RE: In Four Words

I don't believe you.

RE: Do you dye your hair, or have you dyed your hair before?

Mine has gone very white ~ so of course i put some colour in now and again, to give it back a blonde colour. I feel much better . I don't think they're is anything with being a white/grey naturally and many people say they like it, but I prefer some colour, I am always honest about things like that. why lie? I don't use botox or anything false like eyelashes, extensions, cosmetic surgery but if others want to, that's ok.

It is when they lie about it , it drive me mad. I think silver hair on men is very sexy. I hate dyed hair on men, unless it is cleverly done, it looks stupid.

RE: Roseanne

I think it is an insult to the many intelligent working class people living in the U.S. just as Mrs. Browns Boys here in Dublin [and extremely popular in the UK] is not representative of many many working class families in the real world in Dublin.
I don't think the fact that Roseanne Barr is pro trump , uneducated in the series, banal conversation makes for good viewing, even by American standards, although John Goodman is a great actor.
Sadly he should be using his thespian abilities in better programmes /Movies ditto Roseanne.

RE: Talk therapy

Harbal ~ That is one of my favourite songs from the great musical.shimmy flirty flirty rollers

RE: Talk therapy

Pedro ~ Talk Therapy prevent suicides, helps people get through rough patches, discuss abuse, but it has to be a properly qualified Therapist. It is now being used as a first line of treatment rather than giving the person antidepressants and mood stabilisers, although I accept fully these have theirr place with
many, and help those with serious clinical Depressions, Bipolar etc., live decent lives.

RE: Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Well said Bear.

RE: The Biggest Mistake you can make is...

Changing who you really are in order to be liked. wine

RE: Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It will take the heat off Brexit and the Health Crisis in UK. I hold no hatred toward the lovers but Monarchy ~ Windsors one of the richest families in the world. UK has a rich history of pillaging other countries. Living off others taxes, sorry, the country does not need a Monarchy to bow to.

RE: Israeli snipers kill 16 Palestinian protesters and injure hundreds.

Shalom /Masalama Middle East ~ No peace in sight. crying


Fakebook /Farcebook yes, most people use it to show off their 'Kardashian style' lives, perfect pics, , pictures of their Holidays sleep ~ Always looking dapper /Beautiful and 100 likes and 'looking beautiful as ever ' comments ~ don't start me about the photos of food they had to eat in restaurants.frustrated

RE: A Personal Experiment

I had the same T.V. for 10years. I bought a large 44' a few months ago. Expensive ~ eyes burnt out of my head since I bought it and don't watch that much. Especially the adverts. Going to give it away.


I use Fakebook as a Blog, to keep in touch with many friends abroad. Hardly any personal photos. No 'look at me' photos, no information really except that I love and work with abandoned animals.
Not much to gather there. cats meow dancing dog

RE: If you could be an expert on anything..

Learning to write 'Chick lit' paperbacks, or ebooks, millions of dollars/euros to be made from writing this thrash. writing

RE: Winnie Mandela is dead

Saw that on T.V. Tough cookie.

RE: What do people remember the most about you after they first meet you?

Humility in short supply with the men here tonight ~ laugh uh oh Night, off to my single bed.

RE: What do people remember the most about you after they first meet you?

That I am younger looking than I look in my photos ~ unlike the men who are usually unrecognizable due to their photos being 15 years old.applause

RE: After showering and not using towels to dry yourself

Pedro ~ Hot Air machines are full of maggots [taken out of many hospitals] not hygenic.
Try kitchen towels instead, you will save on washing machine bills too.idea

RE: Light will sooner or later expose Darkness

Callie This Nuns were 'christian' the way they treated those who were often just too poor, and whose families couldnot care for them, lost their name and got a number .... [reminder of holocaust], the state was involved, the Nuns mad huge money, as these pregnant young girls [often pregnant from Abuse within the family] were made to work 24/7 in the awful laundries with subsequent T.B. the incessant saying of the Rosary and being hit by the 'Holy Christian Roman Catholic nuns.' The priests were involved here.... [ too long for a blog]. The laundries made a huge profit from their laundries . The girls were severely malnourised.

There were Vaccines tried out on the babies and young toddlers. Anything is good enough for the 'offspring of sinners'. These Nuns so far, in the latest expose [in your blog today ] have NEVER apologised and hired one of the best P.R. women in Ireland, Terry Prone [herself a mother] .

