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Christmas Wish!85125Nov 2018
I refuse to eat that!2,327125Jan 2019
One Word Only19,317968Feb 2018
What’s yours?96826Dec 2018
Hey you!2,254114Nov 2018
Cuisine: Which is the healthiest?66636Mar 6
Living in the USA3839Mar 4
What is the worst pain you have had?1,73048Jan 14
Bearwoman passed away lastnight4,78684Jun 2020
Men shorter than 175 cm (5'9'')1,74282May 2019
Do you smoke..?1,43556May 2019
Happy Birthday TwoIntrigued !1,28246May 2019
Describe your perfect man?83429May 2019
Are we too busy for love?89320May 2019
I would rather be...45513May 2019
How to move forward with someone you meet here?97327Apr 2019
About to give up1,17522Apr 2019
Easter Fun!64126Apr 2019
whether you ask too much conditions when you looking for love61736Apr 2019
Anyone else like to wear dark sunglasses?63030Apr 2019
Which age group of men, would women prefer to date?1,04433Apr 2019
ATTENTION CS USERS !!!1,30939Apr 2019
Passing time/Hobbies79343Apr 2019
Marriage - Why not all just live together?98840Apr 2019
What was the last thing you ate?2,803132Apr 2019
I love animals but I dont want pets in the house at all. What do you think of me?1,13958Apr 2019
Do men think all women are gold diggers?3,662199Mar 2019
pof women part 276118Feb 2019
Human Sacrifice1,96967Feb 2019
A real woman!1,26139Feb 2019
Tonight's the night90243Feb 2019
miss you88325Jan 2019
When would you hit a woman?2,11097Jan 2019
Too much sex4429Jan 2019
whether you trust a strange person who say love to you very easily?1,14948Jan 2019
Snake Said1,67057Jan 2019
Do I look Spanish in my profile pic?97149Jan 2019
Magnet Fishing7035Jan 2019
Met Someone Last Weekend4509Jan 2019
I would Love everyone’s Opinion of where I should hang a new retro portrait in my home!1,07356Jan 2019

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