RE: What race, country or origin of people, do you think is the most attractive and why

I am attracted to the individual.

Not to race, country nor origin.

RE: What is ur speciality ?

I thought it was the rice pudding. smile

RE: Robin Williams R.I.P.

hiya pedal wave

very sad, indeed...

it appears he had checked himself into a rehab facility recently and returned home only three weeks ago...

as if he had tried to help himself but didn't manage to...sad flower

RE: Whats your interpretation of emoticons?

oh, that is some kind of a difficult task for me...

i often wonder what do they mean and it happens i place them "light heartly" without being full aware of their meaning...

but that doesn't stop me from liking them...laugh

they are cute little helpers that bring a touch of life/colour to the written words...

this is my favorite fella yay

happy as a camper...laugh

it makes me think of someone that have just made it....yay


RE: Who believes in the Secret? (The law of attraction, Universe) Do you believe it really works?

hiya sir larry wave

i don't know if i agree with your statement above sir larry...

it strikes me of some kind of determinism that i tend do refuse...

the examples you mentioned are based on instictive/emotional reaction...

i am not convinced we are/have to be (always) conditioned by our insticts...

i guess my approach is more philosophical and less social but i like to think we have a choice....

RE: Write a famous person with the last letter of the one above

Nilla Pizzi (another italian singer) angel laugh

RE: Is the marriage doomed to fail if no one takes the others last name ?

hi mr rick wave

the world we live in is not the same everywhere...

in italy no one takes the others surname/changes his surname in consequence of the marriage...

RE: (This time) Who did u view last?

an update is always welcomed in my world...thumbs up laugh

hiya carmen wave

RE: I wish I had a boyfriend

grin laugh

wish i could hear you pronouncing it with a nice canadian accent...

RE: (This time) Who did u view last?

a person that changed their profile

ah, curiosity....grin

RE: Who believes in the Secret? (The law of attraction, Universe) Do you believe it really works?

hiya yawnswave

i believe in Goethe's elective affinities (also translated as Kindred by Choice)...according to which there are some characteristics that make us "naturally gravitate" towards one and not the other being....

now if only we have the complete awareness of what are these elusive elective affinities for each of us...
grin laugh

RE: Write a word with the 3rd letter of the one above


thank-you, leo bouquet

yep, it's easy to mix up between this one and the last letter thread wave

RE: Geography

i don't know if he will be happy with that info, but i am....laugh

i have always liked to know the origin of the name of places...

thank-you, minnie bouquet

RE: Write a word with the 3rd letter of the one above

grin grin


grin grin

read the thread title....tongue laugh wave

RE: New Movie - last letter of previous for next one plus (name of actor/ress)

Something's Gotta Give (Jack Nickolson and Diane Keaton...i like both, cound not choose between the two) grin

RE: How was your last date?

i guess we are both a tad bit picky about our dates...grin laugh

hiya joe! wave

RE: True Love

yep...i can relate to that very much...laugh

hug bouquet wave

RE: How was your last date?

hiya leo wave

my last date was sweet, ripe and a bit wrinky (sun-dried)....angel laugh

RE: True Love

yeah, agreed carmen...thumbs up

i shoudn't either, but...when it fits, it fits..grin

hiya carmen wave

RE: Happy Birthday ............

hiya minnie wave

my best wishes to you! bouquet gift cake happy birthday

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