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Family Trees

Thank you both for your posts,
they sound very helpful indeed.

bouquet devil

Family Trees

My daughter has got very interested in the family tree and I wondered if anyone had any ideas of the best way to go about working on one.

She has started to look around sites and has gathered some information. But it seems very costly, not just to join a site but the cost of individual certificates which verify facts seem to be over £20 for each one.

Any useful suggestions welcome.


wave peace devil

RE: If you had a band what would you call it?

It would have to be

Lydia's Siren's

wave peace devil

RE: Things I have learnt ...

I'll have to go see if you have one about cats hun.

hug peace devil

RE: Do you love me? Errr ... well ... ummm ...

I dated a guy a few years back who would say 'I love you' as he came!
The first time I kissed him and said nothing thinking opps what now!
But then when he said he every time he came I thought it was just a reaction and thought nothing more of it!

hug peace devil

RE: Man Flu - fact or fiction?

Well you covered that one adequately!

peace devil

RE: Is your keyring clutterfull or clutterfree?

Two house keys,
one car key,
two work keys.

No pretty things, they take up too much room in a bag or pocket and get too heavy.

peace devil


I've seen a ghost and had several odd experinces, they are nothing to do with religion at all.

peace devil

RE: Today's Rant

The world is indeed quite mad Tarten!

I received paperwork from a government body today which demanded we take more than we already were from someone by way of a deduction from their wages.

I received 6 or 7 pages by fax today for a deduction which doesn't start till 17th Feb by which time I will have received the same number of pages in the post.

The amount that is demanded as extra is...........0.01p per week!doh wave devil

RE: Is there any way of ...

Not that I know of, which is why I switched mine off!

wave devil

RE: Today's Rant

JoJo, great to see you, how's everything?

People picking at their teeth after eating....eweeeeee

Drivers who can't manage to stay on their side of the road!!!wave bouquet devil

RE: Another CS Baby!!!

Congratulations, it's lovely news!

wave bouquet devil

RE: Anyone know anything about national insurance contributions or Gas boilers?

Hey Zella how are you doing?

It could be your pipes need bleeding to let the air out for the water tank to heat up, if not I've no idea about gas boilers, best to get the landlord to sort it as you say.

If you were not working April 05 to April 08 or not working full time then there would be a gap in you NIC for that time and it is usual for them to invite you to pay. If you have had a statement from them telling you how many years you have paid and what part of a pension you will get or if you have enough years left working to make a full pension, then that will help you decide wether or not to pay it. If you haven't then you can write and ask for one.

take care...bouquet wave devil

RE: Today's Rant

People who speak with their mouths full of food!

peace devil

RE: Today's Rant

Roundabouts are supposed to make driving easier for all, but the really small ones are a pain when three of you arrive at the same moment, so then it's who is going first!
Then there are the people who won't indicate as to where they are going, or indicate too early making you think they are turning off so you go to pull out and they just keep on coming!

peace devil

RE: He or she is 20 minutes late...what would you do? (First Date)

I'd wait but they would have to have a decent reason.

I was meeting a guy one night and he cut me up on a roundabout on the way to the venue, he didn't see it was me, but I felt it showed a callous side I didn't much care for.

peace bouquet devil

RE: Unrequited Love...

It seems you do that more often than most....rolling on the floor laughing

How you doing hun?

It's odd but I think I have turned things around and my
head rules my heart these days, either that or I have no
heart left...dunno

bouquet devil

RE: Body Parts

quite possibly!

Love the blue bikini.....rolling on the floor laughing

hug kiss devil

RE: Missing Someone!!!

Hey hun, how are you?

I've been out and about and around and working...wave hug


RE: Body Parts

Driving home, it was very windy and the dry earth from
fields was blowing around and across the roads, lots of
dust to creep into the house from that.


RE: Body Parts

Ewwwww, get your vacumn working.....wave devil

RE: Missing Someone!!!

Pretz was happy elsewhere last time I saw him.

I miss, Taboon, Windygirl, Alex, Catwoman, Dunx, Wikked....blues


RE: Body Parts

I don't know about body parts, the dust isn't that
big here...laugh

But our skin is constantly flaking and renewing itself.

wave devil

RE: Fiance with problems.

Your guys problems go deeper than his last girl cheating on him.

He dosen't want you to have friends,
he is even trying to part you from your family!

He seems to be a pocessive controller,
your life will never be happy with him unless you
enjoy being a mindless slave.

good luck....wave devil

RE: serious question...i need advice

Did you meet him at a nudist camp?

Your attire or lack of it would depend on where
you are going on your date.

rolling on the floor laughing devil

RE: Shhhh RDM59 birthday today

You had trouble with it too eh?....laugh wave devil

RE: Shhhh RDM59 birthday today

happy birthday buddies cake

Have a great birthday......bouquet

Working up to the big 50 was the worst for me,
but once there it's not so bad really.


RE: Is mixing race a good idea or a bad idea

If we were all of mixed race, then no racism, which
would be great but we would lose all the wonderful
diversities each race holds.

peace devil

RE: Storm is coming and It is Beautiful...

The car is a good safe place from lightening as
they are earthed.

wave devil

RE: The last one to post here is a SUPERSTAR.....PART 6.

I don't need to be the last one to post here,

I know I am a superstar as I got a new job today....danceline

I'm so chuffed.......happy place wine devil

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