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Which country invented bacon and eggs?1,03043Aug 14
Which of the following have you tried to put up your nose?42613Jul 20
Bisexual Rabbis.55419Apr 7
Shagging in a garden shed?1,24860May 23
What will happen?26818May 17
Conclusions...51220May 9
Which do you prefer?4448Apr 30
Ladies, describe your pupillary distance.2915Mar 21
Ladies, describe your diastema.59424Mar 19
Cars made in Europe.33516Dec 2020
Bridge repairs in America.72033Dec 2020
Prostituzzione bellisimo.96364Apr 2020
Whick would be worse?52114Apr 2020
Would you prefer to watch women wrestling in...43412Apr 2020
If you had to choose a partner with the following, which would it be?97136Mar 2020
Paper, scissors, rock...68015Jan 2020
Dorothy Vallens2728Feb 2020
Rubber77823Feb 2020
Percentage.39017Feb 2020
Just wondering84553Feb 2020
Big floppy nang nangs...62821Feb 2020
Hearing impairment.78528Jan 2020
I got me a stalker...76825Feb 2020
Just a reminder,,,34512Jan 2020
Telephone92634Aug 2018
Lily Allen4897Jul 2018
Would you?3665Jul 2018
Do you have a nice arse?5,669124Oct 2017
A timely reminder for the ladies at CS1,08133Apr 2018
Women...5077Mar 2018
No arms or legs for a day.88420Feb 2018
The River Boys.46112Feb 2018
What would you do?5779Feb 2018
How many goats do you have?1,38740Feb 2018
So who is the clown pretending to be me?2,15257Jan 2018
Women smoking pot.1,81846Dec 2017
Piper3674Dec 2017
Are you planning on having another baby?5138Nov 2017
It's on.90518Nov 2017
Are you on drugs?3,74155May 2017

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