RE: The Best of British

confused There are TWO of these forums going on at the same time!! laugh Madness!

Live at the Goodbye to BBC Television Centre event - have just watched the whole concert - brought back some great memories!! dancing dancing dancing

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

I have quite a lot of different species of birds in my garden, but there are one or two that I very occasionally see sitting in the oak trees just beyond the garden. I would love to attract them in closer.

Found this fun little site - you can just put in the species that you are interested in (for me it was the Nuthatch), and it will come up with a recommended bird food for you to try. My funds are very limited so I won't be ordering any special bird food from this site (see recommended affordable bird seed above) but it will give you an idea eg. with Nuthatch, it just came up with Peanuts, which I have anyway (even though they have to be 'rationed'! laugh

PS - when the page opens, click on the top banner "Which Birds Would You Like to Attract Today"

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

I know I have probably put this link on here before, but I thought I would include it again as I would highly recommend the bird seed that I get from this company. I have bought their "No Waste Bird Seed" 20kg sack several times now and it's really good. There literally is NO waste at all! To make it last a wee bit longer and to give all the birds a better chance of getting some, I sprinkle it all over the front half of my lawn....they find and eat every single bit of seed and there is no waste, no husks and even better, absolutely no seedlings!! The 20kg sack costs £26.43 and the delivery cost is £1.99. This will last around 22 weeks so would cost approx £1.29 per week... in the summer months, probably less. This time I have decided to try the pack of 6 x 1/2 coconuts, so I'll let you know how I get on.

teddybear wave

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

Well... I am hoping it was a Nokia!! laugh

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

Well, I hadn't thought about it before, but I imagine it must be quite common to see satellites moving across the sky. It's just that I am never hanging out my up stair's bedroom with binoculars very often staring into deep space! idea Maybe I will now! You certainly wouldn't have been able to see it without binoculars. They said that they are usually seen 1-2 hours after sunset, which this was.

Still haven't seen the comet. It's just been cloudy/sleety every night roll eyes

RE: What happened at Roswell?

Jedwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh

RE: Mickey's Weather Thread

It's been snowing/sleeting here all day but it didn't start settling until 4pm. We've now got about 1/4"!! laugh snowman2 snowman cold crazy crazy Apparently up on the hills there is going to be up to 50cm tonight!

RE: What happened at Roswell?

Truth be told... I DO watch any UFO documentaries that come on tv, but after all these years, I still can't make my mind up whether or not they really exist! I can understand the gov covering up new technologies and new aircraft, but I also find it hard to believe that Earth is the only inhabited planet! I guess until I get beamed up to a transport or visited by a tinfoil hat I will remain open minded to anything!

RE: What happened at Roswell?

laugh laugh crazy crazy crazy transport

RE: What happened at Roswell?

gotta go gotta go gotta go off to get my tin foil!

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

I got some advise from the guys on YouTube...they think that the moving 'star' that I saw was actually a satellite! Wow! First time I've ever seen one of those! cheering cheering

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

Thanks..I DO actually have photos of it with the flowers out and also the woodpecker feeding on it etc. Just got to get around to figuring out how to post a photo on a forum! It would certainly make this forum a bit more interesting if folks could post photos.

Could anyone advise me about a suitable 'portable' music player?

Hi wave
Thanks for the link. I will have a look when I get time. Read the review for the first one on the list and couldn't understand the review!!!!!!! confused dunno laugh I am REALLY clueless when it comes to technology!!! doh

I did find an mp3 type of Sony Walkman on Amazon, complete with speakers, but the reviews are a bit mixed on how good it actually sounds.


Yep...Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! danceline party hat balloons dancing boogie group hug irish good luck

RE: Made in Britain

The wonderful diversity of Britain's many local accents!!! laugh

...and mine
which is a combination of Norfolk, Hampshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Surrey, Yorkshire, the Western Isles, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, Wester Ross, Inverness-shire and Australian!!!!!!! help help help help dunno confused laugh

Could anyone advise me about a suitable 'portable' music player?

bump cool

Advise about posting music videos on here

Had another go today, but using Google, I just can't seem to get the embedded code to work! When I use the "old embedded code" and look at the preview, it looks like it should have worked as there are no error messages on CS, but it is just blank where the video should be! confused

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

Hi everyone
...would love to see the space station go by!! Someone told me ages ago that on the NASA site (I think if was the nasa site confused ) you can put in your postcode and it will tell you when the ISS is passing you by! I never got around to it, but I should!

... Yeah, since Thursday it's been cloudy here too, and the weather is set to get worse, so not much hope of seeing anything for a few days yet.

