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Cant get my socks on anymore!1154Dec 13
Natural body weight70540Aug 8
Mental incapacity in single people56736Jul 21
When you see yourself in the mirror, do you look the way you feel you look?75637Jul 1
Sex and Smoking38218Jun 29
Members barred from posting on blogs and forums3,194120Jan 2016
Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?2,44138Oct 2015
For how many days have you had consecutive sex2,945122Nov 2015
Relationships without sex2,883130Sep 2015
Invited in for coffee2,25488Aug 2015
Dumping the relationship2,631109Aug 2015
What happened to life?1,42936Jul 2015
What type of bum appeals to you3,032197Jul 2015
How do you spend your time on CS?1,96841May 2015
Visiting Ireland1,96637May 2015
CS affairs, how long do they last?2,49864Apr 2015
How often do you change your profile details?99112Apr 2015
How many people have you met from CS?3,844201Dec 2014
Lying about relationship status on profiles1,40714Dec 2014
If you lie about your age on CS are you actually....2,27993Nov 2014
Tats!1,93875Oct 2014
Show me your boobs!3,45894Oct 2014
When does a relationship become a relationship?1,59653Jul 2014
Meeting in Scotland 20142,56558Jul 2014
Reasons why some men lie66517May 2014
What would you sacrifice for financial security?1,98741Oct 2013
What chat up line attracts you?2,582109Oct 2013
How many lovers have you had?2,17472Jan 2013
The subject of cheating1,99643Dec 2012
What should I wear?1,36426Nov 2012
How many people are you writing too?6238Nov 2012
What is your body preference?3,89146Oct 2012
What percentage of people lie about their age on CS?1,52124Nov 2012
Are you a person that.....1,57121Oct 2012
What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?1,90127Sep 2012
You get contacted by an ex after 30 years... What do you do?2,23981Aug 2012
when deciding to start a new relationship do you...1,54423Sep 2012

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