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RE: ok, I'm kinda tired, and want to ask a question...for real.

My life really started after rehab. I just love my NA and AA meetings. These last 23 years of being sober and clean I wouldn't trade anything for. I can go into any meeting admitting my name and that I am an addict and alcohlic and right away I feel at home. There are people who will help you like they did me. I especially like the Alanons and Narconons because they helped me personal relationships. It really works and how.head banger

Theres a new sheriff in town.

Why? Are you feeling frisky?grin devil laugh

RE: Does Love Still Exist?

Love still exist or otherwise we wouldn't be here.

RE: What does your profile headline say?

Mine says, "To thine Ownself Be True". It is what I live by.

RE: i would like to know who is still here so let me know

Once alert; Always a lert.

RE: Mom is dying. I am losing my mind

There are people who do care as can be seen from the posts above me. I have went through my entire grieving experience right here on the forums. Your life is on hold but someone is holding it. Now is the time for friendships and even laughter which may seem like a rediculous thing. You got to look past the guilt trips. They are not necessary for your recovery. I know your mother is going through a revovery but so are you. Grief is like a monster with a giant maw which tries to consume everything in its past. You will think it won't be satisfied until everything is nothingness. You must hold on for those who depend on you and loved ones that look up to you for answers. These are the times that try men souls. When I lost my wife I lost my closest friend and so much more that I wasn't even aware of at the time. I go to grief meetings still although not as many as I did. Being around fellow suffers who have went through the grieving experience will help you in many ways. You will find that being there for others will help you be there for yourself. If you do not turn completely bitter you will know a compassion that defies understanding. I feel for you for I know what you will be going through. Just hold on and stand fast in your faith.

RE: i would like to know who is still here so let me know

Yeah. And now it is time for the bad ones, too.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Unemployed

2 dollars less typo

RE: Unemployed

I left a good job. Working there ruint all my clothes; I was stressed out all the time and I felt like it was the last job I would ever work at. I took a chance on working at a nursing home. The pay is almost 2 dollars but I can't ever remember being this happy; being appreciated and feel like I am right where I am supposed to be for the time being. Take a chance; Colombus did.wave

Theres a new sheriff in town.

Pulling out my little file hidden under my shirt. I am glad that I wasn't frisked. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Our Blackest Thoughts.

Have you read my poem about baptising in acid, lol?

RE: Easter memories

I remember that song. It is a great one.wave

Dear Abby Normal

Dear Abby Normal,
I think I was flirted with, yesterday but am not sure if she was seriously flirting or just play flirting. I was hoping you could tell me the difference. I would hate to have been flirted with and not know if she was really flirting or not. I was wondering if your could send me some tips on flirting so I could learn how to skillfully flirt. Sorry to have to bother you like this as I know you get a lot of mail.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Abby Normal

Dear Abby Normal,
I really don't know how to tell you this but I think I have broken my flirter from flirting too much. Could you please send me a new flirter so I can flirt, again? I really miss flirting. I am sending in my old flirter to see if you can fix it.

Sincerely yours,

RE: How men choose their women.

by RainbowSlider

Can she cheer me up when I am down?
Can she be my best friend all around?
Can she look closer to what's inside?
Can she converse and overlook my pride?
Can she dance and make feel happy?
Can she love me even when I'm crappy?
Can she sing to me and hold me close?
Can she laugh when she makes a pose?
Can she giggle and tickle my nose?
Can she survive in a barren place?
Can she caress my mind and face?
Can she make a house into a home?
Can she make me not want to roam?
Can she dance to a different drummer?
Can she or can't?; Oh, what a bummer.


Gardening Tips

Anybody know which vegetables are native to Arkansas?

Theres a new sheriff in town.

Uh oh. Theres that new sherriff. I like spring water and hot biscuits.wave

RE: The 50 to 65 Crowd

I have to keep the peanuts out of the holes they put in my mouth when they did the two extractions.wave

RE: if this thread is rocking dont come a knocking

Theres an empty hanger hanging. A hanging and a banging. Since you stole the shirt off my back. Statler Brothers.

RE: Big Boobs VS Little Boobs

I never met a boobie that I didn't like. Women on the other hand... Well, that is another story.

RE: Heir To Revolution

Spider Shadow
by RainbowSlider

So many spiders with so many strands.
Casting their webs across the lands.
With outstretched feelers they wander.
Pausing to reflect as they will ponder.
Tiny eyes that can be so useless.
Seeing other spiders that are clueless.
Feeling the heat and the cold.
Enjoying nature as it unfolds.
Forever crawling over everything.
Searching for what knowledge brings.

RE: do not look in this thread

Will leave a trail of donuts for ya'll to follow so you will know how to get around. 0 0 0 Wait. Those are just donuts holes. Here.
( 0 ) rolling on the floor laughing

Welcome to Hell

Got some teeth pulled at the Clinic, finally. Only had to wait freakin hours.rolling on the floor laughing Thought my brain was attached t those two teeth he pulled out. Oh, my I just couldn't take migraines any more that went with the swollen gums. Thanks ya'll for letting me vent. Being a nice guy has really been a struggle on me. wave rolling on the floor laughing devil angel applause dunno confused wow frustrated

Welcome to Hell

Lazy b*tch going to lay on her a** all night while I do her job and look like she has been working all along when the nurse comes in. Manipulating my a** with sweet words just ain't going to cut it. Acting like she gives a shit with her fake smile. Wheres my damn pitchfork? It gets going to get so freakin hot in here! I am burning everything in sight. Flames, glorious flames. I will show em what hell is really like.very mad

RE: what is your favrite pass time with your significant other

Scratching her furr and trying to pick the ticks off her while she has her razor sharp teeth attacking my pillow. Having her lick the inside of my ear while I am trying to sleep. Her scratching the door until I get up and let her in. Trying to type with her long tail in my face. God, I got to get another significant other.rolling on the floor laughing

I touched a name today

Lost In Forever Nightby RainbowSlider

Oh, tortured soul vexed with such sweet anger.
Your serenity is in jeopardy from this danger.
Righteous indignation and reasoning unfounded.
Slowly you're crumbling with ego that is grounded.
Vented rage at innocent bystanders notwithstanding.
Void of mercy a demon's hell-bent understanding.
You seek to justify; You demand retribution.
But the flames leap higher in equal distribution.
The darkness grows ever longer; Dawn not in sight.
When at last you're depleted; Lost in forever night.

RE: "Curiouser & Curiouser", said Alice

Germany to the states. Nothing like seeing that beautiful babe with her hand stretched out with that flame in her hands whether you're coming in on a 747 or sailing in on a cruise ship to Ellis Island. I am so glad she got her makeover. It was about freaking time. Who loves ya babe.banana

RE: Which one do you think has the biggest pecker!

I am not a woman but I am fond of Big Bird and his invisible friend, Snufalufagus.rolling on the floor laughing Have you noticed it gets harder and harder to find invisible friends?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Umm..... did anyone else's local forums...

Arkansas is working ok. There is plenty of room there which is like Arkansas; all natural and the land of opportunity.

RE: Do you think that black people still bear and endure the wounds of the chains of slavery, in their m

Dream Variations
by Langston Hughes

To fling my arms wide
In some place of the sun,
To whirl and to dance
Till the white day is done.
Then rest at cool evening
Beneath a tall tree
While night comes on gently,
Dark like me--
That is my dream!

To fling my arms wide
In the face of the sun,
Dance! Whirl! Whirl!
Till the quick day is done.
Rest at pale evening . . .
A tall, slim tree . . .
Night coming tenderly
Black like me.

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