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The Point?25819Jan 19
Crying47425Jan 15
What Games Did You Play as a Child indoors or Out?27116Jan 13
How Many of You Would Relate to This?.49320Jan 10
Era..1514Jan 6
Old Words63337Nov 2017
Ponsonby1341Dec 31
Chistmas Day....continued.1180Dec 23
Christmas Day1110Dec 23
Bloody nose.1250Dec 21
Raw Religion1,20533Jul 2016
My continuing proof that religion is bad.64022Jun 2017
First it's 007 and now Batman is dead!81148Jun 2017
A step nearer the grave.3257Jun 2017
Now In Manila29310Jun 2017
Farewell 00732314May 2017
The People were duped1,56256Aug 2016

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