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What you feel about being single again?4,63828Apr 2014
you can hurt me with the TRUTH but don't you dare please me with a LIE8631Apr 2014
Walking your kid to school do you think as wasting time?1,22038Aug 2014
How do you feel about kids with down syndrom81822Jul 2014
The best vacation could be76537Jul 2014
Best Birthday gift you are willing to have?8678Jul 2014
cannot agree on one thing I prefer to6646Jun 2014
When I am dating I rather upload75117Jun 2014
Men on internet dating is?1,40613Apr 2014
what kind of things men does not want to have in woman2,190152Apr 2014
Most private thing that you willing say on CS is?1,18020Apr 2014
If the love is blind6455Apr 2014
Best place for a wedding?1,06027Apr 2014
Woman with Good sens of humor man would find it?1,07524Apr 2014
what kind of situation make a man angry?2,161125Apr 2014
what was the unforgetable thing in the past years?3070Apr 2014
Would you travel to neighbor country to see your online talking partner?1,19338Apr 2014
How long a man can stay with no SEX.2,404218Apr 2014
Is there any one want to see me for real NY USA?80514Apr 2014
When a man go out with a woman how they want woman to dress?1,68384Apr 2014
Why people like to pretend as some one else?1,27460Apr 2014
How a man express when he is sad, or way too emotional?91130Apr 2014
When a woman ask a man what they like what they feel and what they want they are silent but they com1,47877Apr 2014
What is the best interest for the week end?77723Apr 2014
In what way a woman can make you feel being loved?1,28242Apr 2014
I am kind of tired with this online dating thing!85810Apr 2014

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