RE: What is England's next dominant language?

No disrespect intended but I'm wondering if you have had a mental health check of late.
You continually pump out thread topics that appear meaningless and are rarely participated in.
My understanding is that you are retired which is when depression and a search for meaningful daily activities can kick in.
I'm on your side; I'm 66 now, still working and not planning to retire until I find something rewarding to participate in.

RE: Scrabble

Pissed beer

RE: Scrabble

Fleets wave

RE: Scrabble


RE: Anyone know what happened to …..

I met Pete at a Melbourne CS meet up a few years ago, a lovely man, and very respectful conversing

I hope he is ok, I see he was last online in October last year.

RE: Can you live without a mobile phone?

thumbs up


This is not a glitch, it's a fake profile.

RE: Scrabble


Say Anything

You're welcome to one of ours.

It's been raining here for months and we're sick to death of it.

A sunny day here and there then the rain starts again.

It's so saturated everywhere that it only takes a shower to be trudging through mud again, some towns have been flooded and cut off three times this year.

RE: Gossip

I guess you won't be going on Merc's thread again any time soon then laugh

No need to make a thread about it, it's a bit cringe worthy sad flower

RE: Scrabble

Salami wave

RE: Scrabble


Say Anything

When you're listening to bit of Elvis and remember he died at 42 blues
And have a 42 year old son struggling with a disability and constantly remind him that he has his whole life ahead of him sigh
When I was young I thought 42 was old, perspective much? uh oh

RE: Scrabble


Say Anything

Oh dear blues

Hope you are OK and all the animals in Texas too blues

Try to keep cool, out of the sun and plenty of fluids sad flower

Best wishes from Australia hug

RE: Scrabble

Dangle wave grin

RE: Scrabble


RE: Scrabble


RE: Sanctions by the west .

Funny thing is, I was thinking you and Dedovix are twins laugh

You're both equally obnoxious and deluded laugh

RE: Scrabble



My thoughts are that Galrads continues to promote separatism in terms of the United States and the rest of the world.

He displays no knowledge of the world outside of his country, as do many Americans, yet disparages those who don't live within his country's borders.

I think many people around the world have what I would call USA fatigue.

We're tired of hearing about Trump and US politics in general.
We're tired of hearing about their right to bear arms and the devastating consequences.
We're tired of hearing about their non-existent healthcare and the impact it has on their population, particularly those most vulnerable.
We're tired of the flag-waving rednecks who want to deny people of their human rights.
We're tired of their chest beating in general, thinking they are the most powerful nation in the world.

Wake up America.

RE: Poor scammers


RE: Scrabble

Thanks blushing laugh


RE: Scrabble


RE: Scrabble


RE: Everyone ready to celebrate Independence Day: July 4, 2022?

This is going well laugh

RE: Scrabble


RE: Does anyone remember the time when CS was a dating site ?


Why anyone would think hanging around on the forums would lead to dating opportunities I have no idea.

It's a small part of this site, and if people are looking for dating they need to be proactive and use the search facility to find a potential match.

RE: Scrabble


RE: Scrabble


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