself, mentally, in a neighborhood bar. Observe. Now, micro-manage everything you’re hearing. Ask the guy making a pool shot if he could use a different term than “put a little English on it”. Ask the bartender if she can say, “would you like a dense beer”, rather than a dark/ black beer”. Get after the elderly couple for referring to a table of ethnic ( any) people as “ folks”. Say “ britches” instead of “ jeans”. These are all things I’ve heard people get up in arms about in this exponentially intense political correctness. It’s frequently about people just wanting something to b*tch about.

RE: ALMS is it a real thing or myth?

I googled— there are several versions. Here’s a bit:

“Do ya see that handsome clansman, so strong and wonderfully built?
I wonder if it’s true—what’s NOT beneath his kilt...”

RE: ALMS is it a real thing or myth?

I really understand this— I was marginally acquainted with a very small man (but not midget or dwarf) who was an absolute perfect example of being athletic, fit, etc...good looking man, too. And, straight as an arrow. But people, usually other men, would do and say things that were clearly meant to target his size. We have, still, a terrible society that doesn’t seem to care if it’s hurting people...

RE: ALMS is it a real thing or myth?

Theres this Scottish song about two matrons finding a sleeping clansman...they give him a blue ribbon...that’s all I know...good luck

RE: ALMS is it a real thing or myth?

Top of the morning— this thread reminds me of a couple of things: there’s this thing about small men who make up for it in another way—AND, something about guys (in general) and their trucks...some correlation there. You see, the “truck” thing....hmmm...cheers

Kinda fun- kinda informative thread...

Howdy friends - today I’m going to shop for a new can opener. One outlet here carries “Safety-Can Express” as seen on TV. It’s about $30.00. Just wondering if anyone knows if these are good, and/if there are other types that are good, too. Also, wondering about those “cable-free” devices, to attach as an antenna, to get great reception with no cable cost. Other ideas on products? Thanx...

RE: Pearls Of Wisdom

When in doubt, DON’T...

RE: Pearls Of Wisdom

Three things returneth not: the spent arrow, the lost opportunity, and the spoken word.

RE: Common phrases

Guess my new old fave is “Oh, FFS..”laugh

RE: May the 4th...


RE: May the 4th...

Was c-3-P-O gay? Just always wondered...I have a friend who SWEARS that “Data” was developed as a gay/bisexual character. Watch some of the episodes...he does come across as a little fey. I want my androids butch, dammit...

RE: May the 4th...

Payback, chara...I can’t get The Rattlin’ Bough” outa me mind,


RE: May the 4th...

Clearance, Clarence. Roger, Roger...Under, Over..over, over..done...rolling on the floor laughing

RE: May the 4th...


Mairzy doats and dozey doats, and littell amzy divey...

RE: Understanding the lyrics of some songs

Yellow Brick Road escaped me for a long time; also other EJ lyrics...

RE: Rent

Thanks jac, you used the better term. I agree it can work; still, seems too problematic...

RE: Meetup

I haven’t met anyone in person, but have spoken to a couple of members on the telephone. One member lives about 7 hours away; she and I plan to meet fairly soon, as that is not considered a great distance in the United States. Another member lives an hour and a half away; we’re both familiar with each other’s town, and may have occasion to do so. I’d participate in a meetup in Boise, Denver, etc.. but not much further.

RE: Rent

Sure. It’s called “ surrogate”. At first I thought you should know this; however, it’s not a practice everywhere and I’m sure in some regions, illegal. There are tons of considerations, one primary one being that the surrogate will “change her mind” and want to keep the baby, which has been upheld by courts. I’m personally against it— just has way too many crosshairs in the scope. And, not to be cruel, but why can’t people accept the ups and downs of Life? We all have to...right? There is a certain sinister air about always wanting to go against the Providence’s of this life, with exception. Jmo

RE: Difference Between SelfLove and Selfishness

A person who lives a solitary life with no partner, significant other(s), etc...and desires this lifestyle, and does not interrupt another’s life, is NOT being “ selfish”. They are simply choosing a solitary life. A person who has kindred obligations - (partner, significant other(s), but wants, and actively attempts, to live a solitary life anyway, IS being selfish. Get the difference in what makes choice over obligation, as it applies to the terms of selfishness?

RE: Why do women always want to change.

We’d better be careful— I just got slapped around and my nose pushed in it for similar...laugh laugh


RE: Is there anything men do that women hate?

how do you stay out of trouble?

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