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Have women lost their femininity?5,026385Oct 13
Is it really worth the effort...........55948Oct 16
Isn't it amazing how an international forum..67538Oct 12
How high are your expectations??93877Oct 10
Truheart .76171Oct 11
The queen!!86079Oct 7
With all the technology available to us ..1,326142Oct 9
I think women are getting ahead of themelves1,304105Oct 4
I have a dream ...87883Sep 27
What's the most expensive present....66245Sep 28
Do you think the mods were too hasty ..2,857125Aug 28
Things that people neglect to say...1,091150Oct 2
Trans foods !16513Sep 21
Alternative holidays ...36231Sep 26
No sex please , we're British .1,214105Sep 23
I want to post a thread about something I know nothing about46835Sep 24
Virtually unfaithful!!1,493134Sep 19
Transparent18718Sep 21
I'm writing a book on survival !!37735Sep 20
lists of demands!!!1,459105Sep 14
Women , would you date a bisexual man99464Aug 30
My ideal match !!1,08081Sep 12
Why are shampoo produce made .....59956Sep 6
Alopecia !!1,235122Sep 3
Back to school ....67381Sep 4
I get suspicious of women who have been ...2,655141Aug 26
Is it bingo night tonight??1,307156Aug 31
Judge One2note!!45036Aug 31
What is your biggest fear ????98462Aug 29
The advantages of Living in the countryside ..1,712123Aug 27
The angry thread1,32783Aug 24
Socially awkward people !!74343Aug 20
Describe your ideal partner ...43529Aug 20
The advantages & disadvantages of being single!82061Aug 19
The CS forum awards 255123Aug 15
The CS forum awards !!!!90567Aug 15
What are your goals for the future?1,00772Aug 13
Holiday season73860Jul 24
There are only 3 types of people .....2,180127Jul 21
Why are you not in a relationship?1,57557Jun 28

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