He sure knows how to mix it up, that Lookin.conversing


Exred's walking group might get a bit more than they bargained for, we all know Lookin's a bit partial to some senior action laugh

Eat It

Chocolate-coated licorice smitten

RE: everyone

Takes one to know one handshake

RE: Is CS a haven for Un-American activities?

*immediately regrets contributing to the income of the shill

Spend the 50c wisely comfort laugh

RE: Is CS a haven for Un-American activities?

"2. The other ones from around the world that is not effected in the least about what goes on here seem to hate the United States and sees Trump and our internal conflicts as the best way to bring down our Country and may even be active agents of foreign powers that have this as their mission. "

What a load of bloody rubbish

Has it occurred to you and your cohorts that many people on this forum are sick to death of you lot banging on about your bloody politics?? doh

We actually don't give two shits and all the likes of you are doing is boring people to death and giving the impression that Americans spend their lives worrying themselves about bloody Trump roll eyes

RE: Gillette the worst a man could get

Haven't seen the ad here but obviously it was effective as it captured the attention of you lot laugh

Job done thumbs up

I Really Don't Care

Hardly a response to the question Snookums roll eyes

I Really Don't Care

About people who travel to countries other than their own then get themselves into trouble by disrespecting the culture/smuggling drugs/falling off things while taking selfies etc

Embassies get involved in an attempt to get them out of their scrapes, GoFundMe pages put in place to raise $$$ to get their sorry arses back home

What do you think confused

RE: A little mellow tonight

Yeah well we don't know what you are either but can you sing confused

RE: Who's going to with the Super Bowl in 2019?

Because this is an American site so naturally it's assumed that the Rest of the World is interested roll eyes

Might explain why this site is infested with American politics too grin

And apparently 'with' is the Yank spelling of 'win' ... can they leave nothing alone laugh

Say Anything

Hard to believe that after all the years of procrastination by remaining Queen members over the lead role for the Freddie biopic they settle on some twerp with a dental prothesis

Shame shame shame thumbs down

RIP Freddie, it never should have happened mumbling

RE: How far is too far for you...?!

You two are adorable laugh

All the best for your future, together purple heart

RE: I'm going to bed now

Lunchtime here so I have plenty of time to chew it over handshake

What Pisses You Off

Women at times, men are so much easier to deal with for the most part mumbling

RE: How many dating sites are you on?

Tough day today sigh

Tired of people at the moment, then you get on here for some light relief and come across these idiots who have nothing better to do than sit behind a computer and cause trouble roll eyes

RE: How many dating sites are you on?

How about you pull your head in

I'm getting a bit tired of phantoms like yourself who sit behind a keyboard and create profiles over and over again (I notice you don't even bother changing your pic) then have the gall to attack people on here

I've met Lookin, he's a real human being as I am ..

Yep, some people actually get out there and meet, try it sometime thumbs down

RE: In honour of Lookin4missright

Kidwell = CosmosDazzler = PomPom et al

Oh wait, that can't be right can it confused

Surely no one would continually appear on a site with multiple profiles and stir up trouble would they .... ? laugh

What are you Not wearing right now

Me either, way too humid for wellies and bras conversing

RE: In Four Words

Suck it up princess laugh

What are you Not wearing right now

Same, it's humid laugh

What are you Not wearing right now

This thread is posted under Jokes and Humour, obviously lost in translation handshake

What are you Not wearing right now

Me either, just a tshirt blushing

What are you Not wearing right now

*Track's not wearing a warm body right now conversing

RE: Types of women to avoid

Avoid all women and your life will be a match made in heaven cool

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