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A message to the American people and their president.2,42168Feb 2022
Claiming to have a degree1,44537Jan 2022
Big Toilet Paper.75824Jan 2022
Do you swear too much?1,02836Dec 2021
New Zealand...2420Dec 2021
Ringing the cops2719Dec 2021
Who's up for a bit of Turkish delight?2040Nov 2021
Do they eat much turkey, in Turkey?2184Nov 2021
A few questions for all the American folks here...57617Sep 2021
Around the world...2551Sep 2021
Which country invented bacon and eggs?1,50143Aug 2021
Which of the following have you tried to put up your nose?58713Jul 2021
Bisexual Rabbis.71919Apr 2021
Shagging in a garden shed?1,81960May 2021
What will happen?40918May 2021
Conclusions...64020May 2021
Which do you prefer?5598Apr 2021
Ladies, describe your pupillary distance.4685Mar 2021
Ladies, describe your diastema.76624Mar 2021
Cars made in Europe.44816Dec 2020
Bridge repairs in America.1,00333Dec 2020
Prostituzzione bellisimo.1,27964Apr 2020
Whick would be worse?65514Apr 2020
Would you prefer to watch women wrestling in...54812Apr 2020
If you had to choose a partner with the following, which would it be?1,18736Mar 2020
Paper, scissors, rock...75415Jan 2020
Dorothy Vallens3658Feb 2020
Rubber1,01123Feb 2020
Percentage.54017Feb 2020
Just wondering1,08953Feb 2020
Big floppy nang nangs...79021Feb 2020
Hearing impairment.1,04628Jan 2020
I got me a stalker...98225Feb 2020
Just a reminder,,,43012Jan 2020
Telephone1,14834Aug 2018
Lily Allen5707Jul 2018
Would you?4665Jul 2018
Do you have a nice arse?6,256124Oct 2017
A timely reminder for the ladies at CS1,22033Apr 2018
Women...6007Mar 2018

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