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RE: Christmas Traditions....

Two things I always remember...however they were about new years...

Never have dirty laundry in the house new years eve...or you'll have dirty laundry all year (go figure!)...however in the hopes that somehow my laundry won't pile up roll eyes I always make sure all my laundry has been done...

I open the door at midnight if I'm at home to usher "in" the new year into my home...dunno

RE: What shampoo do u use?

Pantene for Curly Hair...only one i've found so far that controls my curls!

RE: Your Trip

What is wrong with a person asking other members here if they have been to Islamic countries? Nothing.

It is the posters themselves that turn it into a one of the so called "Islam Threads", but the comments that they leave. It does not have to be that way at all.

There is alot to be learnt from going to these countries.

Yes there is!...alot of appreciation for my own laugh

RE: Pregnent

It could be...are you thinking of going into the "Black Market Baby" business?

The Christmas Language

How many different languages can you say "Merry Christmas" in?
santa waving reindeer snowman2 dancingsanta

RE: I'm in to Geneology, any relatives here? ancestors are the Carib Indians from the West Indies...

My kids could be a different story though...there is German, Estonian and Swedish in their background...dunno

RE: Pregnent

Sorry to tell you....its really none of your business!scold

Post vs. Poster

Is it possible to love the post and/or thread...but not the "poster" so much?
smitten very mad

Is their post an extension of themself...or merely an opinion (based on what everyone else is saying...)


A massive snow storm stranded more than 300 motorists on a 100-kilometre stretch of Highway 402 in southwestern Ontario Monday.
The highway was fully reopened at 7:30 a.m. Thursday after two days of digging out stranded cars from snow drifts more than a metre high and towing them off the road.

Just over 320 vehicles were stranded Monday between Sarnia and London after intense snow squalls descended on the Lambton County area, bringing traffic to a standstill and forcing many to stay in their cars without food and water.

Some eastbound lanes of the highway were reopened Wednesday morning, but it took another day before snowplows and tow-trucks were able to clear the road in its entirety.

How well would you have survived this experience...

And do you think you would have preferred to be stranded during scorching heat and temperatures over 32 degrees C.

RE: Your Trip


RE: If u don't mind

My name is Ursula wine

When Do You Stop?

Thanks for sharing...roll eyes

When Do You Stop?


RE: What's the very first thing you do in the morning

Try to remember who I am...what day is it...and then...what is the first thing i'm supposed to do when i wake up...

RE: missing

I miss those that i didn't get to respond to before they "disappeared"...and took their vile ranting with them...

Just saying...laugh grin


And kill em' it does!!peace


Gawd I hear ya!cheers


Maybe RDM can forward her the link on "sharing" that he's looking up on Google...

He's trying to re-aquaint himself with that word...typing


Actually I do find some people rather ninja-ish with their comments...grin

(Fighting words....)boxing


Do you think Captain Morgan will make a chocolate flavored Rum?happy place

(Hope you did mean Captain Morgan rum...or this comment won't make bloody sense at all...)


responding shouldn't hurt...if you are only trying to validate the point you're trying to make in response to the point they're trying to make....ummm...yeah...did that make sense?




I have no self-discipline when it comes to chocolate...moping


Well ok...but you know we could start a new trend in CS Jail...its called "sharing" remember that word don't you?grin


Just to clarify...I started this thread more or less because of the amount of threads that has been locked lately...

I know that "ignoring" is one option....what are other ways of dealing with the mud slinging?

Self-Discipline doesn't..cheers

No need to apologizehug


Give me a topic...and if we go to CS Jail...can I have your blanket?grin


How hard would it be for you NOT to respond to an insult (veiled or open), or offensive comment directed at you specifically?

RE: Say something about something, or anything. :)

I could just kick myself...for not getting to respond...frustrated

Unfortunately "real life" called, and I missed my opportunity..

But good for least it was a great post to end on!handshake

RE: Revealing too much online.

Some do...and then when they realize how much they have revealed..they back pedal...usually because what they revealed may not be who they really are...laugh

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