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How many times should you break up with your SO without calling it splittsville?1,07932Apr 2017
did you ever catch someones eye?71721Apr 2017
a sad day........1,92757Apr 2017
Say Anything IIV32,6491,000Apr 2017
Missing you.1,38139Apr 2017
Working Towards Retirement6644Apr 2017
Protests65321Apr 2017
Laugh lines from past movies and tv shows--C'mon everybody!!5799Apr 2017
Share What You Are Listening To -- Part XVII29,5291,000Apr 2017
CAN THIS POST GET 2000 REPLIES?1,97831Apr 2017
Make up a Poem/Rhyme about a CS'er2,645135Apr 2017
Unluckiest Guy In The World4785Apr 2017
New Female Sex Robot Can Talk.....2,68948Apr 2017
Who really knows what they are doing?????2,845167Apr 2017
share your best and worst first date experience64714Mar 2017
Jealousy issues.2,43078Mar 2017
Lights off or on1,68377Mar 2017
Describe The Poster Above You18,231648Mar 2017
Anonymous Thread until i can find the other one *scratch my head*........66520Mar 2017
What Are You Wearing?7,602227Mar 2017
can your up bringen effect your adult life?51710Mar 2017
Hello Cousins1,49322Mar 2017
Do you celebrate The 8 of March in your country?89523Mar 2017
Plastic surgery !79921Mar 2017
Speaking of robots !56317Mar 2017
Happy Birthday Pat!!!2,53747Mar 2017
Do you believe in tipping?2,57991Mar 2017
Ban the Poster Above You7,797280Mar 2017
Food and drink picture thread15,054398Mar 2017
The flirting thread.2,800111Mar 2017
Was your EX good for youre mental health...?1,14426Feb 2017
Good/Topics for Date Chat1,29038Feb 2017
Kung-Fool vs Kung-Fu2,74311Feb 2017
What is your shoesize?1,2868Feb 2017
.................happy valentines day......ladies.2,18954Feb 2017
Happy Birthday Chatonlyman!3,15460Feb 2017
Valentines day.2,14672Feb 2017
chemicals......??????1,05324Feb 2017
Don’t allow America’s illegals into Canada4,78290Jan 2017

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