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I still love you.

It's just a rant. I'm going to bed now.

I still love you.

After all these years on CS., falling in luft (love/lust) with so many wonderful people....thank you.

I'm OK Jack. I would love to hear from Susan (Florida) It was an odd treat, but treat nonetheless.

Not on here much anymore because of the same old stuff....."The bar's open, do you wear briefs or....., hey, look at me, I'm wonderful ", etc., etc.

CS has it's place within cyberspace. It has connected people, who actually made it work.

And now a segue; sex, some drugs, music, women with blue eyes, a ten year old car that runs well.

Whether you are an egotist, a fake, a humanist, on here for honourable reasons....your essence will sort you out, as if you didn't know that already.

Be well. Paws.

Who wants an espresso.......

with sweetened condensed milk ? A warm glass of Cognac is optional, so is a Cuban cigar. For the right brained afflicted, white chocolate and strawberries.

Music to accompany this food and drink; for those under 40, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day etc. Over forty; David Bowie, Eagles, Jo Dee Messina etc.

Atmosphere; back lawn, front porch, bedroom, mini-van.

Safety; Saran Wrap if you're on a budget, otherwise Trojans.

I'll drive you to work in the morning. I promise.

OK, now I'm really old.

Goodnight my dear friends. Going to have a piece of apple pie with sweetened condensed milk and some maple syrup on top........a simple pleasure, but it tastes sooooooooooo good.

OK, now I'm really old.

Thanks my dear friend, I'll try that, but then half an hour later I'll want it all again.

OK, now I'm really old.

I'm OK. Thank you Zee.

OK, now I'm really old.



No one owns a gun, free health care and only 34 million people in the second largest country on the planet.

OK, now I'm really old.

Did you move ?

OK, now I'm really old.

Edmonton isn't that far away.



OK, now I'm really old.

I'm not really looking, but nice to see you again.

Be well.

OK, now I'm really old.

Been off the site for a long time. Too lazy to see if there's any old friends still here. I'm approaching 65 and still don't have a dream, maybe a wide-screen TV. What's happened since my last post ? Nothing. On occasion I take myself out to dinner, come home, have a few drinks then m**turbate. It fits my budget and I don't have to drive her home in the morning, hung-over.

Please don't give me the clichés; you're still young, you'll find someone, start a stamp collection, or some other mindless hobby. After breakfast, internet porn seems to be the start of my day. If there's a lovely lady out there that can make me erase all my porn bookmarks, please do so.

Be well my friends.

What is the problem with Americans and their health ?

I applaud President Obama's efforts for public health-care. I'm a 64 year old Canadian who has benefited from our universal health-care system since 1963 when it was enacted.

Despite the conservative negative ads (Re: Canadians and our health-care) running on U.S.,TV at present;

Have I ever had to wait to see a specialist ? No.
Have I changed doctors without a problem ? Yes.
Have I ever received less than the best care in a hospital ? No.
Have I ever had to wait more than 4 weeks to see a psychiatrist ? No.
Has it cost me one dollar ? No ?
Do I pay 65% less than Americans for prescription drugs ? Yes.

Countries with universal healthcare: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq*, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

If I were an American, given my past circumstances, I would not be alive to write this. Despite Canada's harsh climate, we live longer than Americans. Why ? Free health care.

Circular logic....we use it every day.

¿Por qué no puede dormir?

Circular logic....we use it every day.


Circular logic....we use it every day.

¿Qué significa Viagra tienen que ver con drogas?

Circular logic....we use it every day.

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

RE: First love/divorce

To save a lot of typing, I will will just "ditto", all that SensualV, has said.

Learn from her words and you will become wise.

Michael Jackson......

So true and so eloquent. Thank you.

Michael Jackson......

God bless human kind and all our f*ck up's. We think we're trying.

Michael Jackson......

Unfortunatly, Michael J., generated money and will continue to do so for years to come. Odd how we place one's life above another's.

RE: Sorry to disturb you,


Michael Jackson......

No matter who or what he was, he did influence our lives through his art. I have to ask the question; what value on a life, three more Canadian soldiers died this week in Afghanistan, not to mention all the American young men and women who have died in the Iraq there a grand tribute to them ? No. I ask why not ? Michael Jackson sang and died....our troops sang and died as well, but they are quickly forgotten.

Back to my roots.

I guess at times, we can all go home again.

Back to my roots.

Thanks to Facebook, an old friend who I've not seen in over 35 years found me. I've spent the past 6 days with him in Northern Quebec, Canada. No one for a hundred miles around speaks a word of English, so I had no choice but to polish my French and communicate. I loved it. It was my culture, but I left it for other parts of Canada. I'm sure that there are others here, Hispanics, Germans, Irish etc., who long for their native home and culture.

I went home again. I loved it.

Michael Jackson. Genius ?

Born into a performing family and forced into performing with his family (at age 6). Made it big with the ’82 album, “Thriller”, produced by real talent, Quincy Jones. All his recordings since then bombed. He became addicted to fame, plastic surgery, drugs and young boys.

He paid his first accuser $24 million to forget what happened to him. Found innocent of all charges for his second child molestation by a jury. Some of the jurors later admitted that they believed him guilty. In both cases the evidence was definitive against Michael Jackson.

His children aren’t his in any biological way , he used a surrogate mother and a sperm donator. By 2004 he was half a $ billion in debt thanks to his insane spending sprees and absurd lifestyle.

Is this sane ?..... He hired a witch-doctor to cast a death spell on Steven Spielberg. He planned to import sacred cows from India so he could slaughter them in order to bathe in their blood believing it would prolong his life and cleanse him.

Yes he was talented, but much of his talent was devoted to remaining in the spot-light no matter how absurd his attempts were.

He was a lonely product of forced fame, robbed of a normal up-bringing by his father and fans.

Was there a real Michael Jackson, or just an ongoing mutation of a media produced human ? I’m sure there was, but we’ll never see that person now.

RE: Can you pls help me understand

My ex cheated, then like a fool I thought that cheating on her would even the score. It did not.

RE: Can you pls help me understand

ikaw ay maganda kaya ang aking mahal.

RE: Can you pls help me understand

I was one of the 45% too. My ex wasn't.

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