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RE: Does Life Have Any True Meaning? Enlighten Us All....

I agree since beginningless time is without end.
"Does life have any true meaning"?
Yes, life has true meaning because we all have been creating suffering.
Sufferings we are able to learn from that can then be transformed into more positive activities thereby producing more in Bhutanese Constitution set out path of "Gross National Happiness" e.g. (copy & paste)
[Bhutan's principles have been set in policy through the gross national happiness index, based on equitable social development, cultural preservation, conservation of the environment and promotion of good governance.]!
end copy & paste.

Benefiting others is a path taught by the Buddha ('s) it is a philosophy / path, directed towards ceasing the causes of our sufferings. Teachings that guide our understanding towards extinguishing the causes of our sufferings, including those sufferings that we have all in the past time engaged in that caused others suffering.
Logic and reason explaining the nature of sufferings...offering antidote's for our ills..and directed towards assisting us in not just this one life time but our future lives to.
The word enlightenment in Tibetan Mahayana view translates as going beyond.
Its my understanding an enlightened being that has gone beyond, ceased creating the causes for suffering rebirth.

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weary eye on south china sea

The U.S. and Turkey, along with Sunni monarchies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, were supporters of the 2011 uprising by rebels and jihadis that threatened the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Iran and Russia were among the countries that opposed it. Iran mobilized a number of its supportive Shiite militias across the region and some troops to help Syria's armed forces. In 2015, Russia intervened at Assad's request, shifting the momentum of the war in favor of the Syrian leader.

Trump has twice ordered military action against the Syrian government in response to allegations of poison gas attacks. But Russia, Iran and Syria have argued that the incidents were actually "false flag" events set up by local factions, possibly in cooperation with Western sponsors, seeking to attract foreign military intervention. As the U.S. threatened to take action against the use of chemical weapons, Russia has warned that another conspiracy was being arranged and launched large-scale military drills in the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

(yeah Russia put 300,000 troops on the ground and China sent 900 tanks to suport Russia in the excersise)

RE: How old were you when you got your first pay check for working a full-time job?

I should have mentioned was probably 12 years old when i had a paper run, after school delivered door to door news papers six days a week, then delivered telegrams before leaving school still aged 14 and milked cows full time, still 17 i was recruited by famous All Black Footballer (Tiny Hill) but didn't enter the army until I was 18 years old for service in South Vietnam, but recruited aged 17.

RE: How old were you when you got your first pay check for working a full-time job?

i was fourteen earning 30/- (shillings) per week milking cows

RE: Does Life Have Any True Meaning? Enlighten Us All....

that was of course my interpretation of Buddhist studies i made. On my facebook this just appeared so thought to share in case serious persons are following this thread

You have to check up. It’s your responsibility to know whether something is right or wrong. You can’t just say, “This is true because Buddha said, because God said.” Lord Buddha himself made that very clear.

He explained, “I teach the same thing differently because people’s minds are different. Since one explanation doesn’t fit all, I present my teachings in a graded, systematic order.” For example, while the Buddha taught more advanced students that there is no soul, he taught simpler ones that there was one. Why did he give such contradictory teachings? It was in order to prevent beginners from falling into a nihilistic extreme. Later on, when they were ready, he would also teach them that actually, there’s no such thing as a permanent, self-existent soul.

The conclusion is that Lord Buddha taught according to people’s individual psychology. Every teaching should be taken personally.

Lama Yeshe
in The Peaceful Stillness of the Silent Mind

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RE: Does Life Have Any True Meaning? Enlighten Us All....

oh nihilism,an impossibility, clearly some folks think something can become a nothing...very interesting concept...

Does life have any true meaning yes because my understanding enlightenment means going beyond, going beyond a release from the otherwise constant cycle of life after life that is quite clearly driven by causes.

