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if your life was a film or song?1,06117Jul 2017
nokia phones6876May 2014
Wat's in d center of d sun?56510Jul 2022
ABBA released a new album1,25245Sep 2021
Name something men do that wimen find disgusting.2,34955Sep 2021
What is sensitive about men?4,64687Aug 2021
Easiest thing to cook is1,57148Mar 2021
What is Good Friday?5434Mar 2021
Worst Food1,13024Feb 2021
Do you have a nickname for your organ?4,06697Feb 2021
Bags...1,23042Jan 2021
did you get the money...?4888Dec 2020
selling goat4064Nov 2020
UK could be urged to keep windows open in effort to curb Covid-191,70457Oct 2020
I've Always Said....5799Sep 2020
What would be your specialist subject2,33089Aug 2020
I got a job....!!1,11116Jul 2020
I've ran out of thread topics1,07231Jun 2020
All pubs closed in Ireland73712Jun 2020
What kind of cell phone do you own85119Jun 2020
Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney!68517Jun 2020
what makes you truly ''smile''....?1,20521Jun 2020
Was Jesus White?1,71136Jun 2020
And the barman says...1,47941Jun 2020
Ken you explain this? Maybe only CS members from Australia can....1,28622May 2020
does anyone know about the ''irish traveller?60814May 2020
benefits from smoking...?1,98659May 2020
do u like the feeling alcohol gives u?1,13128May 2020
How to deal with...Crazy people1,26523May 2020
I hate captcha!1,28030May 2020
what similarties do you have with jesus...?98428Apr 2020
Your first priority is to eat with1,57764Apr 2020
What is the best device you can carry to defend yourself with legally2,68379Apr 2020
Good Women1,20035Apr 2020
plagues in the bible1,48340Apr 2020
Can you guess the type of fish tattooed on this person?90021Apr 2020
i have the flu4394Apr 2020
cs is doing a blanky5697Apr 2020
Coronavirus: UK must prepare for ‘volatile and agitated society’ after lockdown lifted, senior polic59115Apr 2020

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