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War of the moon28212Jan 7
Irish UFO,S71632Nov 12
Did God create,,,82634Nov 2017
Is it true3405Nov 2017
Her Body71522Oct 2017
peeping tom4,331101Aug 2014
What's your favourite sense3755Mar 2017
What's your favourite sense2282Mar 2017
I,m building a relationship4675Oct 2016
Menstrual cycles synchronized3,57040Oct 2015
Can people buy or sell warts1,17115Aug 2016
If HIllary becomes president7,819225Apr 2015
Whats the difference ....1,33635May 2016
Whats under your bed1,79732Feb 2016
Hole in your sock4740Mar 2016
Have you a use for all your fingers5788Feb 2016
Have you a use for all your fingers4091Feb 2016
Are chastity belts on the way back4,56881Aug 2014
If we could see through garments89911Feb 2015
charlie charlie8008Jun 2015
when are virgins always virgins3,31074Feb 2015
Bicycle erection.1,86542Jun 2015
come back serene1,56830Apr 2015
why is a bra singular and panties plural ?3,81073Sep 2014
pop up bras4825Feb 2015
Pregnant baby is born69117Feb 2015
Imagine if everyone was naket6,279256Jul 2014
one meaning ...different word3750Feb 2015
Hairy chests1,90140Jan 2015
Ladies choice3502Jan 2015
His and Hers1,60438Dec 2014
Midnight mass4456Dec 2014
carrot in her ring6368Dec 2014
demented drivers62113Dec 2014
Bonhams3111Dec 2014
kissing under the mistletoe.52210Dec 2014
Life just begins after we die ...1,91349Nov 2014
Cards4874Dec 2014
Have men got the best deal2,95681Dec 2014
In god we thrust...7938Nov 2014

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