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Putin snickers every time he gets around Trump !35621Jan 23
Be afraid says Trump !69236Oct 24
In loving memory1915Oct 17
Trump importing poison chicken ?1,43870May 2018
The hills are alive .....3409Apr 2018
Trump Tower on fire again!49516Apr 2018
CIA chief may have inside information on Putin's control over Trump!1,43192Mar 2018
Paul Ryan will save America !86145Feb 2018
Dossier shocker4,206215Jan 2018
Trump is telling lies again. New one daily!!!2,18280Oct 2017
Archived threads39314Oct 2017
Absurdity1630Oct 2017
Trump - Weiner in 2020 ?3,12840Oct 2016
Bernstein has a sad answer for Trump.40017Aug 2017
Hail Satan! Hail Pence!1910Jul 2017
Mexico78432Apr 2017
TRUMPCARE exposed for fraud against middle class! Forbes prints it no less!!30811Mar 2017
Trump news today!64629Mar 2017
Was she rude?2,07629Aug 2014
NATO WORRIED TRUMP TRAITOR????? CNN!!!!!!2,06324Nov 2016
Putins puppet cant rig election!!!!!!1,02815Nov 2016
Trump ,Russian puppet, FBI investigating !!!!1,75237Nov 2016
nice hair5541Jul 2016
Man eats horse poop1,45132Jun 2016
Vive la France!1,12120Apr 2016
So who won the republican debate last night?2,4047Mar 2016
Nephilim1,50939Oct 2015
The Irish gals.2,81891May 2015
Memory1,47229Aug 2014
Nuwabians have been trading with aliens, using our polio vaccines and hula hoops.1,36327May 2014
class arf!4043Apr 2015
talk and leer8029Mar 2015
oopsie doopsie4621Jan 2015

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