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Do You Read The Whole Blog Before Commenting ?29819Feb 19
Who Was The Most Talented Of The Beatles?2,25657Apr 2013
What Is Your Biggest Weakness?2,76772Mar 2016
How Do The American Presidential Elections Affect You?1,04643Nov 2016
When you read a satirical blog that offends you, do you...1,27912Feb 2013
What Qualifications Should The Leader Of A Country Have?2,07243Mar 2016
Should Oscar Pistorius Be Released Now?1,80445Jun 2015
Do You Like Hickies (Love Bites)?1,84627Feb 2015
What is your favorite meat?1,82472May 2014
Do you eat meat?1,80857May 2014
An Eye For An Eye?1,71658May 2014
What is this strange object in space?1,852110Apr 2014
What happened at Roswell?2,04885Mar 2013
What do you do after you had sex?2,27485Jan 2014
Can A Pure Platonic Friendship Be Maintained Indefinitely?1,20531Jan 2014
What Sport Do You Prefer Watching - On TV or Live1,95344Mar 2013
If you could have only one wish…8535Apr 2013
Do You Want Acknowledgements On Your Comments?1,24522Apr 2013
What is your second language?1,84461Mar 2013
Deleting message chains5441Apr 2013
Do Do You Browse CS Anonymously?1,67235Apr 2013
Are You Having A Long Easter Weekend Too?7204Mar 2013
Would You change Your Life Drastically If You Could?83010Mar 2013
Why Blogs Without Comments?1,23030Mar 2013
Who killed Marilyn Monroe?1,38424Mar 2013
Who was behind Lee Harvey Oswald when he shot JFK?3,44342Mar 2013
What Language Do You Speak At Home?1,86276Feb 2013
Canada, The Silent Giant. Is there really nothing there?2,39960Mar 2013
When Do You Lie?1,12017Feb 2013
How Would You React To A Celebrity Under Your Roof?1,00912Feb 2013
Should Polls With Seasonal Content Be Restricted to That Season1,78311Feb 2013
Should Attempted Murder Receive The Same Punishment As Murder1,33333Feb 2013

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