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Does America have the right to sail their warships in the south China sea.1,07319Nov 2018
Coltan, Rare earth minerals, Thorium and Thorium Uranium the connection to China and Venezuela.96324Jun 2019
EU elections90614May 2019
Question for the Buddist's.3,242103May 2019
World events.3,38673Mar 2019
US floods.8057Mar 2019
Florida maquis youtube chanel.4780Mar 2019
India and Pakistan finger pointing.56810Feb 2019
up coming elections.3300Mar 2019
Haiti protests.1,22232Feb 2019
Ansti Omar.5047Feb 2019
Yellow vest bank run.69114Jan 2019
European army.1,24528Jan 2019
How's The Weather Where You Are?11,635517Jan 10
nothing is free1,61040Jan 9
Life after death68613Dec 4
Anxiety?5676Oct 23
A Jewish man speaks out.5,06496Oct 22
hold your breath5318Oct 2
Growing Numbers Of American Volunteers Wounded In Ukraine Treated At US Army Hospital In Germany3867Sep 25
Ardern Urges United Nations To 'Crack Down On Free Speech As A Weapon Of War'2002Sep 2023
what caused covid...?1,48427Sep 2023
If Anyone Owes You Money And Is Ducking You4605Sep 2023
Satellite Swarms1,58536Aug 2023
Those who died … do you have a plan?77311Aug 2023
How is God 3 in 1?1,38825Aug 2023
How happy are you?1,07827Aug 2023
what is worship80418Jul 2023
what will u not do 4 a million dollars ??1,09220Jul 2023
How should life be?2583Jul 2023
football world cup ( womens) 20235,667143Jul 2023
what words are part of your vocabulary?1,45731Jun 2023
Chat8029Jun 2023
Blew a lot of chances and now 62 alone and lonely.1,21416Jun 2023
Are there any decent males left81217Jun 2023
deserve then desire5989Jun 2023
priority of life56615Jun 2023
Do you see the bigger picture in life?3361Jun 2023
anxiety3957Jun 2023
Professional gamblers2493Jun 2023

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