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What did the last email you sent say?4,741335Feb 12
Back to basics2078Apr 21
How to make online dating more successful!2,781213May 13
"Defensive narcissist"5,783315Aug 2017
National "blame someone else day"74542Apr 29
Get it off your chest!1,33266Apr 23
Can any one explain to me ...1,73886Apr 19
I'm waiting for someone to post an interesting thread!77269Apr 15
A thread for the NON gay members.25316Apr 13
Income & expenditure!37138Apr 13
Is intelligence or wisdom more useful in life's journey?53934Apr 10
Role play!91173Apr 7
Is there an American/English translator..44438Apr 7
Constructive criticism!20411Apr 5
If you could be an expert on anything..62354Apr 2
What would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?67854Mar 27
Who are the most boring race in the world?99454Mar 19
Happiest nation in the world?26418Mar 28
What's been the highlight of your life so far?38525Mar 22
What age range are you more attracted to?57332Mar 21
What is your idea of heaven?1,462111Mar 13
If you were a moderator...80758Mar 16
The moaning thread!66339Mar 18
Do you have what it takes..36327Mar 18
What makes you think, you would make a good partner?1,21788Mar 11
Sapiosexual.2,818220Mar 9
Guess the person above yous profession ?1,571133Mar 9
There are 2 reasons why you would join CS .88172Mar 6
Love is??1,02973Mar 4
Why would you join a international dating site..1,650112Feb 26
A simple "Hello"... should57435Mar 3
Due to the arctic weather....1,241101Mar 1
Grab a granny!89155Feb 27
Do women have an advantage when it comes to dating?1,38283Dec 18
Tell me a secret!!!1,21288Feb 23
For a relationship to work...39927Feb 22
Help23917Feb 20
What couple on the forums would you watch, if it was on a reality Tv series?1,26469Feb 19
Pancakes2,076179Feb 13
What would you rather...,48221Dec 30

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