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What is your favorite state you have visited?1,16840Sep 2019
I will vote for:1,0401Sep 2016
New Year's Resolutions: Which one would you most like to do?2,46515Dec 2015
When did you stop believing is Santa Claus?2,09723Dec 2017
Your favorite Easter tradition2,05250Apr 2014
If you could bring a dinosaur back to life, which would you choose?1,82129Jan 2017
Who are you voting for President?3,48417Apr 2016
Who are you voting for for president?3,16449Mar 2016
When do you do your Christmas shopping?3,07344Nov 2015
What is your favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving?2,1228Nov 2015
Your favorite artist of the last five years1,96826Dec 2014
Who is your favorite Pope?2,65952Mar 2013
How do you listen to your music in your car?9913Sep 2014
What is your favorite monster?3,54185Apr 2013
What do you hate about your job the most?2,36365May 2014
Who is your favorite Irish person?8,679285Mar 2014
Do you look back on your high school years with warm memories?2,00748Jan 2013
Do you work at a job?1,59123May 2013
Do you buy bottled water and drink it on a daily basis?1,67324Apr 2013
What is your position on children1,28317Apr 2013
What is your favorite comedy movie?1,82324Mar 2013
What is your favorite Easter treat?1,46719Mar 2013
Which is the least popular state?1,38517Mar 2013
What is the best video game ever?1,51520Feb 2013
What is the worst thing about working a job?1,09012Mar 2013
Which is the best country in the world?3,65392Feb 2013
Who is your favorite Irish person or group?1,84538Feb 2013
If you had to pick your favorite song from this list, which would you pick?1,41115Jan 2013
Who is the funniest man on tv right now?1,43110Feb 2013
What is your favorite pizza topping?1,61237Feb 2013
What is your favorite season?9977Jan 2013
Do you believe that social security will be available when you turn 65?1,48518Jan 2013
What is the biggest achievement of man?2,07063Jan 2013
Do you shop at Walmart?1,61223Jan 2013
If you could be one animal, what would it be?1,0686Jan 2013
If you could create a dream mate, what would be the most important quality1,29915Jan 2013
If you won the Lottery, I'd...56533Jun 18
Long covid60023Jan 7
Do you believe the pandemic is fake?1,58364Aug 2021
Which One of this is Your Most Favourite Comedy Show ?72933Apr 2021

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