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Which flame warrior best describes you.3,115137Feb 2018
What emojis irritate you the most?3,089105Feb 2018
Forums too serious???1,32045Feb 2018
Farming2,60796Feb 2018
What truly turns you off - Part 215,576534Feb 2018
Have you thought about your epitaph?1,30732Feb 2018
Do you rate services & products online?58019Feb 2018
Happy Birthday Ali1102,26280Feb 2018
What Phrases, Terms or Words Irritate You ?8,597282Feb 2018
I Am Getting Married1,30830Feb 2018
About Right43410Jan 2018
Dating rules2,81475Jan 2018
Food and taste1,68365Jan 2018
So who is the clown pretending to be me?2,29457Jan 2018
The Doomsday Clock1,78462Jan 2018
Watching1,12243Jan 2018
I misplaced my Crayons.4775Jan 2018
It's National Compliment Day!9,305296Jan 2018
which alcohol bevvage do you perfare...?1,18428Jan 2018
Dreams?1,83657Jan 2018
DAMNATION4178Jan 2018
Facebook3,06890Jan 2018
What Games Did You Play as a Child indoors or Out?66716Jan 2018
Nuclear threat.2,731101Jan 2018
What's Your Talent?2,35483Jan 2018
How To Turn Newfoundland Into A Paradise1,15913Jan 2018
How To Turn Newfoundland Into A Paradise55818Jan 2018
A Question For You All1,31948Jan 2018
The Proper Way To Wake Someone Up94510Jan 2018
The fast pace of city life.1,07432Jan 2018
Our pets2,20071Jan 2018
It's official: Men are more vain than women2,33962Jan 2018
Mayonaise, would you llike fries with that?1,75466Jan 2018
Whats been the highlight of your new year so far.2,744108Jan 2018
What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING30,5561,000Jan 2018
Do you believe in Angels?1,97846Jan 2018
Favorite 007 Lines59116Jan 2018
League of Super Hero’s5,85528Jan 2018
Being single has good points.1,23842Jan 2018
What would you rather...,98921Dec 2017

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