The wheel of life, that we (all beings that have mind and fear death enjoy) we are bound to by the certainty of cause and effect, or if you like the old as you sow so shall you reap, story line and or the seeds sown from both our own and collective activities ripen when the conditions arise, often very simplicity explained an English translation of the meaning of word Karma.

After spending months engaging stilling mind then many months engaging in single pointed analytical meditation, i accepted our name is a mere label, a label in most cases our own mother and father placed upon us.
Single pointed meditation noting our body is in a constant flux of change, the cells are constantly dying and constantly been replaced, our skin drops off new forms, our hair falls out, toenails, finger nails are constantly growing our food when eaten goes through a digestive process and whats left turns into crap.
Our breath goes in and out and eventually at death time, goes out and doesn't come back in, our essence (subtle energy) departs, so without doubt i concluded this "I" (self) that will eventually smell a lot, will rot or is burnt into ash and or, gets eating by other being's whatever floats your bloat we leave our body one way or another, body becomes something other, the label Tom, d*ck or Harry becomes the dearly departed.

Nothing on this planet exists just from its own side, nothing can become a nothing, that's clearly an impossibility, the whole planet, whole universe every aspect of it is in one way or another interdependent.
Yet as i look in mirror I still see self, the merely labeled "I"... dualistic mind

RE: Do you ever feel like you want to be alone?

i'm alone all day every day and that suits me

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

Marboulius picture-took thread the third

RE: Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?

America then at on the fence until 1941, my father, his three brothers, my mothers brothers and her husband (the latter a bomber pilot shoot down and killed0 all went to war in 1939, my father was still fighting in the battle of Casino after many other battles, and I'm saying your being dishonest, full of misguided pride because that all you have known, but I'm telling you there is other side to the crap you posted in this thread, you could at least stop being a smart alex

RE: Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?

World War I erupts in Europe, President Woodrow Wilson formally proclaims the neutrality of the United States, a position that a vast majority of Americans favored, on August 4, 1914.

The United States maintained formal neutrality as made officially in the Quarantine Speech delivered by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937

you could at least try and be honest

RE: Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?

When did Hitler attack America?

RE: Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?

Yes but your missing the point (other than I was born in New Zealand) in 1934 America issued a New World Order (just like Regan did in 1984) in 1934 America issued new world order that all international trade had to be settled in New York in Gold Bullion (first stated US $ rate US$32.00 per Oz)
America fed Hitler everything he needed to put his army together. America even loaned Hitler's Nazi Germany money with the provision that Germany pay the owed WWI reparations payments to Britain which was a flagrant breach of the Treaty of Versailles.
America shipped goods to Germany through Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and Spain. By doing so America returned its economy back into the black by the end of 1936. America declared itself Neutral and sat about denying our Alli in World War I, Japan, access to the Dutch East Indies oil and eventually Japan got sick of the American crap and bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
America sat on the fence in a war America made by feeding the predominantly catholic Germany, Bavaria, Austria and Italy everything they needed to put troops on the ground. A war that at least 64 million people died in, including over 20 million Russians died in it (and don't think that escapes Putin, I can assure you he has mentioned that) and the end WW2 America insisted all international trade be settled in New York which Regan's New World Order put a stop to with his new world order that the price of goods and services is to be determined by supply and demand.
Its America that needs to look in the mirror galrads, its in your best interest to do so because if you think Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, South Africa and other African counties Bangladesh, Syria, Mongolia, Vietnam and by the sounds of it India are just gunner by American pride your sadly mistaken. Russia, Mongolia and China just put more than 300,00 boots on the ground and they are not about to lick American boots mate. Its time some one in America wised up pal

RE: Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?

america fed hitler everything he needed to put his army together which got your econnimy back in the black by the end of 1936 then the cowardly american nation sat on the fence while our fathers fought the catholic nazi pricks, america also pushed japan into the conflict,.
galrads your post is deeply offensive your talking crap america didn't beat hitler our fathers from 1939 on carried your outragouse republican parties stunt to the very end, your country didn't beat anybody

