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Are you thrilled that Putin was nominated as TIME magazine's person of the year?60010Dec 2007
A Song Dedicated to OBAMA !1,06931Apr 2008
OBAMA for PRESIDENT IV2,896114Mar 2008
Would You Support Your Child If They Told You They Were Bi s*xual Or Gay?67227Jun 2009
Happy Trails to ya'll...67829Jun 2009
Loving relationship...50918Jun 2009
Cap & Trade..... More change you can believe in.74436Jun 2009
Republican Plan for taking over in 201241717May 2009
Do you think our soldiers are a "right wing terrorist" threat as the Adminstration assumes?4,378243Apr 2009
I finally got my $13.00 tax reduction Obama promised. YESSSSS!70137Apr 2009
Can you guess..?84143Apr 2009
How much $$ do you make per year? I don't want anyone to post anything. Just respond to the poll :)97343Mar 2009
What will you do with your extra $13.00 per week?1,53072Mar 2009
Global warming in DC1973Mar 2009
500 plus employees that could lose their jobs. : (35715Mar 2009
A Dedication to Our President (after his speech last night)4,708398Feb 2009
Another senseless death :(92233Feb 2009
What do Irish midgets like to be given on Valentine's Day?1,60063Feb 2009
It's so cold in Indiana that2,477183Jan 2009
I just can't wait.95436Jan 2009
Supreme Court Ruling handed down last week.48915Dec 2008
Christmas Party Announcement81924Dec 2008
Top 100 lists.54322Dec 2008
Just think1,19735Oct 2008
What would you do if...2,375109Dec 2008
The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA)1,69765Dec 2008
Foreigners don't understand U.S. politics.1,19941Dec 2008
Change we can believe in.2,555117Sep 2008
Do you know what would piss Democrats off?72720Dec 2008
The top 100 things about the great country of Denmark:3,271143Sep 2008
Going to Walmart by age brackets84537Nov 2008
Here's the Plan1,22653Nov 2008
Election Day is over. The talking is done. My party lost. Your party won.97137Nov 2008
So all you women think it's so damn easy being a man!!!!!!!!!1,05631Nov 2008
Is there some irony here?3939Nov 2008
Should the rest of the world be afraid...25410Nov 2008
PMSNBC1,13172Oct 2008
3-somes1,06728Aug 2008
Obama..... El Fifthteeneio....The Messiah has risen!5,224293Aug 2008
50 years of marriage.3224Oct 2008

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