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Could members photos be actually rated on a scale of 1-10 on how you like them.9614Nov 2016
Do people turn their photos in the wrong position deliberately to get attention?1,0422May 2014
Who is your favourie Big Bang character?2,63219May 2015
Would you date someone who has a handicap...example cerebral palsy, or another form of defect.1,0293Aug 2014
Have you remained in CS even though you've found a relationship already?8913May 2015
Do you and your ex still remain friends...have contact with each other?3,49563May 2015
Have you ever left CS and returned another time2,0559May 2015
Riding bicycles on sidewalks2,01060Sep 2014
Guys: Do you take any reading material to the john?1,49741Aug 2014
Is there any females in the Burlington area interested in talking with me?3450Aug 2014
Would you consult a psychic for help in finding romance? (Where, how, when)8558Aug 2014
Ladies: What do you like to wear?1,67233Aug 2014
Do you believe in psychics or predictions (prophicies)8917Jul 2014
NHL on overtime1,1964Jul 2014
What do you think of profiles that dont have their photos turned properly.1,63719May 2014
Should Martin Brodeur retire now.1,59717Jul 2014
Is my profile ok? (Women only)9585May 2014
What do you think of me. (Women only)2,917113Jun 2014
Is my poll ok? (Men only)8061May 2014
What do you think of profiles with no photos ?1,35615May 2014
Do you think that people who put anything else in their profile other than their photo is worth talk1,50330May 2014
Would you talk to anyone with anyone without a photo?7961May 2014
Would you talk to anyone who doesnt have their photo turned correctly?1,42637May 2014
Will the Leafs trade James Reimer?9750Jul 2014
Should the Leafs trade James Reimer1,1240Jul 2014
No queen Camilla. Charles and Camilla are divorcing75419Oct 2018
What do you use when you run out if toilet paper?1,72663Oct 2018
How do you like the new changes of the site?2,03937Nov 2016
Do you think Connecting singles should have video chat to better comunnicate With people2,54437Jun 2016
What is your favorite way of being active1,76429May 2016
Best place for holidays1,21112May 2016
How honest is your profile5,04133Feb 2016
If your bathroom mirror could talk, what would it say to you?5,677142Jan 2016
What is Your Favourite Kind of Exercise2,62610Jan 2016
What's your dream destination?3,12442Jan 2016
New Year's Resolutions: Which one would you most like to do?2,44115Dec 2015
What will Barack Obama do when his White House gig is up?2,28861Jun 2015
Should Obama visit Cuba?3,619150May 2015
Why did you cheat?2,59462May 2015
would you date someone with bi-polar?2,02535Apr 2015

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