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Wow4481Jul 2017
Which places to visit in Canada?2,79634Jul 2017
re-live1,27760Jul 2017
buttered toast77925Jul 2017
Dedicate A Song To Someone1,50531Jul 2017
Mosquitos82514Jul 2017
How do you deal with a breakup2,00968Jul 2017
Kissing on a first date1,17232Jul 2017
TRUST???1,43941Jul 2017
In love1,00928Jul 2017
knee boots1,14827Jul 2017
He who dares wins, he who hesitates is lost1,14951Jul 2017
Canada - Ist G7 to legalize pot federally (med and rec)1,17936Jul 2017
Are you a keeper, or a good time girl?1,95580Jul 2017
'You don't make more friends in life than the ones you have when you're 25'....75432Jul 2017
Should all British police officers bear arms?1,62739Jul 2017
Ladies , Important question80019Jul 2017
So, what are the 3 vital things ...1,45442Jul 2017
What's your current mood???2,64097Jul 2017
If I was to ask you ....2,16487Jul 2017
what calm you down ?5748Jul 2017
what can words not explain?43611Jul 2017
What would be a appropriate "chat up line" for CS .57210Jul 2017
Judgemental people.2,84082Jul 2017
Now what IF you meet MR / MS Right here on CS or else where2,17576Jul 2017
How to keep your partner interested!!2,45394Jul 2017
Are You?1,53738Jun 2017
What's the secret to a successful relationship?1,82362Jun 2017
What are you looking for on cs ?2,66435Jun 2017
How long have you been on cs forums?1,85440Jun 2017
Have You Laws In Your Country That1,56744Jun 2017
worst kind of fakes1,96155Jun 2017
Connection87512Jun 2017
WHEN was the last time...1,51345Jun 2017
The Good The Bad and The Ugly!!1,03823Jun 2017
Is there room for honesty on this site?2,36393Jun 2017
American couple wins lotto jackpot 5 times....3166Jun 2017
Towering inferno in England10,209292Jun 2017
Have you written your will ???1,14342Jun 2017

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