They will never be brought to book. The Maggies [Magdeline laundry girls ] write of being starving, white bread and gruel, and getting the smell of Meat and vegetables and all manner of wonderful food eaten by the nuns.

The gardens were full of Fresh Vegetables... there was a deliberate attitude towards these women of 'low virtue' often their little babies were sold to rich Americans, unbeknown the Mothers.

Laid one onn top of the other, without even a blessing or a grave, or in many cases , a death certificate, and having been deemed 'Imbeciles ' by non doctors, it is a great shame, 'leave it in the past'is not good enough, this needst to be exposed.

This is Christianity at it's worst. Not biblical. Women full of hate who worshipped with their mouths [constantly praying the Rosary out loud ] but who knew little of the living Jesus or even basic humanity.

The children of those Mothers, are still alive, many wounded beyond endurance. They will never be the same.
The Catholic church has done everthing to divert the course of justice, the name of the church being more important. It is beyond sad.sad flower God bless all those babies, the undernourished, the mothers in labour with not a hand to hold.... the young toddlers , emaciated. R.I.P.


Sr Callie So much ignorance here. Having been in Synagogues, like other old religious coptic churches and buildings, they are so full of history, and beautiful.

The weird thing is,is it total ignorance, or don't these people know that Jesus was a Jew ? that Jesus went to synagogue to study Torah,and that his mother and father attended Synagogue too, where he taught.

Is it mindless thuggery and rascism, or is it more of a cleverely regulated lashback ? Most people know American Whites donot 'own' or have any special affinity with U.S. whereas the Native indians and other peoples have.


RE: Finally, Deportation of migrants

After the War, Ireland took in many many Jewish refugees, It was before I was born, but Ireland was a particularly poor Country, Still, we took them in. There were no computers, everything was written, no mobiles..just phone calls, Boats. [they didnot come on planes]. Genuine refugess that we couldnot afford.

They were adopted by many families throughout Ireland, and came to live in various parts of Dublin and Cork in particular, They learnt to speak our language and lived close to their Synagogues . There was NO trouble.

They had been through hell, absolutel hell. Malnourished children, women who would never be the same again after what they saw, and indeed men/women who had been used as guinea pigs for Mengles and other horrific medical experimentations.

The point I am making is, The Jewish people were grateful. They quickly started out,many lived on South circular Road beside the Synagogue, they pushed carts and sold buttons, matches. these were people who had been welle educated, many were musicians, accomplished and held professions. But they worked their way up, and today , they have fully integrated with our Society.

The attitude is completely different. Some have become moderate Jews, or progressive and married 'out' ,, some are still Orthodox and we love all their lovely Kosher bakeries and they are famous for their jewellry shops and nowadays most of their children are professors of medicine. They had a completely different attitude, a quiet dignity, a respect for our country being Christian which is so much against their own teachings... they didnot try and convert others to their faith, nor did they push and shove for Kosher food to be mandatory in schools.

that is the difference between genuine refugees, and what is happening now.

Sorry this is so long. BUt, Iknow alot of jewish people, have met elderly people who were through the camps,and it is wonderful to see how Ireland helped them, how they blossomed in a Christian country.
It can be done, but not when there is an Agenda.sad flower

RE: Do u recon urself lucky ?

Snooks I can start to list problems, Health, financial, what ifs ? if onlys ? regrets.

In short , compared to the majority of the Worlds inhabitants, I have water and had food for my lunch, I will have Dinner this evening... this makes me the minority of people in this huge enormous wealthy world who have those basic things. So, I am lucky and grateful. flirty

RE: What would you rather??

Well, we have a romantised view of love, and probably think money will just take away all it problems.
So, I think it's far better to be alone in life with money, than penniless. Money doesnot boy happiness, but neither does poverty. [I have experienced that ] I'm going with the Money, to buy a place in the Sun, and live life realistically without worrying about Bills and Health insurance etc.,cool

RE: Finally, Deportation of migrants

Lindsay and others on this Blog ~ I actually liked Angela Merkel, unlike many of her comtemporaries in Govt. she lived a v modest lifestyle but what we all know is, Germany now has an ageing population, still, Lindsay, you are right to ask, why oh why did she let all these people in, I am not running any country and I knew it would be trouble... mostly men, I knew that there wouldnot be integration, or a great deal of thanks for bringing them in.

