RE: In Four Words

What are you on confused

Random Thoughts

YOUR opinion confused

Quote sources .. WebMD in this case

Say Anything

I have their Greatest Hits Berry, their ballads are divine ...

My faves are Into Temptation and Not The Girl You Think You Are purple heart

Random Thoughts

#227 laugh cheers

Sons and daughters

As women, do we expect more of our daughters anyway? conversing

Sons and daughters

I like how you said a Mum is a son's first love, so insightful laugh

Sons and daughters

So well said Ms hug

They are equally caring, I'm a lucky Mum purple heart

Sons and daughters

Actually this was a brilliant reply, thank you Merc hug

Sons and daughters

Yes she's all of that hug

Sons and daughters

I know hug

She's so like me but so different too conversing

She's kind and gentle but way more assertive and tough at times, which I find a bit disconcerting conversing

Sons and daughters

Don't get me wrong, my daughter has always been respectful and never caused me an ounce of trouble even when she was young conversing

I'm just chewing the cud here laugh

Sons and daughters

I'm glad I have a daughter too purple heart

But I find males are less complicated, they let you know what they're thinking conversing

Sons and daughters

I find it easier to understand my son, women are so complex doh laugh

RE: Have We Become Like One Big Disfunctional Family, On C/S

I think you're overthinking this laugh

Many people, like myself, get on here for a bit of entertainment then we log off and forget about it.

This is my Beatles Page

Maybe you might aspire to have 1% of his talent, fingers crossed.

RE: Brexit now..........Can we vote on a united Ireland...?

I think you should be a separate entity, you have a unique culture that shouldn't be interfered with wine

RE: When a woman says she don’t do drama in her dating profile

Well I would suggest you never entertain a woman who says she 'don't do drama' when the correct grammar is she 'doesn't do drama'

You're welcome handshake

RE: Truth

Hmm ok, I remain unconvinced...

RE: ABORTION...Yes or No, and WHY?

Sorry, this was meant for the OP whose emojis didn't appear on my quote wine

RE: ABORTION...Yes or No, and WHY?

You never had anything to offer on this incredibly sensitive issue when you posted it months ago, other than stupid emojis

Find a topic that you have some interest in, rather than one that you think is controversial.

RE: Advertising...

Sadly no, they can't conversing

I've posted a couple of threads re these issues with no response from Admin

I don't think Commodore 64s have a reply key laugh

RE: Sleep in the wet spot

Curled up on a mat? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Have some animal facts.

It was the final sentence that did it for me conversing

RE: Have some animal facts.

Thanks for sharing

Just know it's your duty of care to inform Lookin re your above discovery handshake

Say Anything

Oh laugh I never notice that, how pathetic laugh

RE: Omnivores

Haven't eaten meat for 20 years or so conversing

Full vego these days thumbs up

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