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Freedom From Speech5136Feb 2012
Why Do Women Even Want A Man???6,104141Dec 2011
Say Something...No Names Needed...part Gazillion24,2261,001Jul 2010
Help...Comp Keeps Crashing!!34610Jul 2010
Say Something...No Names Need To Be Mentioned...25,9101,000May 2010
Say Something....No Names Needed.....26,2041,001Apr 2010
Ask Away...Answer Away5,497127May 2008
Back To The Future....87234May 2010
Warning: Macabre Thread Inside1,47242Apr 2010
Time Filler, Stepping Stone..Have You Been Used?2,25365Apr 2010
Congratulations To A Beautiful Lady...4,57090Sep 2008
Today Is My 3 Year Anniversary On CS....3,852172Sep 2009
Describe What You Want...Then Let's Play Matchmaker!6,270279Aug 2009
CS Jukebox....85941Sep 2009
Jukebox 1,2,3,4.....8,142648Jul 2009
Childbirth...What Is It Like Ladies?2,073112Jul 2009
Happy Birthday Newinsouth!!27810Jul 2009
Jukebox..part 1, 2, 3.....10,9161,000Jun 2009
Happy Birthday Kissmedeeply!!!!!82646Jul 2009
UH OH...I Think We May Be Related!!!!1,785102Mar 2009
Congratulations Lela!!!!1,57699Jun 2009
What Do You Do When Your Family Is Cursed?91634May 2009 update....54619May 2009
Fire Update From Mbcasey88146May 2009
Still Alive..An Update From MBCASEY1,97997Apr 2009
Why Do Women Go For Garbage?3,050153Jan 2009
Virtual High School Sweethearts?73129Feb 2009
Happy Birthday Tina Olson!!!!77831Feb 2009
Michael Vick To Get Out Of Jail Soon...62818Jan 2009
Kurtis the Stock Boy and Brenda the Checkout Girl..nice read.3298Jan 2009
Arrogance A Turn On?70926Jan 2009
Are You As Frustrated As I Am...?8,932490Jan 2009
Mods...A New Catagory Must Be Created.....63123Jan 2009
Say Something...Please?12,8341,001Nov 2008
E-Mail warning1,94226Nov 2008
On CS Who Is The Horniest Woman?5,929346Oct 2008
Say Something To A Human..No Need To Mention Unmentionables....1,02540Oct 2008
A-Rod and Madonna Are Dating....2523Oct 2008
Nostalgia.....2,398104Oct 2008
Say Something...Names Are Changed To Protect The Innocent13,1631,000Oct 2008

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