RE: Palm Oil And Its Connection With The Environmental Destruction

I knew German guy illegally here in Australia who borrowed someone else's name and medicare card, so thatt he could have his appendicitis sorted

RE: Palm Oil And Its Connection With The Environmental Destruction

palm oil is used to prevent leaky gut not fix it

RE: Palm Oil And Its Connection With The Environmental Destruction

Hi Molly
Reduced issues with a diet of my own baked gluten, yeast free bread, morning banana, ground muesli (no teeth) and yogurt for breakfast, Aldi's frozen fish and chips for lunch (currently cooking in blow-wave cooker) meat and veg in late afternoon also, lots of fruit. Coffee of course...

On the road (twice this year up through South Australian Desert) photographing birds, hamburger with the lot, no bread, no sauce is very good.
Any variation dreadful consequences

RE: Palm Oil And Its Connection With The Environmental Destruction

Ok I'll be a devils advocate

Firstly for those with big ego please skip this post, for those seeking understanding of an alternative view please read on.

An explanation of our digestive system :

2016 i was medevac out of the mountains with an abdominal aorta aneurysm, a 32 strong surgical team done their thing, three stents were deployed however first attempt one leaked so they went in a second time, i lost lot of blood.
For two week i received intravenous antibiotic's. However the antibiotic's completely stuffed my digestive system.

Over time by trial and error i formulated a diet that didn't just run down my legs over night, an inconvenient disruption to my usual lifestyle... confused

During the process of working out what i could or could night eat in the main i cooked mutton stew that had lots of silver-beet and other greens in it. In checking issues with completely wrecked digestive system i found understand that gut-leak could kill you.
I researched online
6 Ways to Heal Gut Flora After Antibiotics
6 Ways to Heal Your Gut Flora After Antibiotics.
Clean Up Your Diet. ...
Strengthen the Intestinal Barrier with Collagen. ...
Resistant Starch + Probiotics. ...
Support Your Liver. ...
Hydrate. ...
Take it Easy.
ETC ETC research included advice that food can go through your stomach wall but when big lumps did then you suffered gut Leak. Advice i read included include Palm Oil in your food intake as it protected your stomach wall.

RE: The best direction of compassion

quite confusing, our nature is moving energy, energy the migrates according to the seeds we sow...crying

Firstly I think the best deployment for our compassion should be directed with good motivation with an understanding of the interdependent nature of sufferings, including our own sufferings.
I am attempting to explain our compassion should be directed towards the interdependent arising's that are associated with the negative karmic events materializing in our daily lives.
Events that could be seen as problems created some how independent from our own impute. The daily crap that turns up that we so often respond to in a negative way, therefore compounding our own future experience. Crap happens while however lacking understanding that we are very likely compounding our suffering experiences by imputing ever more negativity upon its arrival, that in turn over and over again returns in our life experience. Will if we don't root out the root course of the suffering and therefore it is important that we develop lots and lots of compassion directed towards our own past ignorance that caused suffering to others.
Even in our past life the karmic seeds that we sowed that with certainty ripen producing suffering; the sufferings we caused others included....a good starting direction we should direct our compassion towards.

Then as the OP suggest when possible, we should make charity to.

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

you can email, just message me on here, otherwise check my facebook, whatever it takes but stay in touch, its not good to isolate your self, remember that happiness is within, its not outside of ourselves.
Remember to give yourself choices and above all please be gentle on your self

RE: Thank you Sweden!

galrads very important link so you have tracking page from the start of the Sydney Hobart race

happy new year

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

name correction with the skinks should have posted as 6 Cunninghams Skinks

These are an imm-Australian Reed Warbler, Hardhead Duck, Welcome Swallow

RE: Imran Khan: Five things to know about Pakistan's prime minister

Time will tell, military packs with Saudi Arabia and China given time may not go well for Pakistan anyway be interesting to see whether for once its internal problems improve

Imran Khan and the Silk Road

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

ICQ an Israeli chat program still goes today, I have (but not using much at all) both Trillian and ICQ, Trillian will log into most chat programs, messenger and yahoo included, lot more secure than using the latter two programs

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

Resident family of six Blue-tongued Skink's bathing in sunlight also Anoplognathus viridiaeneus or King Beetle and or the x word beetle

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

yep google and microsoft working together to control our online activities including what operating system the masses can use and who we purchases goods off

Politicians are attempting to misslead

New Family Court Chief describes merger as enormous challenge and calls on legal community to get on board

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

an update I have been fiddling with a free sandbox program today. For home use requires activation with a free code they email to you.

This morning I opened Yandex (which is russian version of chrome) and for first time it mentioned it wanted to update the browser, which it hadn't mentioned before err.

I don't want Google Chrome updating anything because in the past it expired computers Microsoft/windows certificates which stuffed computer...the old google make-money by forcing the upgrade of the users operating systems trick...frustrated

Reb i had some problems running Firefox in the free Shade Sandbox program however the chrome (Yandex) browser works fine in it. FireFox worked but i had some issues when removing Firefox browser out of the sandbox.Which you can do and i now have done but am making mention had some problems with it.