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

maintaining balance isn't always easy, since my service in Vietnam I've continued to observe the wars. there creators and so on. I try to follow whats going on in my own way. In exploring in forums and news items i get to read a lot of crap, and observe other peoples opinions. On this site there are a few really good people who also follow daily events, and even though some times we clash time heals all because we are following the same energy. Nothing in international affairs is changing much other than the constant new batch of idiots. That people elect or they impose themselves on others and play mind games in the international affairs, silly people like May, Turnbull, Bush, Blair, Ping and so on, come and go all the time. Most of those mentioned have engaged in mass murder directly or indirectly because they suffer from having really highly inflated ego's, they are what is playing that part of the sufferings out.
Without cold we cannot observe heat...

I balance my life by taking photos of wildlife, birds mostly, while peacefully most of the time observing my own mind, that is quickly able to detect troubling energy that i have been following for years, am free and at peace within most of the time.
All births that have mind and fear death are experiencing suffering one way or other, the suffering is bound up in time, that is true reality so please Jenny don't be to hard on yourself...wave

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RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

however for the worriers, online there is of course equally troublesome news items

WW3 WARNING: Russia fury as US F-22 fighter jets intercept bombers over Arctic Ocean
TWO US fighter jets have been scrambled to intercept Russian bombers flying over the Arctic Ocean, Kremlin officials said.
PUBLISHED: 07:37, Fri, Sep 7, 2018 | UPDATED: 08:49, Fri, Sep 7, 2018

Russia's defence ministry said its strategic bombers were being “escorted” by the US Air Force F-22s.

A spokesman insisted the TU-95MS bombers - nicknamed "bear bombers by NATO - were carrying out planned flights over the neutral waters of the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk to Russia's north-east - close to the US state of Alaska - when they were shadowed by the American warplanes.

Earlier this week the Japan Air Force (JASDF) scrambled fighter jets to intercept two long-range Tupolev Tu-142MZ maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft and a supersonic Sukhoi Su-24 flying off the islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.

The Russians referred to that mission as a “routine flight” and in “strict accordance with international rules of using airspace, without any violations of the borders of other countries.”

World War 3 fears: Russia prepares missiles on NATO’S DOORSTEP as Turkey IGNORES warnings
TURKEY is building a launch site for a highly advanced Russian missile system on Europe’s doorstep despite repeated warnings from the United States.

P.S. India is also acquiring s400 missiles and America is unhappy about that to.

don't worry-be happylaugh

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

I still think Trump has well meaning intentions, whether he keeps his head in US politics remains to be seen. He has managed to get rid of a few lunatics...
At this time Putin, China and Mongolia are conducting military exercises in eastern Russia somewhere. In short Putin has 30,000 boots on the ground, backed by 900 Chinese tanks and other gear, as well as whatever Mongolia deployed... So don't worry Trump wont fire today (don't think so) but also today i read America is hoping the Greeks have short memories as America hopes to deploy forces in Greece to pressure the mad Turk...also I noted a mention that America is considering invading Venezuela, they are not happy with politics their e.g. communists maintaining control of the oil in that region.
So don't worry Jenny wave

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

Did Assad use chemical weapons my answer would have to be NO, was chlorine used in the conflict my answer would be maybe, i dunno, were infants slapped, doused in water and otherwise grossly mistreated by American funded terrorists trying to topple Assads elected government my answer is YES....

Could WW3 break out in next day or two YES
Is that likely YES

A new report gets dirty on the details of Israeli funding and weapons shipments to 12 anti-government extremist groups in Syria. Buried in the end of the piece is the revelation that Israel helped evacuate so-called “rebel commanders” as they also flew out members of the self-proclaimed “impartial” White Helmets organization.

In addition to providing weapons of war, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israel was providing extremists with massive amounts of supplies: 3,359,845 pounds of food (1,524 metric tons), 551,156 pounds of clothes (250 metric tons), 250,308 gallons of fuel (947,520 liters), 21 electrical generators and 24,900 palettes of medical equipment.

