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Zero Replies56924Sep 2021
Happy Eid Mubarak2381May 2021
Baby chicks45115Mar 2021
Would you rather be able to...8041Nov 2013
How many people use ?9602Nov 2013
Choose one of these abilities:1,0041Nov 2013
Share6142Oct 2016
20156381Dec 2015
hey listen2,05541Dec 2015
I am no more here7666Aug 2015
Like or unlike5766Jun 2015
?????82014Jun 2015
Cheating4905Jun 2015
Like or unlike3870Jun 2015
Hey Girls Would You Date a Virgin?2,72566May 2015
Happy birthday to me1,08220May 2014
What do you need the most?2,33587Nov 2013
What percentage of women use sex as a weapon?16,408472Nov 2013
Can you have a great, long-lasting sex life with the same partner?1,59752Nov 2013
Get Solutions Of Your Computer Problems5268Nov 2013
Men & Women5071Nov 2013
What supernatural abilities do you wish to have2,32165Nov 2013
Would you rather be good looking or rich?2,10661Nov 2013
Are you shy?2,45154Nov 2013
Why can't women apply mascara with their mouths closed?1,54638Nov 2013
Muslims11,908315Jun 2016
Are you a good lover?7,997185Jun 2015
why are you here?2,00750Apr 2015
Profiles3,82693Jan 2015
Women Aren't Sexy When They're Old11,481228Jan 2015
lost in love....6844Feb 2014
Famous Poems you Like97214Feb 2014
Last Films You Have Seen7,586178Dec 2013
Your Favourite thing in the House is1,35947Nov 2013
famous loving ,caring and Loyal Wives are1,93166Nov 2013
enough with the bad boys!!!!2,29443Nov 2013
How many hours do you sleep ?1,80454Nov 2013
Site1,09114Nov 2013
if you are looking for polite,caring loving thrustworthy7167Nov 2013
What would you do?1,93346Nov 2013

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