A Sandbox offer further security, while foremost in my mind importantly a Sandbox stops browsers from changing the computers operating system files. The browser can update, do whatever but the changes its makes are contained withing the Sandbox and are removed after closing browser. (something like that)

An example Chrome wouldn't be able to change the Microsoft Certificates or any other operating system files on your computer whether it updated itself or downloaded crap it wouldn't impact on the Windows operating system files.

However I am saying fiddling with Shade and FireFox browser among few expert moves i made dancing i deleted this and that using powerful unlocking program Unlocker. Which of course no expert computer-geek would ever do. crying Whatever three times the computer came up with blue kiss of death screen. dunno

So then in safe mode i un-installed Shade Sandbox program and after reboot re-installed the program, also ran elevated cmd: sfc /scannow yay
And Shade Sanbox promptly placed both FireFox and Yandex browsers into its sandbox, then removed Firefox no worries (no blue screen) and have left Yandex running in Shade Sandbox.

will see how that goes, working ok so far comfort

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

Hi mate, all the threads on here have always been spidered by google, and anybody from anywhere on the glob have internet can read the threads on here without logging into CS
very useful actually

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

I'm also using Yandex browser, it is a Russian version of chrome but hasn't caused the problems on my Win7 operating system google chrome caused

RE: Should the Wtndrush generation be deported

Tony Abbott is also a blatant liar,

RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

I'm using firefox but had to set DuckDuckGo (owned by Amazon i think) as my default home / search engine because firefox allowed google to update and therefore expire google chrome browser windows certificates.
They have also (including FireFox) agreed to implement google and microsoft (Bing) efforts to replace password login with hardware logins, including finger print type logins, also goes to googles insistence for usage of https browser webpage security...

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

have you got a snow cave to hibernate in?
some images where i been lately enjoy

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

Went back up into desert but got to hot so currently on way back into victoria. Want to photograph redthroat bird and have managed that ok. enjoy
Glad to hear your doing Ok

RE: Ireland V New Zealand......................Rugby

Australia cause the kiwi and irish will be warn out

RE: What would happen if the USA gave its nuclear arsenal, warships and all of its guns to Russia ?

Boeing 737 Crash Caused By New Safety System Pilots Weren’t Told Existed
According to Indonesian investigators and multiple pilot organizations, this scenario isn’t covered in the 737 MAX 8 or MAX 9 flight manual and was not taught to pilots.

Good one Boeing

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he hadn't been expecting reports that China and the Australian state of Victoria had signed an agreement signalling the latter's participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Morrison told the reporters he was “surprised” Victoria's government would make a decision on a “matter of international relations” without discussing it with the federal government first

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews said that the deal with China would allow local businesses to become “one step closer to unlocking the trade and investment opportunities of China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative.”

The United States Navy is one of the government bodies still running Windows XP

“The Navy relies on a number of legacy applications and programs that are reliant on legacy Windows products,” Steven Davis, spokesman for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

Davis also told CNN that the Navy’s land-based computers have already been upgraded to newer versions of Windows. The 100,000 computers located on seaborne ships, on the other hand, still rely on XP.

Navy sysadmin hacked 220,000 sailors from inside nuclear carrier

A former systems administrator who worked for the US Navy’s nuclear reactor department is accused of infiltrating government networks using the Navy’s own computers and posting links to the materials he found on Twitter.

August 22nd, 2017

Tragedy struck the USS John S. McCain on Monday, when the destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Singapore, leaving 10 sailors missing and five injured. The US Navy is still struggling to find all of the remains of the missing sailors, and has ordered an operational pause for all naval fleets around the world as investigators try to figure out exactly why this terrible accident occurred.

Among the possible causes that are being looked into, one has a raised a few eyebrows. Over the summer there have been two accidental collisions involving the 7th fleet, and a total of 4 similar incidents this year. This has led some Navy officials to suspect that a cyber attack may have been responsible for the crash, as well as other recent Naval accidents.

For years the Chinese government has complained about the US Navy’s presence in the South China Sea, which they claim as their territorial waters. In fact, following the USS McCain’s accident, the Global Times, which is effectively a mouthpiece of the government, claimed that Chinese citizens were celebrating the collision.

It’s also important to consider the fact that many US Naval vessels are riddled with counterfeit parts from China. A Senate led investigation in 2012 found that our ships contained over a million counterfeit parts, mostly of Chinese origin.

RE: What would happen if the USA gave its nuclear arsenal, warships and all of its guns to Russia ?

yes its getting close, the years fly bye really fast, i'm about head out west with camera, probably get back in time to watch the race start, its a great race. My son Hue is currently sailing his yacht up in Queensland, he doesn't talk to his dad but i get to view some of his sailing posts on facebook
best wishes mate

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