This is not the first time that the United States, Great Britain and France have cooked up a scheme for a chemical weapons incident. It happened earlier in the Damascus suburb of Douma, when these countries decided not to wait for the results of an international investigation and conducted a trilateral strike on Syria."

"However, the Syrian people manned up to and scoffed off that aggression," he added, referring to the joint U.S.-French-U.K. airstrikes against Syria in April. "They celebrated as they watched Syrian rockets down missiles launched by the aggressors."

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

I don't think so. There was an investigation carried out that cleared Assad, however there are strong allegations quite early in the conflict that he did use some chemicals, but that's strongly denied by Assad and by Russia.
Having said that the then American controlled United Nations inquiry found Assad had.

Vladimir Putin has doubled down on his support for the Syrian government despite the release of postmortem results by Turkey that confirmed chemical weapons were used in an attack that killed at least 72 people in north Syria.

UN proves Assad regime dropped chemical bombs on civilians
The report identified two incidents in which the Assad regime unleashed the gas in Idlib province on April 21, 2014 and March 16, 2015.

At least three children died and hundreds were admitted to hospital with breathing problems and burns after the attacks.
While chlorine is not banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention, its use as a weapon against civilians is.

(now we know for certain al-Qaeda's former affiliate in Syria, Nusra Front were in deed active)
April 14, 2017
Assad claims Syria chemical attack was 'fabrication', in face of evidence

at the presidential palace in Damascus, Assad claimed the reported details of what happened were not credible because their source was al-Qaeda's former affiliate in Syria, Nusra Front.
The entire incident was "fabricated" and "unconvincing," he claimed.

Moscow to press OPCW & UN to send experts to probe Idlib chemical incident in Syria – Lavrov
Russia will call on both the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the UN to investigate, Lavrov said after meeting with his Qatari counterpart in Moscow. (they did investigate and cleared Assad)

Corbyn refuses to blame Assad for chemical attack in Syria and demands all sides work together on a ceasefire
Jeremy Corbyn condemned the attack on civilians in Douma on Saturday
But invited to do so he refused to assign blame to Syrian President Assad
Dozens of civilians were killed in the suspected chemical weapons attack

The OPCW has collected in one place all of the relevant content related to Syria to include in this section.

What we do now know is the attacks were very likely fabricated
Syria war: Chlorine possible at Douma 'attack' site - OPCW

(A baby image) Patients, including children, were hosed down with water to remove chemicals on their skin

The interim report by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said "various chlorinated organic chemicals" had been found (in samples taken from two locations), but there was no evidence of nerve agents.

Medics say dozens of civilians were killed in the alleged attack by government forces on the rebel-held town in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus.

The Syrian government denies carrying out any chemical weapons attacks.
Following the Douma incident, US, British and French warplanes launched strikes against government facilities they said were involved in chemical weapons development and storage.

The OPCW sent a Fact-Finding Mission team to Douma about a week later, but inspectors did not visit any sites of interest until 21 April. Correction 23 July 2018: An earlier version of this article inaccurately summarised the findings of the OPCW's report. It has since been amended to clarify that their report suggests that chlorine may have been

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RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

try these

UK agrees to take Syrian asylum seekers and White Helmet workers following Israel rescue
HUNDREDS of Syrians, including White Helmet rescue workers, have been evacuated from the Golan Heights and the UK, Germany and Canada have agreed to take them in, it has been confirmed.
Britain, Germany and Canada have agreed to take the White Helemts – who dig people out from rubble after airstrikes – within three months.

July 23rd
Israel evacuates Syrian White Helmet rescue workers from border area

The evacuees, who were hemmed in from one side by advancing hostile Syrian troops and from another by militants affiliated with the Islamic State group, were transported to Jordan, from where they are expected to be resettled in Europe and Canada in the coming weeks.

