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What are you listening to?....4549May 2014
Well Hello Again1,03529May 2014
The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!2,07743Mar 2012
Looking??1,50746Mar 2010
Music... Thinking of....3434Mar 2010
Valentines Day Plans?Wha92354Feb 2010
Do you believe in life after death?4,520181Apr 2008
What Are You Listening To Now...3,071191Apr 2009
Tell About Your Best Dates1,46793Apr 2009
Getting it off my chest1,90580Dec 2008
Who Else???35612Apr 2009
Happy Birthday Tina / sxc6661,32466Apr 2009
Say Something.. or else.7,933894Mar 2009
What Funny Things...93348Mar 2009
What do you do...1,49260Mar 2009
Who Would You Like to See in Concert?1,892106Mar 2009
It IS St. Patricks Day28510Mar 2009
Your Favorite Recent Purchase1,972110Mar 2009
Legal Advise46414Mar 2009
Say Something - other than Happy New Year9,188795Jan 2009
The Difference Between Men and Women2886Feb 2009
Say Something. No Need For Names, but Please Be NICE9,6371,002Feb 2009
Female Ejaculation12,391384Nov 2008
Auction - One Perfectly Built Man from CS Man Parts1,97392Feb 2009
Ladies, Let's Build a MAN! Men, we'll need your donations...3,361190Feb 2009
The Wallet42816Feb 2009
Duct Tape2,631168Feb 2009
I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2,490129Feb 2009
Wanted77324Dec 2008
Help - fast1,86597Jan 2009
**whispering** How do you feel today?87347Jan 2009
Happy Birthday x5323601 / XXX / Jody56516Jan 2009
Are you sick of polls?68141Jan 2009
Say Something Good!!!!9,4101,001Dec 2008
Say Something - and be nice dammit7,442686Dec 2008
The New Years Party Thread4,528347Dec 2008
What Happened67221Dec 2008
A Matter of Sex88217Dec 2008
My Dear Friends1,63783Dec 2008
Turning Lesbian5,080289Dec 2008

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