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Border Alert44857Oct 7
43 rd President; 'Rape Story' Suppressed By MSM909Oct 15
In Your Dictatorship395Oct 21
Mega Millions Lottery324Oct 21
Walmart's Creepy Biometric Shopping Carts12414Oct 15
Domestic Migration392Oct 19
Intrusive31034Sep 30
Sears Filed For Bankruptcy12211Oct 15
Emergency Broadcast29140Oct 3
Don't Bungee Jump Naked923Oct 16
Don't go rafting without a Baptist in the boat!642Oct 16
Supreme Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsberg352Oct 15
Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle1,71879Apr 1
Red Dawn & Red October13612Oct 6
Ron Rosenstein Resignation20128Sep 24
Outrageous In 202047017Mar 6
USA Ambassor To UN Resigns8110Oct 9
One More Time And I May Scream15311Oct 13
Hurricane Michael928Oct 8
Boycott The NFL54020Mar 30
NASA'S Plan To Save Humanity From Yellowstone553Oct 8
Kavanaugh Chaos61361Sep 22
Linda Sarsour846Oct 7
October41739Oct 2
Trump And The United Nations13417Sep 25
NAFTA7713Sep 29
Breakfast & Morning Rituals1459Sep 30
No Warning897Sep 29
Rat-Apocalypse Operation Tsukiji41823Sep 16
New Mexico Observatory Evacuation69435Sep 10
Omnivores54556Sep 19
#TrumpDerangmentSyndrome vs #TrumpIdolatrySyndrome542Sep 15
Sounds That Make You Cringe32019Sep 12
What Are You Afraid Of?948100Sep 6
Insects Without Borders34831Sep 9
Supercomputer Predicts Dangerous Earthquake44712Apr 16
How many social media /networks are you currently on?52312Mar 4
Theme Song44625Apr 4
New Currencies & Tax Exemption32010Mar 13
Pope Of Rome: "There Is No Hell" ?1,877107Mar 30

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