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Men are simple1,54542Oct 2016
Which gender fight more to prove they are smarter ??1,11820Apr 2016
Men of his word1,07921Dec 2015
Have you ever heard men saying she should know how to treat and respect men?2,11963Sep 2015
Is it true?52416Jun 2015
Who are more social?1,32649Feb 2015
Who is better in lying?94427Mar 2015
Can women rape men?7,592242Mar 2015
Is finding lover for life-long relationship toughest now a days?3,926122Feb 2015
Who enjoy more during sex men or women?2,894208Feb 2015
Does it matter how many s*xual partner your partner have had?7,774281Nov 2014
Who is better in hiding secrets?59918Jan 2015
What men want?2,33968Nov 2014
Are Women time eater?1,48748Nov 2014
Is nudity and sex in porn movies disadvantage of Women Rights?3,152153Sep 2014
Boring old thread with new logic about cheating spouse1,03828Sep 2014
Are topics related to sex considered as normal or taboo in online discussion ??1,77092Sep 2014
Why?4466Jul 2014
What do you think about your ex?2,75782Aug 2014
Are men and women equal??1,654109Jul 2014
Will you be on this site after marriage for friends?2,16380Jan 2014
Who is more loyal in friendship?1,13314Mar 2014
Dont you think poll is here for fun only?93518Feb 2014
Are you here for ?1,54963Feb 2014
What does woman think when they get friend request or flowers here2,46090Jan 2014
Did you get any interesting person here? Does CS is good site to find love?99317Jan 2014
Is man or woman equal?2,199145Jan 2014
Who recover earlier from break up man or woman1,31852Jan 2014
Who is more demanding in relationship ( Men/Women).84311Jan 2014
Is man should apprach a lady first? why not lady7268Jan 2014

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