RE: What do other people in the world think of President Obama?

I keep looking for the nipple on the top of his head....uh oh

RE: marriage,,,, how long is "normal" courting time before proposing?


20years! any less and it's just not going to work! professor


laugh Seems a lot of people have left the 'building' since this thread began it's epic voyage. uh oh

I've just moved here from Ireland, when I lived in Ireland I participated in the Irish forum and it was always a hot potato. How can there be so few people chatting and getting to know each other in the entire state of Ohio? The other point I'd make is, if you can get 5 people to turn up for a picnic in a state park, it's a meet! You don't need hundreds or even 20. If it was a night out you can pick a club somewhere that's got other people, you don't have to just be on your own as a group! That might be just awkward until a few of ye know each other already.
So 'hi' to all in Ohio and I'm just making myself comfortable here on the couch with some popcorn so I'll not starve waiting for a reply here! Oh yea maybe a beer or a coke too. grin popcorn good luck

RE: Is there anny real women on this site or are they all fakes?

confused Your poll is invalid as the question is ambiguous, do we say yes or no to 'is there an(n)y real women on this site'? or do we say yes/no to 'are they all fakes'? Going by this one and only poll I'm not surprised you're having difficulties.

Just sayin' dunno


RE: February Wedding coming for me and LadyBee42


Love often happens when you are not even trying - good luck in your search shaaz

RE: February Wedding coming for me and LadyBee42

Hey there babe, we've had quite an adventure in the last 2+ years and I'm still so in love with you. The separations though painful have brought us to this point and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now - as in just a few weeks from our wedding. I'd do it all again if I had to just to be with you because for me you are the most wonderful man in the Universe.

There are many wonderful people on this site and I'll always be thankful for their friendship and wisdom, so thank you indeed CS for making this particular future possible


RE: Change our Profile Pics!

Awesome idea Nuliiiii thumbs up laugh cheering santa

RE: Relocation x

hmmm I don't know if I should tell you, but it's about the leprechauns and the gold and stuff. . .

please sorry

RE: Did you ever hear the old saying 'never trust a man whose eyebrows meet' Do u believe it?

You mean 'monobrow man'? laugh Didn't one of the 'Baywatch' babes have a monobrow? I'd have to pluck the bit in the middle, wouldn't be able to stop meself giggle

RE: social engineering

I so sorry - I didn't know you back then honest! giggle flirty
How you doing kiddo?

(Good to see at least one real man on here)

RE: social engineering

Sheesh but you men posting here are like a group of scared schoolboys desperately clutching their tiny penises for fear they'll get a kicking from the tiny blonde toddler eyeing them from the other side of the play ground! There are plenty women out there who still want men to be men - but you're not going to find them sitting at a computer screen, you have to be brave and go look for them in the real world. Blaming fictitious problems on fictitious groups of seemingly powerful but very tiny groups of megalomaniacs doesn't make you look cool and knowledgeable either, it just makes you look sad and paranoid. It's Friday night, go grab your coat and get out there and live! Come back tomorrow and tell us all about it - did you manage to pull, get drunk, arrested - or maybe just have a laugh and stop talking such shite on here!doh

RE: ******HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAC739*****

party balloons bartender balloons party

Happy birthday lovely lady


RE: Obama Rocks ! Romney Sucks!

88404 votes for Romney to 91 votes for Obama.. it's all sorted thumbs up

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: is there a greater power, than the power of good-bye...??

The power of 'The look' from a female to her mate when he's being a tad silly..grin

RE: Are you a good kisser?

Am I a good kisser?

Which end?


RE: which one would you rather have

Most people say they want a real relationship but actually are happy to have one night stands, then some people say they want real relationships yet post photos of themselves with boobs stuck out/chest bared in sexy 'come on baby' poses then say the 'I don't get it' when they are continuously approached for phone sex and one night stands.


RE: Holy Fook

laugh laugh

My favourite is the 'wet t-shirt competition in anti gravity state'
How cool is that thought? I was on a site years ago and there was an emote with jiggly boobs, why can't we have one of them?

RE: A question for the ladies

Perhaps you were looking at her boobs by mistake when you offered help? or maybe you looked like the last guy that mugged her, or tried to steal her child or something? But surely most women would accept the help of some stranger randomly offering help - maybe!

RE: Both sides are full of it. If you chose a side you are SHEEPLE

thumbs up This is the best advice ever, as even if none of the reasons here are true the bunker, guns & ammo and the stockpiled food and friends will always be a great help when either the zombies attack or the big giant worm thing with teeth in the ground wake up due to global warming or change or what ever!
(I'm thinking 'Tremors' laugh)

I'm off to Walmart to make a start...

thumbs upthumbs up

RE: Which drunken celebrity would you drive home if they asked?

laugh banana

I'd take Rihanna as long as she kept her head stuck out the window, I'd just love to see how she managed the 'drunk walk' in those BDSM shoes

head banger

RE: why do they want email addy in first message

Scammer #1 'I've a great idea man, I'll pretend to be naive and post a question asking if it's ok to swap email addys on the first mail.

Scammer #2 'Cool man, so what do I do?'

Scammer #1 'You pretend you've been swapping them this soon for ages and
nothing bad has happened'

Scammer #2 'Eh ok, but how will that help us? They cant' be that stupid'

Scammer #1 'It's not about being stupid man, it's about instilling a
little trust in newbies for our monetary re-dispersal program!'

Scammer #2 'Er.. what's a monetary re-dizzy prom thingy?'

Scammer #1 'That's where we tell someone they are beautiful/handsome etc
and they pay us in cheques or mail addresses we can sell.'

Scammer #2 'Sounds a bit too easy, is there a catch man?'

Scammer #1 'Yea there's a lot of competition now, I'm thinking we're
going to have to give them free soft toys in the near
future as extra bait to love'

uh oh any one want to add anything to this conversation?

RE: Welcome to the Lively_Waters Tap--Come get together with your friends!

HIIIIIIII!!!! I love this bar, I love all bars even virtual bars - what a great idea. Any jello shots left? Gimme a cue and rack 'em up there on the pool table. cheering buddies drink pouring bartender drinking
Good grief I've overdone the emotes already uh oh

RE: Which is your favorite icon?



RE: Who is going to win the american presidential election in November? Obama or Romney?

professor shame on you for putting a link to the Huffington post that supposedly supports your biased opinion, you'd be far better off getting real trusted and true facts from the National Enquirer! laugh laugh

RE: Has aging given you a fair deal?

It's been good to me, I'm still fabulous - can't you tell?

shimmy <--- the totally real me! laugh


RE: What do you think about Harry ?

Sure he's a grand lad, listens to his grandmother and father, has a nice job, doesn't have a criminal record and likes to have a jar or two.

dunno roll eyes

This Unholy Love

Poetry about love, enjoy...


RE: distance

I'm in one that does, it's really hard and takes a lot of effort and commitment - but we just get each other down to the bones...

dunno wave thumbs up

RE: How do you get a ring off a swollen finger???

you need to reduce the swelling first - holding your arm above your head and cooling it down might do that, oil like olive oil ore cooking oil of some sort will help it to slide off then, but if it's that swollen it just won't go over your knuckle either firemen or a jeweller will cut it off for you. My mum had to have her wedding ring cut of some years ago because of arthritis related swelling - it only takes a minute and it's painless, I took her to a jeweller not the firestation laugh laugh

RE: Mail

awww! How cool is that.. teddybear

You don't need someone who is that hung up about kids - it shows maturity and character when men and women can take on board the children of a prospective partner. hope you have a lovely day cremebrulee.

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