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Computers: Remember When?9107Apr 2016
Who is the most prudish of them all3,596107Aug 2021
Time for Sunday Lunch1,13369Aug 2021
Shagging in a garden shed?1,63360May 2021
I'm Thinking #2156,6598,000Mar 2021
Insane English.1,16645Jan 2021
No miracles here.93638Jan 2021
Animals have no soul....!1,18840Dec 2020
.. And all that Jazz...10,008449Nov 2020
Irish women1,60551Aug 2020
Australia2,52695Jul 2020
Tattoo Ideas57317Jul 2020
UK opens up conflict with China by inviting 3m Hong Kong residents to move to Britain.1,64568Jul 2020
Say Anything137,6943,750Jun 2020
Can you guess the type of fish tattooed on this person?68522Apr 2020
Have your first online public confession here. I’ll hear you sins now.1,56971Apr 2020
what song defeats covid 19?1,94771Mar 2020
A global shortage of condoms is looming. Coronavirus lockdown forced to shut down production.67815Mar 2020
Elizabeth Montgomery73014Mar 2020
Current Thoughts #583,6785,401Mar 2020
Double-Entendres5079Mar 2020
Mods have been busy.70912Mar 2020
Harry and Megham2,33896Mar 2020
Have you been traumatized by President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment proceedings ?1,01826Mar 2020
Your favourite meat1,29149Mar 2020
Hey, if girls with big chests work at Hooters, where do girls with one leg work?60817Mar 2020
Will Coronavirus Kill 3/4 Of Earth's Population?2,14167Mar 2020
Time1,50538Mar 2020
Bot farms, trolls, dark ads, fake news.4247Feb 2020
F*cking Scammers1,98738Feb 2020
Britain slams the doors on immigrants3,519142Feb 2020
Current Thoughts #421,124774Feb 2020
Music game42,6821,898Feb 2020
Memorable quotes and their Authors20,344763Dec 2019
The world is going to shít, isn't it?82323Nov 2019
First letter, last letter51,6843,267Sep 2019
Should people who don't have profile pics be allowed to post on the forums and blogs?4,989191Jan 2019
In Four Words167,6118,000Jun 2018
Say Anything248,3298,000Feb 2018
Cockney Rhyming Slang1,15428Sep 2017

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