Big surprise: Israel evacuates al-Qaeda's White Helmets from Syria to Jordan - to send to Canada, UK, Germany

Earlier, Al-Kayed said that Jordan had granted the request on purely humanitarian grounds after Britain, Canada and Germany each reportedly pledged to take in a share of the White Helmets fleeing what they describe as potential persecution by Damascus.

this to

Emmanuel Nahshon, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, had confirmed on Twitter that “Israel has completed a humanitarian effort to rescue members of a Syrian civil organization (“the White Helmets”) and families.” He chose not to disclose further details, adding only that the evacuees have been brought “to a neighboring country.”


Reportedly, UK Prime Minister Theresa May personally interceded on the White Helmets' behalf during Trump's visit to the UK, a day after the summit.

On Friday, CBS News reported that the operation was to be launched "very quickly" and proceed in accordance with a joint plan, thrashed out by the US, the UK and Canada.

OTTAWA—Canada has offered to accept dozens of White Helmets and their families from Syria following a dramatic rescue over the weekend that was orchestrated by the Israeli military and personally encouraged by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

on second thought but only because your probably unable to access international news in china, here is a few of links in addition to the one posted already on this page
I reality to best of my knowledge Israel only extracted 126 White Helmet scum the rest got left behind. So some of what is reported is utter crap

White Helmets "Rescued" By Israel Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation
un, 07/22/2018 - 11:45

Overnight Saturday Israel evacuated 800 White Helmets members and their families from southern Syria in an operation that took them briefly into Israeli territory and then on to Jordan, where they are expected to be resettled in Britain, Canada, and Germany, according to officials in Amman.

UK agrees to take in some White Helmets evacuated from Syria by Israel

Jordan says it has struck deal for rescuers and families to be resettled in UK, Canada and Germany

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

Get off you butt and locate links for your self, one has already been posted in here, your talking crap, go look for yourself

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

your quite right
The Western chemical-weapons alarm was a transparent ruse. The same dramatic formula was deployed earlier this year in April when an alleged toxic incident in Douma near Damascus was attributed in Western media to the Syrian Army, resulting in a barrage of over 100 missile attacks by the US, Britain, and France on Syria. It turned out, however, that the incident was a propaganda stunt orchestrated by the Western-backed White Helmets, which have time and again liaised with terrorist groups for information warfare.

I'm surprise Theresa May is continuing to lie, included in today's attempt to white wash her past lies about poisoning in this mornings news here she again is also blaming Putin for MH17 when clearly it was the West Ukraine government who were 100% responsible for its downing.
The West Ukraine government while the plane was still in Polish airspace West Ukraine gov directed MH17 to lower its ceiling and fly outside the internationally recognized safe air corridor, it was ordered instead to fly hundreds km inside the war zone straight to Russian backed eastern resistance missile system that had been shooting down west Ukraine government military aircraft. By W K own admission the missile system had been parked alongside a roundabout (they (the west Ukraine gov) had produced image of that system) they had known for at least three days, the system was parked there.
West Ukraine Government directed MH17 to fly straight to that missile system, a transcript of the pilots concerns between =pilot and Malaysian officials was posted online and in these forums maps and other information was posted within minutes and hours of the event.
That then Australian Prime Minister Abbott as well as UK PM, still maintain their lie's about those events is disgusting, even a government minister here has been abusing relatives of children killed (38 Australians killed on MH17) a government minister has been abusing parents of deceased children killed on that flight just three weeks ago.

RE: Mr.Trump Ends Covert CIA Program That Funded Syrian Rebels

and if i may a P.S.
Israel recently extracted 120 odd Al Qaeda white hermit who had been slapping, pouring water over chemically effected kids on our tv's not Assad or the Russians no no the Al Qaeda white hermits most of whom have been given refugee status in CANADA, perhaps that's why Trump had a spat with your countries head gigolo laugh wave

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