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What are you listening to?....

What song are you listening to now? Any particular reason? I'm listening to... Bullet For My Valentine.... The End. Because I like it. :dan...

9 442 May 8

Well Hello Again

Hello everyone. Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Dana. I've been here off and on over the past few years. From my lurking I would guess tha...

29 1,014 May 7

The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!

Today, the man that abducted and brutally raped my 16 year old daughter 6 times is finally in prison. He's been in county jail since the morning after...

43 2,050 Mar 7


I haven't been looking for a partner for some time. I'm just wondering of anything has changed out there and if I should start looking again. Just cur...

46 1,493 Mar 6

Music... Thinking of....

Desmond.... I Need You Now....

4 340 Mar 6

Valentines Day Plans?Wha

Personally... I think it's a shame that the Basketball playoffs are on Valentines Day. So many people will have to miss the game. My daughter is plann...

54 910 Feb 2

Do you believe in life after death?

What do you believe happens after death?...

181 4,466 Aug 10

What Are You Listening To Now...

191 3,046 May 26

Tell About Your Best Dates

Tell us about some of the best dates you've had. What did you do? What was fun or romantic or special about it? My most fun date was 4-wheeling....

93 1,452 Apr 21

Getting it off my chest

small as it is. I have been here for a year now. During that time, I've met many people that I don't care for. For the most part, not always - I've...

80 1,901 Apr 17

Who Else???

We've lost Pretz.. not by his own hand, but still. I've noticed today that Dazzling Dave isn't here! I'm shocked! Dave... if you're reading this......

12 339 Apr 16

Happy Birthday Tina / sxc666

Happy Birthday Tina!!!!...

66 1,312 Apr 3

Say Something.. or else.

Ok then...

894 7,829 Apr 1

What Funny Things...

When my daughter was little and would say the blessing before dinner, instead of ending with AMEN, she would end with GAY MEN. I thought it was so...

48 925 Mar 30

What do you do...

When your best friend won't talk to you about something. It's like he knows what I need to talk about, but he doesn't want to listen to it, so unless...

60 1,481 Mar 26

Who Would You Like to See in Concert?

What entertainers or bands would you like most to see in concert. Me and my daughter... Avenged Sevenfold. I'd also like to see Josh Groban....

106 1,864 Mar 22

It IS St. Patricks Day

Are you wearing green? I am. Have a Happy one peoples!...

10 282 Mar 18

Your Favorite Recent Purchase

What is your favorite recent purchase that you've bought for yourself? Me? I bought a new kitchen knife. It's a Santoku Knife, which is similar to...

110 1,957 Mar 11

Legal Advise

I need some legal advise in the US. If anyone can answer a question for me I would appreciate it. I can't post the question, but I have a situation th...

14 449 Mar 11

Say Something - other than Happy New Year


795 9,134 Mar 5

The Difference Between Men and Women

After reading a few post here today, I think it's a good time to bring out Roger and Elaine again. Just as a reminder... The Story of Roger and E...

6 284 Feb 27

Say Something. No Need For Names, but Please Be NICE

We try....

1,002 9,577 Feb 26

Female Ejaculation

Comments? Questions? We've talked about everything else, but never this. Okay.... Go!...

384 12,272 Feb 26

Auction - One Perfectly Built Man from CS Man Parts

Ladies, the auction will begin now. What is your bid? (See thread..

92 1,961 Feb 19

Ladies, Let's Build a MAN! Men, we'll need your donations...

From the donated parts of CS men. I think this has been done before, but in the summer while I was traveling so I missed it. So, men, what do you h...

190 3,324 Feb 19

The Wallet

== THE WALLET == A Very Touching Love Story As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I...

16 420 Feb 19

Duct Tape

What all is duct tape good for. Be imaginative. Go!...

168 2,575 Feb 19

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Tina!! I think they'd forgotten me!!!...

129 2,459 Feb 12


Exercise Partner Needed...

24 760 Jan 12

Help - fast

Need advise fast -- the people that have my husky have left her in the basement of their home for at least a week. I just found out. They are apparent...

97 1,853 Jan 10

**whispering** How do you feel today?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a festive New Years Eve. Now how do you feel? Feel free to share your hangover remedies for those who may need the...

47 855 Jan 7

Happy Birthday x5323601 / XXX / Jody

Whatever name you may know him by, please wish Jody a Happy Birthday. He hasn't been on much lately but will be on for a bit this evening. So let's pu...

16 553 Jan 5

Are you sick of polls?

Yes and low self esteem threads...

41 667 Jan 3

Say Something Good!!!!


1,001 9,299 Jan 2

Say Something - and be nice dammit

Like that'll help....

686 7,397 Jan 1

The New Years Party Thread

Come one, come all!! Have a drink if it's that time of day for you. If you're home and sharing your New Years Eve with fellow CSers, bring on the part...

347 4,477 Jan 1

What Happened

To Indy? We can't manage without Indy! This place may fall apart? Damn....

21 662 Dec 28

A Matter of Sex

In light of the threads on the differences between men and women, this has always been my favorite reminder. Thought I'd share. dana A M...

17 869 Dec 28

My Dear Friends

I can't begin to answer all of the emails and ecards, but I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays. You are a special bunch of people to me. Yo...

83 1,623 Dec 27

Turning Lesbian

I've just looked at my photo ratings, which I normally forget about. I should have forgotten them today. I have better ratings from women than men...

289 4,997 Dec 27

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