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mickey's weather thread

Warm +25c...

8 488 Aug 27

mickey's weather thread

Dull, +14.3c...

11 801 Feb 3

Mickey's weather thread

It has been a good summer with lots of sunshine, this time next week BST will have ended with the clocks being turned back an hour, I have heard we ar...

142 7,821 Feb 16

Mickey's Anti Christmas thread

For the folks who want to get away from the modern day farce that is Christmas It's beyond a joke, my local Tescos slipped in an i...

124 4,939 Jan 8

UK forum poster of the year 2013

Here we have it folks, the nominations for the official UK forum poster of the year 2013, sponsored by Gatorade. Up for grabs i...

50 1,735 Jan 8

This is the itching thread

Why do people itch...

27 868 Dec 25

This is the twitching thread

Anyone else into ornithology Any twitchers about...

6 237 Dec 24

Mickey's Anti Christmas thread

For the folks who want to get away from the modern day farce that is Christmas It's beyond a joke, my local Tescos slipped in an i...

10 1,424 Dec 16

Mickey's change the movie title thread

Think of a movie then change the movie title to add a bit of humour Top Bum (Top Gun)...

71 2,548 Nov 4

Pet Insurance

Is your loved one covered...

3 237 Jun 1

Independent Scotland

In two years time the people of Scotland will decide through the ballot box if they want to remain part of the UK or become an independent nation not...

32 1,569 Jan 22

Jimmy Savile

Now then now then any views on Sir Jimmy...

91 4,193 Jan 16

Abu Hamza

Anyone else as pleased as me to see the preacher of hate sling his hook He hated this country so much, but was desperate to stay...

11 560 Oct 20

David Haye v Derek Chisora fight prediction thread

After the post fight press conference brawl in Germany this will be the grudge fight up there with all past grudge fights The first round...

13 445 Jul 14

Mickey's Weather Thread

Often wonder if you should leave the brolly at home or maybe you are Jetting off somewere nice, you need to know the weather conditions Bei...

99 3,693 Mar 17

Mickey's Advise Thread

You have the dilemma, Mickey has the answer. Fully Trained by Dr Phil A problem shared is a problem halved...

100 3,473 Feb 12

Happy Birthday Mindfful

She will hate this thread.. but she probally wont see it all day as we are going to the beach and then out for dinner later Happy Birthday M...

77 2,340 Aug 19

Mebers of parliment and expenses

What a bunch of scrounging low life scumbags claiming for dog food light bulbs chocolate bars porn films council tax...

13 483 Jun 15

a happy day turns into a sad day

A father was stabbed to death in front of his three-year-old daughter as he went to visit his wife and newborn son in hospital. The 26-year-old...

5 381 Feb 1


dogs Former French president Jacques Chirac was rushed to hospital after being mauled by his own 'clinically depressed' pet dog. Th...

14 485 Jan 22

i really dislike so many people on here

yeah really...

295 6,804 Jan 1

ok i did it

married a fellow cs member (mindfful) on 8th september in houston there is picture of us on my profile taken on honeymoon in mexico ain...

45 1,815 Dec 28

cant be nice having a glass shoved in the boat

but how many years should vinnie get for the attack on his attackers innocent mate...

7 336 Dec 9

russell brand/jonathan ross

should the bbc get rid of them both...

18 688 Nov 25


the toilet seat down next time i visit the bathroom...

98 2,046 Oct 18

how many dogs belong to cs

im one...

21 822 Aug 28

say something to someone-no need to mention a name

spill the beans...

1,002 23,355 Mar 10

welcome back geoff aka zedbra68

nice to see you back fella talk about old school haha no but when the uk forums begun so everyone the zedbra is family...

19 605 Mar 1

HaPpY bIrThDaY

Roseofsharon AKA Alison You told me on saturday it was a secret does that mean you didnt want a birthday thread...

34 1,534 Dec 12

There is a Birthday girl in the house!!

It is Hugz n Kissez birthday on wednesday Now being in London it is her birthday already Happy Bir...

55 1,806 Oct 11

hi gillyloves69 how's everything hanging? from mickey


6 502 Jun 26

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