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Which Country Has The Most Beautiful?7,655165Oct 2013
Thanksgiving Dinner4,269100Nov 2012
Looking for Amy8831,40633Oct 2013
Women only! Would you go out with me after reading this?4,01559Nov 2012
From a woman's viewpoint, what makes a man sexy and turns a woman on?8,644157Oct 2012
What do other people in the world think of President Obama?2,67866Jul 2013
Anyone Care To Share Their Thanksgiving Experience?21,1040Nov 2012
Got any good clean jokes?6364Nov 2012
Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?1,02045Sep 2018
Because u r pretty & sexy.........3,092107Apr 2018
Under eminent domain, when CS is absorbed by the United States Marine Corp:2,24569Apr 2018
Who would you like to meet off CS???6,224218Apr 2018
What was/is the best thing u've done in ur life so far ?1,11726Apr 2018
Why does it appear that people on the Threads have a better IQ, than the Bloggers ?1,79841Jun 2017
ISIS Claims responsibility for the MANCHESTER bombing1,01014May 2017
Sanctuary city ban could spread to other States after Texas law signed49317May 2017
Anyone wanting to know what living in Alaska is really like ; not what the reality tv shows portray1,92529May 2017
Trump is at it again. Well, It Didn't Last Very Long... Breaking News!1,65963Mar 2017
Historical Text of Donald Trumps Criminal Illegal Alien Speach.2,14555Sep 2016
Is Trump Delusional or just plain Crazy!2,44055Aug 2016
Dallas, shooting the police8,453309Jul 2016
Muslims10,880315Jun 2016
did Jesus turn the water into wine..?2,31250Jun 2016
Who would be best fit as VP?2,43173May 2016
to kill is against human law is it not?5,764145Mar 2016
Way to go Carolina, Trump keeps on rising7,216154Feb 2016
Would Donald Trump make a good President22,828895Dec 2015
Shopping Can Kill...Boycott Israel4,258116Aug 2014
best place to meet women.4,607211Jul 2014
Just watched a documentary on Gangs, Guns in chicago USA. Q-Should America change its gun laws and i2,614149Jul 2014
best time in ur life7825Jul 2014
Should CS be just for singles?8,164446Jun 2014
elected officials should take drug tests,also.4,179130Jan 2014
Happy New Year3,443100Dec 2013
do black men make the worst husbands? i read an article thats says 1/2 of marriages to blk men ends2,25133Dec 2013
how long u can do a french kiss..?3,997102Dec 2013
Knock Out Game: some say it is random. Are you possibly, its next victim.1,72967Nov 2013

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