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which one will you go for?7212Apr 2014
which is your favorite blockbuster in the past twenty years?8491May 2014
Cover Songs2,80160Nov 2014
what do you know about Rome?2,561134Apr 2014
Celibataires92924Jan 2015
phoenix94214Jan 2015
Italy VS Europe1,56920Dec 2014
boarding schools and schools UK1,57941Dec 2014
which is your best romantique movie ever, till today?2,876204Apr 2014
if a man/ woman hit you? what would you do?6,192439Apr 2014
holidays51712Dec 2014 is beautiful1,38436Nov 2014
hei you4323Nov 2014
Pictures of perfect stars5216Nov 2014
Nice beast1,34236Nov 2014
Is technology slowly killing eye contact and above all killing us?is media social network a good or1,67662May 2014
which dance you like most?1,58143Nov 2014
what is the secret of CS2,30579Nov 2014
I TRUST IN MYSELF .85821Nov 2014
what does your country look like on the map ?3,30177May 2014
significant of a relationship between a 25 years old and a 58 years old !!2,02352Apr 2014
are woman more fickle then men?1,11526May 2014
how do you like your chocolate?1,827109Apr 2014
humor- Rare footage - try to spot me.:-)8909May 2014
wedding proposal87020May 2014
x factor3190May 2014
if you have to choice for a lifetime partener, which one wiil you chooce to be next to you?1,70664Apr 2014
my dog in motion2,08477May 2014
what do you think about pole dancing ?2,47379Apr 2014
is fairness important in a relationship ? and how much?1,39075May 2014
extra headroom3942May 2014
download videos2,92244May 2014
the most beautiful adverts around the world6786May 2014
20 funny and not questions survey!!4763May 2014
if you had to choose what do you look first in a holiday booking?1,49944May 2014
what kind of flowers do you like ?2,475163Apr 2014
which of these behavior do you prefer now days?1,972127Apr 2014
memory's4632Apr 2014
what are your different jobs that you have done?1,46346Apr 2014

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