RE: Which Guy is Hottest!

Hey! Why wasn't Chris Vance included? The face of an angel

RE: Are there any Women in the milwaukee area that are looking for a relationship?

I live in Walworth County but no worries--this lady prefers Canadians/British

RE: :)) Every year this time, I have more messages in my inboxes at sites and more invitations in real .

consider yourself lucky or about to be scammed


Hello! Well, seeing interesting threads and polls in here, I thought I'd make a fun question: Name three celebrities who you think would make a dream date/mate! Here are my three dreams: 1. Yannick Bisson 2. Jeremy Wade 3. Ioan Gruffudd

RE: WOMEN ONLY... If you lived in the San Fernando Valley/LA Area,would you give me a chance?

I prefer anything British

RE: Is dating by Astrology the way to find true love?

Hi there Mr. Virgo!
I was married to Mr. Leo for 16 1/2 years and believe me--go for the zodiac sign! Compatibility is the key! Since when is Pisces compatible with Leo? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking for a Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo--all compatible with my signs! And all I seem to get are opposites! Sheesh!
Yes i am a Pisces!
And was married to a Leo! Big mistake! The only thing that came good of the marriage was my son--who is now 25 and an Aquarius! Has a Gemini gal partner
So go for it! You'll not regret it! Make a mistake and unhappiness follows--trust me I know!

Hello there from the USA!

To everyone who posted....
A really BIG thank you! Such nice responses!
I'll try and be back in here as often as I can--I use a library computer and also go to work mornings but I do promise to check back in here and try to reply to topics of interest!
You Brits are cool--I knew what i was getting myself into when i befriended the UK!
Cheers n smiles!
Lidiateddybear teddybear bouquet

Hello there from the USA!

Thank you!
I hope that you're having a great day!

Hello there from the USA!

Hi there to all in the UK forums!
My name is Lidia and I wanted to share my post with everyone here!
Question: am I insane for trying to find a British sweetheart?
Let me explain--I've had a Brit/Irish love affair since I was 12 through TV showes, music and the like. And that has grown ever since and hasn't stopped.
I've some penpals that I write to and just absolutely love getting mail from the UK and Ireland
Plus, after WW2, my late dad served in the Polish Division of the British Army and he would tell all sorts of wonderful stories and share his experiences with British troops and such that I found that totally fascinating. Why the Scottish troops he was stationed with taught him how to sing My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean--he's be crazy drunk when he sang it but he made a really good effort of doing it!
Anyway, I find American men a total bore and in the area where I live there are more former Sex/domestic abuse offenders living here--what are my chances of finding someone decent? Null and bloody void!
So--I hope that you don't think I'm daft or anything but let me know what you think!
I know every nation has it's share of bad apples but for me to try and find a loving Union Jack would be worth going through the edges to find him! Thanks fro reading!

RE: Good luck to CS member having operation for Cancer today!

May God speed her recovery!
Lots of hugs and love from the USA!
Lidiateddybear teddybear bouquet angel

RE: Where are you my princess?

Kaybee--contact the police then--you don't need that and thi guys seems to be a creep!
Have the cops send an undercover agent to catch him! Then surprise--pervert goes to jail and you'll be left alone! Simple as that!

Any UK guys in here?

Sure--that includes Aussies and Kiwis!
So come and let's be friends!

Any UK guys in here?

Any UK guys in here? I'm really interested in meeting totally single gents in the UK!
I've a very soft spot for the British and the Irish and I'd love to meet some men who'd be willing to give a long distance relationship a try! You never know what might happen!
There are so many dating sites out there where you have to pay to get a date or someone to write you--like for instance you have to upgrade to do anything! Like most of us don't have the money to do that sort of thing! It really cheeses me off!
Anyway I've had a soft spot for the Brits/Irish since I was 12 and my dad(who was from Poland)was in the Polish Division of the British Army post World War 2 and had a lot of nice stories and experiences to share--he even learned the song My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean from the Scottish troops that were stationed with him at the time--guess this is all in my blood!
So--if there's a British/Irish gentleman who would love to take a chance with a Brit/Irish loving Yank, please get in touch with me--I do have an account here! So please write!
Scammers stay away--I can decode you instantly!
Thanks for reading this!
Cheers/Iechyd da/Slainte/Slinate!

RE: Is Justin Bieber a transsexual?.

I really don't care about Bieber--let the little girls go gaga over him!

Hi there from Wisconsin

hello to all the wonderful Canadians out there! I'm Lidia and I would love to make friends with folks up in Canada! More Canadian friends welcome--have some and not too many!
I'm 49 years of age and divorced with a 24 year old son and three wonderful grandchildren(they're still babies)
I'd love to hear from guys age 40-60 who live in any of the provinces--Atlantic especially--that's cause I have a love of kilted spirits and bagpipe music!
Anyway i hope to hear from any of you soon!

RE: yes where are the women in wisconsin?

Interesting profile name you have here! LOLOLOL
I live in Wisconsin but all the way down in Walworth County and trust me---I would NOT wanna date anyone from this state!
Illinois? Different story--especially from my hometown there, God Bless her, chicago! I'll date someone from there! So I wish you good luck in finding your special lady!

Hello from the USA

Hi there Zellarone1
Thanks for your message and nice to meet ya and if you ever want a pal to write to please feel free to drop me a line anytime!
Lidiapeace banana wave uk

Hello from the USA

Thanks Darren for your message and it's nice meeting you too!
Hope all is going well for you!
You want a friend? Please feel free to drop me a note anytime!
Lidiawave peace handshake bouquet uk

I am new here!

Wishing you find your special one on here, Welcome[/quote Thank you Larry! Lidia

I am new here!

Thank you very much!
I welcome friends from the Greatr White North as well--no limits!
So feel free to write me anytime!

I am new here!

Thanks to all of you who welcomed me!
I hope that we'll all be friends and will take the time to chat and get to know one another!
Don't be strangers! Do write when you can

Hello from the USA

Hi there everyone!
My name is Lidia and I am from Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
Looking to find some new friends here on the forums and British and Irish people have always been my favorites
I am an avid postal penpaller--having done this for 27 years and enjoy it immensely.
I've also had a UK/Ireland love affair since a teen and have many pals in the UK as well and the more the merrier!
I hope to visit one day soon but I need to get finances out of the way first before I save for my trip across the pond but nonetheless I'll get there somehow!
Anyway I'm hoping that many of you there in the UK will wish to reply to my threads and hopefully get to know you better!
Well will finish and hope to see some positive replies
Stay cool and take care!

I am new here!

Hi there!
I'm Lidia and I'm new here!
I'm hoping to find new friends here on this site and maybe meet the right guy I'm looking for as well!
I'm 46 years of age and am divorced and have a 21 year old son and will be a grandma in October
I'm from Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
Any Celtic gents age 30-50 wanna chat with me please do so
But will welcome anyone to chat
Hope to make some friends here soon
Lidiacheering laugh


Hi there!
My advice is--go for it! But please be careful at who you choose! I am an American who would do anything to meet and marry a Celtic gent--from either Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Isle of Man--of course i wouldn 't be desperate to marry for citizenship but I want that man to feel about me as I feel about him--make sure that it's there when you search!
As for Islam--being a Christian, I'd say not a good idea cause these men are very dominant and can be abusing--one false move and you're dead! Seriously--the Arab world is male dominant and I hear that they do not treat their women properly! So think about if you wanna do that and if you are a practicing Christian or claim the faith, then marrying a Muslim would not be an option!
Anyway good luck in your search and I pray and hope that you find your sweetheart!
God Bless!

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