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Well done Facebook Ireland Headquarters.....2809Sep 2017
Does age matter in a relationship?...2,832147Jun 2017
What a pity.....4677Jun 2017
Just wondering.......80142Jun 2017
Does anybody ever wonder?......59720Feb 2017
Maybe everybody has a lookalike!... Has anybody ever been told they have a twin?1,16125Dec 2015
Anybody else think it is wrong?.....4,260160Nov 2015
State win their appeal in Oscar Pistorius case......96922Dec 2015
Is it easier get promotion at work if you are born with the so called 'right equipment'?....2761Mar 2015
If us ladies had to go to live on a desert island and we could only bring One thing with us....what1,58954Mar 2015
Ooops! I cannot believe i spent that much.....1,08933Mar 2015
Memories of things from our childhood that we don't see anymore.....1,43041Feb 2015
"jihadi brides'..... so much for British Border Control......1,92162Feb 2015
Do some people deliberately have large families in order to increase their social welfare payments?93432Feb 2015
Does it worry you if your partner is a really goodlooking fella/lady?...2,27275Feb 2015
so you are going to meet YOUR God in the next few minutes......1,97272Feb 2015
does anybody here get more mail because they bother their a....s to create a thread?73720Jan 2015
Anybody watching Crimewatch UK last night?2779Jan 2015
The meanest person you have ever known....???2,22069Jan 2015
Picked up the wrong bag at the airport...9187Dec 2014
The family farm had to be sold in order to pay her 750k euro....96320Dec 2014

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