RE: About to give up

Adjust your settings so you only get mail from people in your country

Otherwise it's open season for scammers 24/7.

RE: Do you get quality views?

I've never taken much notice of views tbh, but now you mention it, they're rare since I stopped putting profile pics up wine

People looking at my photos online means nothing to me.

RE: Weird phone call

I don't answer any calls where I don't recognise the number.

RE: He blocked me on all the social media because of an argument..

thumbs up

RE: Weird crush


Good to see you sweetpea hug

RE: Borrow Borrow

Yes the song has a McCartney 'Blackbird' kind of thing going on and he definitely borrows from Lennon with his vocals, I'm hearing Across the Universe in there somewhere conversing

It's quite a pleasant Borrow wine

RE: Weird crush

I have the Brokeback Mountain movie poster, be jealous now laugh

Say Anything

No I just think you're open to life's opportunities and that's a good thing wink hug

Easter Holds no Significance

Yes of course you're right Red wave

I wasn't meaning to be an Easter Grinch lol, just having a ponder conversing

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break hug

RE: All gender restrooms

I agree with your above post Ms. Frisky handshake wave

RE: Frist post wins

Thanks for not elaborating laugh

RE: What Is Your Country Famous For?

Pete hug

I had Vegemite on toast for brekky this morning laugh

Easter Holds no Significance

Pardon moi? ??

Is this a display of the arrogance that the French are renouned for?

I'm disappointed.

Easter Holds no Significance

laugh Lookin

Easter Holds no Significance

That's ok, I rarely comprehend your posts either, c'est la vie laugh

Easter Holds no Significance

Actually don't bother replying to this, I'd already picked you as a feral Westie laugh

You don't have the ability to contribute to intelligent conversation so you resort to gutter language.

Do me a favour and go back to your self-admiration thread byee wave

Easter Holds no Significance

I hold down a full-time job, yourself confused

Easter Holds no Significance

I work my arse off all week, just don't get why religious festivals are universally accepted as an entitlement.

Easter Holds no Significance

Thanks for your response Rejuvenation but I did say to 'most people'

I fail to see how drunken idiots roaming up and down suburban streets has anything to do with a religious event which is the point of my thread.

RE: Weird crush

No I'll be normal and say Emmanuel Macron blushing laugh

Easter Holds no Significance

Use the quote button cool

Say Anything

Maybe it's that thing about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome confused

Easter Holds no Significance

I just think it's a bit of a joke Jenny confused

Most people I know hold no religious beliefs so I believe it's not up to governments to hold them on on their behalves ( not sure if that's a word lol)

Easter Holds no Significance

... to many so why do we have a long weekend to 'celebrate' it confused

Today is Easter Saturday and all I've heard all afternoon is chainsaws from next door and now that the sun has gone down, young drunk blokes hooning up and down the street...

Get Well Soon Mick X

dance laugh

Get Well Soon Mick X


RE: What song changed your life..?

This song accompanied a change in my life

My son was admitted to a mental health facility for the first time at the age of 23, and it was a long exhausting day for us both sigh

I remember us sitting together, he fell asleep with his head on my shoulder and I cried as I was bewildered and didn't understand what was going on, this song played and it will forever be etched in my memory

It played randomly today on Youtube and I realised what a long way we have come since then, he with his mental health recovery journey, and me with gained knowledge, insight and understanding daydream

He will turn 40 later this year and I'm so very proud of him kiss

RE: Why tomorrow is Good Friday, the cross is empty for He has risen from the dead

When I was a child we ate fish every Friday conversing

And obviously many do on Good Friday according to the supermarkets whose advertising focuses on this conversing

My son had meat pies for dinner tonight which didn't sit well with me but I suppose that as I didn't pass on my indoctrination to my children through their growing years (I left it to them to choose their faith, or not, as they matured) I have to turn a blind eye to that sigh

Get Well Soon Mick X

Keef and Ron Woods off their tits, I just love this vid laugh

Get Well Soon Mick X

Mick has been having some heart troubles lately, hope he recovers very soon

:Post your fave Stones tracks here heart1

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