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Mail Order Catalog--Quality Men for sale at Bargain Prices9,496569Jan 2010
The all new Mail Order Groom Catalog!!25,1031,004Jan 2010
Guess Whom really cheats more , Men or Women!!38513Oct 2009
For my friends!!1,56664Jun 2009
Pulling Weeds To Find The Flower of Love!!2,676150Feb 2009
Say Something, someway, somehow to someone, but be nice.5,399400May 2009
Infactuation Main Cause of Divorces!!1,32079Feb 2009
North Myrtle Beach Fire!!72925Apr 2009
What Women Want In a Man!!4,942379Mar 2009
Wife Busts Husband for Ad on Craigs List.87136Apr 2009
How To Learn To Love Yourself!!!1,59166Aug 2008
American Idol Best!!2877Apr 2009
Strange Deaths in a Hospital ICU!!4853Mar 2009
Be Nice, Say Something Nice !!!10,6421,003Mar 2009
Very interesting videos on relating with men !!1,390105Mar 2009
Narcissist65038Mar 2009
A gift for his sweetheart!!30917Mar 2009
Unemployment!!30216Mar 2009
How to be Positive in Life!!!1,09062Feb 2009
I Double Dare you!!1,26929Feb 2009
Sex Drive Overdrive!!!!4,827296Feb 2009
Things Not To Say To Say To Your Valentine Date!!44217Feb 2009
Sex In The Jungle!!!80117Oct 2008
Wife Found Love on the Internet. The Lover Turned out to be Her Husband!!82820Jan 2009
What Makes Romance and How To Keep It!!2449Jan 2009
Bored Beyond Belief!!!1,19669Nov 2008
How to Exercise your Butt and never Miss any of CS!!1,20153Nov 2008
10 Things that Sound Dirty at Christmas, But Aren't42110Dec 2008
Name a Christmas present You would Give to the One Above.1,829115Dec 2008
Confucius Say:46715Oct 2008
Diary of a Snow Shoveler!!45915Dec 2008
'Twas The (Politically Correct) Night Before Christmas26110Dec 2008
The Top 15 Reindeer Games!!!2470Dec 2008
Real Teacher Comments Made On Report Cards!!2,0315Nov 2008
10 Peeves Dogs have about Humans!!2,292100Jul 2008
Hillbilly and Two Indians!!54113Oct 2008
Top Ten Things On Thanksgiving that Sound Dirty, but Aren't!!52914Nov 2008
Thanksgiving Jokes!!41311Nov 2008
Wierdest Things that Can Only Happen To You!!1,78894Nov 2008

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