I feel that we cannot throw thousands out of here, they are settled now, going to school, but in a few years with the large families and lack of birth control they will be in the majority. This if frightening, I don't want to sound like a National front yobbo. As I said before, I have moderate, Muslim friends who work, who are decent, but these gangs who scale walls with electrcic fences and throw back food because it isnot Halal, demanding this and that, have no gratitude and pose a genuine danger to our society. sad flower I wish I could leave Europe. I no longer feel safe.

RE: Finally, Deportation of migrants

Hello Lindsay I think Angela Merkels [not really thought out plan] was, that since Germany is so low on youth and children, she would help the situation , as in allow refugees in.....

The situation quickly escalated out of control as did rioting and other antisocial activities.

I do believe like the previous blogger wrote ~ that there are many moderate intelligent Muslims who integrate and are lovely people and not all are alike.

However, Mohammed did say in his writings, that he wanted Mecca to be a place where no trees were allowed to grow.... they spoilt the air, the atmostphere. He also said Dogs were extremely infectious and dirty animals.

From somebody whose words came from God [being a great Prophet,] anyone on the street knows, without Trees we don't have OXygen, and they are badly needed, imagine a world without trees? and the Dog theory is not true either.

But small countries like mine, especially my City and the county area in which I live, near to the capital in Ireland, has become so overrun, swamped, that it is possible to sit on the light rail, and to be the only Irish person on the small carriage... this is not healthy, and you cannot blame me for feeling my Country has been ruined when most are on welfare, and I have to wait 3 years for an operation having paid taxes all my life. hug

RE: Should Ireland follow the UK and leave the EU.

I voted a big Yes for that . I hate to see Irelands Fishing go to hell, as well as not being allowed cut our own turf. Won't go on. Seeing Enda Kenny [albeit not for long] bow and scrape to the crouts. I believe we have a great Agricultural country here if we concentrate on Grass Beef and good quality, not factory, farming, indigenous products and we will always have connections with U.S with their companies coming in, not to mention our great record in the Equine world, some of the best horses in the world.

Plus Ireland [despite climate] is now a favourite spot to holiday, no fear of shootings or IS attacks.

RE: Men want sex

Molly, in an ideal world, men would want to romance you first... and some do. They are rare.
Men are built [as you know] to sew their seed and keep the human race going... so of course they want sex with the woman who attracts them...

Women, hold back, even a few dates, one date, a few weeks, [Playing games? maybe] but they don't give him the cookie too fast or he may go and taste another...

Women are just as s*xual as men, it's just women think with their brain, and want to get to know the man first.
By the way, I love men !! hug

RE: The Brits are building wall!!...

Hello Sister,
Unfortunately, this is not true. We need walls here in Ireland... I am Christian, but political correctness has gone crazy here. You darenot even mention that 10,000 refugees from Syria is more than we can afford... we already have so many.

Unfortunately, we now have a situation where the Muslims are becoming offended by Churches, crucifixes in hospitals and holy statues. Although I maynot believe in Statues, Ireland is a Roman Catholic Country, and I say 'if they dislike it, there is a plane at Dublin airport will take them back to where they came from '... does that sound nasty? I am tired of watching women in Burquas driving with children and not being able to see left or right, an accident waiting to happen !! Also it could be a man.
I know I have gone off the point... it is about walls. I think stiffer regulations regarding refugees would suffice. More monitoring of trucks too coming into the country... sad flower It is sad to see my Country become a place I don't know anymore... just being honest

RE: Gerry Adams refused entry to The White House last night.

c*ck up with the Security guys, I doubt at this stage of the peace process Obama would want to annoy the many many Irish Voters who were and are RA sympathisers or even just Irish. Whatever about his past, he has got the votes of the Irish people and is in Govt. I can only conclude its a huge embarrassing mistake. I am not his greatest fan incidently !!!good luck

RE: Is Sex Important in a relationship?

Sometimes if sex is really good, it can be negative in so much as, it can make couples hang in together when other things have died, like respect, and they've grown apart, or one has stopped really trying, so I think for s*xual people of course it is important. For those who are less physical, less s*xual, a loving, close relationship can be fulfilling. Each to their own.

RE: What's inside your mind part 29

Wondering what the heck happened to my country as there are so many wonderful programmes on TV at the moment about the 1916 Rising and now we have these intellectually challenged TDs and heads of Government who are crooked and screwing the electorate, etc., and I wonder if those who gave their lives for a free Ireland could see it now, what would they think.... well you asked. That's what I've been thinking...ireland

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