Sail... the birds have eaten me out of house and home too! Need to replenish the stocks! I think they eat better than I do!! doh laugh Woodpecker has been here a lot every day since I made those home-made bird pudding a few weeks ago. He can't get enough of them! He ignores the bought fat-balls and you can see him looking around everywhere for the home-made ones! laugh Didn't have the umph to make a whole load of new ones so just smeared lard over the tree trunk in the lawn. Got the tree trunk from the woods about a year ago, and stood it up in the lawn and it looks completely natural...just like it's been there all along. I sprinkle seed on it, but I also rub the lard on it and the birds love it. It's very close to the kitchen window and the woodpecker doesn't bother at all. I wash up there with the window open and my music on, and he's still not bothered! It's lovely to watch happy place happy place happy place I planted some little purple pansies and miniature daffs around the tree trunk last year and they are coming up already.

Advise about posting music videos on here

No worries - No doubt after hours, weeks and months have passed by, I will figure it out! roll eyes doh laugh teddybear

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff) was like that last night, and was about 30% cloud cover tonight. According to the guy in the video though, it is seen pretty low on the horizon... so it COULD have been there all along behind the neighbour's houses! roll eyes doh Apparently it will be visible until around the end of March so am gonna' keep looking! nerd red nose red nose red nose red nose

Are the forums a lot quieter now than they used to be?

Hi Venus wave

...yeah, I know the report button is there now, but I am just wondering if it is THAT that has been responsible for so many folks being kicked off CS? I don't think it was there 3 years ago dunno

Advise about posting music videos on here

Hi Bodleing wave

Oh dear.. I'm not getting this across very well am I? confused

I know how to post a video within a's posting music videos into the "Video" bit on here that I have problems with.

RE: what to you think about being friends with someone who has a disability

Well looking at the results of your poll, it looks like 92% of people would be happy to be friends with someone who was disabled, and I would agree wholeheartedly. I think it very much depends on what type of disability it is though. I read an article last year that said that only 3% of people (in the UK) had ever had a disabled person in their house!! I found that really shocking!

I am disabled myself. I have been watching the documentary on tv called "The Undatables", as I often wonder if in fact I am undatable now. Most of the people on there have a mental disability of some kind though, but they want to find love, like we all do. I realise you were talking about "friendship" rather than love, but I would recommend this program. It gives a real insight into people's lives, their relevant disabilities and their thoughts on love - a very touching and interesting series.

Advise about posting music videos on here

Hi wave

No, I do that anyway. What I mean is that I am literally unable to copy the YouTube embedded code and paste it onto CS. I can do that, but CS doesn't recognise it if it's via Google Chrome. I just recently updated my Internet Explorer and it's changed my e-mail page so I don't even know if THAT will work now, to download videos to CS! I hate computers!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! frustrated frustrated frustrated


Could anyone advise me about a suitable 'portable' music player?

Hi everyone wave

Godsgift - see your inbox - Thank you teddybear

No, unfortunately this little gadget wouldn't suit me. I guess I am thinking more along the lines of some kind of ipod with speakers or a tablet with speakers etc although I only just know what an ipod and tablet are!!! doh laugh

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

moping playball playball

Oh well...have been looking on and off for 45 mins tonight, and haven't seen the comet. Eventually saw a lot of tiny little twinkly stars, the belt of Orion, 2 planes, and a possible UFO!! ... one of the small tinkly stars travelling from north to south completely horizontally at high speed (and from where I was standing, it was ABOVE the moon, so couldn't have been the comet) confused transport dunno

Jan's Wildlife Forum - Part 3 (plus other nerdy stuff)

Hi Sally wave

..No, I didn't watch that - I have soooooo many programs to watch on my BT Vision Box just now! roll eyes doh laugh Have kind of been taking a break from wildlife documentaries can get too much of a good thing sometimes!!! laugh


Comet PanSTARRS should be visible right now over the UK!

I missed a good chance of seeing this on Wed as we had clear skies (didn't know about it until late Wed night!doh ) and last night was cloudy, so am just off to have a look!

RE: IF you could travel back in time and change the past what would you do?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing wine

RE: IF you could travel back in time and change the past what would you do?

Creepily evil devil but very original all the same! roll eyes doh laugh

I would tell The Big Bopper, Glen Miller, Richie Valens, Otis Redding, John Denver, Buddy Holly and Stevie Ray Vaughan NOT to get on their planes sad flower

Are the forums a lot quieter now than they used to be?

Well, ironically enough, a thread about CS being a lot quieter now has generated 156 comments and 700 views!!!! confused confused laugh

When the format of CS was changed a while ago, the "report" thingy under everyone's post appeared. Do you think it is that that has knocked out a lot of the old originals? People do seem to get very easily offended, and I can imagine them hitting the "Report" button if they didn't like something someone said.

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