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Kanye West going for President of the USA

No, but then did anyone think Trump stood a chance either confused

RE: Block Me

I care about you Pom hug

You've been on here for a long time and somehow your reappearences under new usernames are comforting lol.

Just like that Bnaughty mumbling laugh

RE: Looking for ‘the Majority

I suspect this thread loses humour when translated from your native language to English conversing

Not sure how many people on here would have any idea what you're talking about confused

Say Anything

And I thought our climate was extreme. ..

"Average Weather in Pardeeville Wisconsin, United States. In Pardeeville, the summers are warm and wet; the winters are freezing, dry, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 12°F to 82°F and is rarely below -8°F or above 90°F."

uh oh

Kanye West going for President of the USA

He's a billionaire rapper with a wife who's done nothing but they've built an empire between them.

Money talks and that's what got you your current Pres, let's face it.

Kanye West going for President of the USA

Like I said, entrepreneurial and most likely capitalizing on BLM ....


RE: What Did You Have For Dinner?


Tonight I'm having a slice of lentil casserole with salad wine

Kanye West going for President of the USA

I think it's hilarious and at some point he'll probably win.

Kanye West going for President of the USA

As in you, Kanye or the state of your country confused

Argue all you like about politics, it's about entrepreneurs these days, catch up comfort

Kanye West going for President of the USA

Some people don't need links, unlike yourself comfort

RE: Daily Chuckle ...

I remember when this thread was entertaining. ....sleep

RE: What Did You Have For Dinner?

I have a killer pumpkin soup recipe thumbs up

RE: What Did You Have For Dinner?

It's great to see single people eating so well thumbs up

Last night I had a slice of homemade frittata and tonight will be a zucchini veggie burger with all the trimmings purple heart

RE: Swedish Death Cleaning

Losing a loved one is distressing enough without having to sort through piles of stuff for weeks or months afterwards then having to make decisions about what to do with it conversing

RE: Swedish Death Cleaning

Yes I'm aware of this and completely agree wave

I've never been clutterbug, I detest it, but at the same time I know if I snuff it tomorrow all my gear is organised and my kids know where all my important documents are kept

RE: What Did You Have For Dinner?

Well it's good to see you again anyway lips

RE: What Did You Have For Dinner?

Sounds light and delicious laugh


"Ashlander's brother kyacheo, "...... laugh

RE: If a person had a annoying voice...would you still date them?

Don't know about voices but I cannot abide a Kiwi accent doh

Was just viewing a TV program produced in New Zealand and had to turn it off..

Why can't they say 'this' like normal people rather than 'thus' or 'thes' let alone the rest of their abomination of the English language roll eyes

RE: Dame Vera Lynn

Oh bless, I didn't realise she was still alive, RIP Vera sad flower

It's my birthday today and part of my present from my son was a Yorkie bar, he's always been captivated by my British heritage

Seems appropriate that I'm enjoying it right now thumbs up

RE: Bearwoman passed away lastnight

Might be time to find a more appropriate means of addressing your grief handshake

RE: Why do some threads require login before before you can view them and others don’t ?

I'm not sure it's about 'lurking' laugh

There's no obligation to login to this site to view content, it's open to anyone whether they're a member or not conversing

I check it out and occasionally find something I feel like participating in so I login dunno

Say Anything

This is definitely political correctness gone too far mumbling

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