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What couple on the forums would you watch, if it was on a reality Tv series?7094824 hrs ago
Pancakes1,813179Feb 13
What would you rather...,42121Dec 30
What did the last email you sent say?81543Feb 12
What are your bad points?77752Feb 14
Why do you post on the forums?75547Feb 12
Timewasters!63252Feb 11
Why does society .....35327Feb 10
You know you don't belong on the forums..1,574104Feb 3
Forums too serious???62445Feb 7
Beggars can't be choosers...22514Feb 5
Why do people complicate things?1,430120Feb 4
Have the mods been tampering with the site again??82548Jan 29
What are your relationship goals?1,58595Jan 22
I havent had a mail in days!!67033Jan 23
How to impress a man!!1,53968Jul 21
Do you come here often?75648Jan 18
Do women have an advantage when it comes to dating?1,04465Dec 18
The problem with the forums is....56429Jan 16
Do you think slim women have a better chance of dating ...3,097173Jan 7
The fast pace of city life.45232Jan 10
What is your priority, when it comes to finding a partner?1,13452Dec 29
Table manners!1,19460Jan 2
If you had to have a tattoo, what would it say & where would you have it ???45132Jan 2
Do we really have choice?78958Dec 28
Hanover cures???62935Dec 26
What intimidates more about the opposite sex?81651Dec 23
Do you think is right to chat to multiple people at one time?1,423112Dec 17
How the London bombings saved my relationship!!!46435Dec 21
Any ladies51040Dec 19
Interesting facts!71843Nov 21
CS calendar 201850027Dec 15
The diversity of impotence!32618Dec 8
What advice would you give the youth of today?1,725119Dec 8
If you had to give up chocolate or sex71140Nov 30
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...48332Dec 10
In a few words, what would you write about the poster above you?73357Dec 7
Has anyone else noticed.54224Nov 29
What have you learnt about people, since you joined the forums?2,374134Dec 3
Notice!95250Dec 5

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