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ShanmarieeShanmariee Threads (245)

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How do you like to be romanced?54116Jul 2008
Color Personality1,92080Jul 2008
Jokes that made me laugh!!!44611Aug 2008
Distance ~ How far is too far?2,872104Jul 2008
5 Difficult or NOT so Difficult Riddles....8,24919Jun 2008
Favorite Radio Stations?27912Aug 2008
Favorite Movie to watch with....4097Aug 2008
Car Jacking By an Old Mad Woman!!!3378Jul 2008
Before and After Marriage LOL67414Jul 2008
Do you like to sing?74017Jun 2008
Parenting Advice47514Jun 2008
If your in love with you still "look around" ?1,38192Mar 2009
do women find hairy chests on men attractive?5,68072Mar 2009
Ladies, should I just give up?1,25438Mar 2009
Butterfly and Beautiful Places30111Mar 2009
newbie87533Mar 2009
If a multi-millionaire.......80539Mar 2009
What do you love to talk about? what's your favorite topic of conversation?84033Mar 2009
What songs are you listening to now?5,811434Feb 2009
Song title game3,474194Feb 2009
Are you single2,157230Feb 2009
The Last Thing You Ate and/or Drank!2,782183Jan 2009
Hellllllllpppppp....There is Something Seriously Wrong...2,06589Jan 2009
New here23110Jan 2009
Big Question60423Jan 2009
Ladies if you had a choice2,00180Jan 2009
Can anybody SWEAR truthfully that they have seen ghosts?2,194114Jan 2009
What song are you right now?16,715999Dec 2008
What Is The Last Movie......7,424233Dec 2008
Haha - Im listening to Elvis - what are you listening to? part 2...10,231586Nov 2008
What's on your mind (Let's give it another go, shall we?)9,227648Nov 2008
how many people have fell in love with another person on this site?18,695678Oct 2008
Tell us some places you have visited.....And places you want to visit....Why?2,17774Sep 2008
Good Morning are you a happy camper today?91822Sep 2008
Message In A Bottle4189Sep 2008
hey ppl......77714Sep 2008
Be honest ladies and gent too. Has the art of kissing been lost? Do we need a kissing school?3,890181Sep 2008
The many lies told in profiles ....................3,880145Sep 2008
Thinking Of You63911Sep 2008

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