This is my Beatles Page

How adorable were they daydream

I kind of wish I was a bit older back then but I'm probably appreciating their music and talent moreso now grin

I would've been one of those screaming fainting girls and missed it all laugh

This is my Beatles Page

Loved that one Rachie dance

This is my Beatles Page

George's tribute to John ....

This is my Beatles Page

George was my fave purple heart

RE: Is love possible on the Internet.

Well the OP is talking about LDRs here, so I guess if one has bucketloads of money and unlimited time to throw at it, maybe conversing

RE: Is love possible on the Internet.

I agree that feelings can develop online, but 'falling in love' before meeting..... confused

This is my Beatles Page

Loving this footage, girls passing out all over the place and a very young Brian Epstein nodding away offstage, knowing he's struck gold laugh

RE: Is love possible on the Internet.

For all those crazy internet lovers out there dancing laugh

RE: Is love possible on the Internet.

For me a relationship can't begin until I can touch, smell and taste someone.

Hope that answers your question wine

Say Anything


And imagine if those who aren't American put their political claptrap on here

Oh wait, *forgot there are no countries outside America*

roll eyes

Eat It

Gonna make a carrot cake this afternoon conversing

RE: Exercising / Workout

I've been using my exercise bike while watching the Tour de France laugh

Say Anything

Oh right, as you were laugh

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~


This isn't creepy at all rolling on the floor laughing

Say Anything

Funny how someone who puts their boobs up for the world to see decides to get snippy laugh

Socialising with Workmates

Hmm yeah I think most attend simply because they enjoy it and good for them thumbs up

But I like to have lines drawn when it comes to people I work with, especially when it comes to senior management conversing

I think it might avoid some tricky situations in the workplace later on somehow confused

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